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The Basics of Astrology: Introduction

As human beings, we live in this world with many different beliefs. There are various religions all over the world, guided by unique and fundamental ideas for each. It is not a guarantee that one set of beliefs will conform or be in sync with the other. This aspect also applies to Astrology.

There are believers as well as non-believers. Scientists highly object to the existence of astrology since it does not make sense to them how the alignment of the planets, stars, sun, and moon can affect a person’s personality, attitude, and behavioral changes.

Since time immemorial, the usage of celestial bodies in determining human affairs has been widespread. People use heavenly bodies to date to determine the personality that humans hold. This article is going to expound more on the meaning of this Sacred Science and how it works.


Know Your Zodiac Sign


Aries | Taurus | Gemini

Cancer | Leo | Virgo

Libra | Scorpio | Sagittarius

Capricorn | Aquarius | Pisces


What is Astrology?

According to astrologers, astrology is a Sacred Science. Astrology points to the fact that there is a relationship between astronomical phenomena and the different personalities that humans possess. It is the study of how celestial bodies, that is, stars, planets, the sun, and the moon, influence people’s lives.

Astrologers print horoscopes in daily newspapers, which enable people to understand their signs. The zodiac sign is by way of referring to the month and date of their birth. These signs refer to the 12 constellations of the zodiac sign, i.e., Aries, Leo, Libra, Virgo, Aquarius, Gemini, Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, and Sagittarius.

Astrology – How Does it Work?

According to astrologers, these celestial bodies determine every aspect of a human’s life when they are born. The determination of a person’s personality does not begin at conception but at birth. It predicts humans’ personal lives and relationships. It also gives people advice and determines the personality and characters of individuals separately, all according to the position of the celestial bodies.


Sunsign Compatibility

Astrologers believe that this Sacred Science is the harmonization of that which is spiritual and that which is scientific. They believe that it comes from the Supreme Being above (God). The birth chart is the guide in understanding astrological happenings. The birth chart points as to when you were born, what was the position of the celestial bodies then, and how they do or will they affect your future life. To understand your fate and destiny in life, you need to get a hold of an astrologer who will accurately interpret your chart for you.

Astrology – Is there any Science Behind it?

Scientists argue that there is no relationship between science and astrology. According to scientists, science is premised on research, tests, and evidence. However, this is not the case with astrology. Astrology does not explain the science of the natural world. It only relies on the position and movements of celestial bodies to determine natural occurrences, human character, and personality. No research is on the course currently to establish the effectiveness of astrological readings. This is not the case with science since research is conducted daily on matters of science.

Astrology is a wide area that is yet to be fully apprehended and understood. It goes beyond human understanding. It has existed since time immemorial and continues to exist with it being interpreted differently in different cultures all over the world.

The World of Astrology

Astrology is typically a periodic routine that comes with different metaphors for life. It allows us to connect to the entire universe fully. In other words, it is like the analogy of words found in assorted spiritual books around the globe. There is an argument that Astrology isn’t meant to give you enough claim of what you are.

Lack of scientific approval about this; therefore it isn’t helpful to humankind. I don’t want to be on the astrological side, but wait; I have never heard of any scientific evidence of the resurrection of Christ. The teaching of our Creator still ignites in our hearts. How about Muhammad’s nocturnal flight on a unicorn horse from Mecca to Jerusalem? What I am trying to imply here is that you can get healing and help from different sources. But they shouldn’t have systematic proof. Therefore you should grasp that Astrology guides us a tremendous better.

World Of Astrology - Astrology Infographic


  1. Western Astrology

  2. Vedic Astrology

  3. Chinese Astrology

  4. Mayan Astrology

  5. Egyptian Astrology

  6. Australian Astrology

  7. Native American Astrology

  8. Greek Astrology

  9. Roman Astrology

  10. Japanese Astrology

  11. Tibetan Astrology

  12. Indonesian Astrology

  13. Balinese Astrology

  14. Arabic Astrology

  15. Iranian Astrology

  16. Aztec Astrology

  17. Burmese Astrology

What is Zodiac Sign? Know 12 Zodiac Signs Names, Meaning & Dates

  1. Aries

    Symbol: ♈ | Meaning: The Ram | Date: March 21 to April 19 | Articles on Aries

  2. Taurus

    Symbol: ♉ | Meaning: The Bull | Date: April 20 to May 20 | Articles on Taurus

  3. Gemini

    Symbol: ♊ | Meaning: The Twins | Date: May 21 to June 20 | Articles on Gemini

  4. Cancer

    Symbol: ♋ | Meaning: The Crab | Date: June 21 to July 22 | Articles on Cancer

  5. Leo

    Symbol: ♌ | Meaning: The Lion | Date: July 23 to August 22 | Articles on Leo

  6. Virgo

    Symbol: ♍ | Meaning: The Maiden | Date: August 23 to September 22 | Articles on Virgo

  7. Libra

    Symbol: ♎ | Meaning: The Scales | Date: September 23 to October 22 | Articles on Libra

  8. Scorpio

    Symbol: ♏ | Meaning: The Scorpion | Date: October 23 to November 21 | Articles on Scorpio

  9. Sagittarius

    Symbol: ♐ | Meaning: The Archer | Date: November 22 to December 21 | Articles on Sagittarius

  10. Capricorn

    Symbol: ♑ | Meaning: The Sea-Goat | Date: December 22 to January 19 | Articles on Capricorn

  11. Aquarius

    Symbol: ♒ | Meaning: The Water-Bearer | Date: January 20 to February 18 | Articles on Aquarius

  12. Pisces

    Symbol: ♓ | Meaning: The Fish | Date: February 19 to March 20 | Articles on Pisces


  1. Cardinal Signs

    Aries ♈ | Cancer ♋ | Libra ♎ | Capricorn ♑

  2. Fixed Signs

    Taurus ♉ | Leo ♌ | Scorpio ♏ | Aquarius ♒

  3. Mutable Signs

    Gemini ♊ | Virgo ♍ | Sagittarius ♐ | Pisces ♓

Qualities and Elements in Astrology



  1. Fire Element

    Aries ♈ | Leo ♌ | Sagittarius ♐

  2. Earth Element

    Taurus ♉ | Virgo ♍ | Capricorn ♑

  3. Air Element

    Gemini ♊ | Libra ♎ | Aquarius ♒

  4. Water Element

    Cancer ♋ | Scorpio ♏ | Pisces ♓

12 Houses in Astrology

  1. First House – The House of Self

  2. Second House – The House of Possessions

  3. Third House – The House of Communication

  4. Fourth House – The House of Family and Home

  5. Fifth House – The House of Pleasure

  6. Sixth House – The House of Work and Health

  7. Seventh House – The House of Partnerships

  8. Eighth House – The House of Sex

  9. Ninth House – The House of Philosophy

  10. Tenth House – The House of Social Status

  11. Eleventh House – The House of Friendships

  12. Twelfth House – The House of Subconscious

12 Rising Signs (Ascendants)

  1. Aries Rising

  2. Taurus Rising

  3. Gemini Rising

  4. Cancer Rising

  5. Leo Rising

  6. Virgo Rising

  7. Libra Rising

  8. Scorpio Rising

  9. Sagittarius Rising

  10. Capricorn Rising

  11. Aquarius Rising

  12. Pisces Rising

12 Zodiac Signs Personality Traits for Man

  1. Aries man personality

  2. Taurus man personality

  3. Gemini man personality

  4. Cancer man personality

  5. Leo man personality

  6. Virgo man personality

  7. Libra man personality

  8. Scorpio man personality

  9. Sagittarius man personality

  10. Capricorn man personality

  11. Aquarius man personality

  12. Pisces man personality

12 Zodiac Signs Personality Traits for Woman

  1. Aries woman personality

  2. Taurus woman personality

  3. Gemini woman personality

  4. Cancer woman personality

  5. Leo woman personality

  6. Virgo woman personality

  7. Libra woman personality

  8. Scorpio woman personality

  9. Sagittarius woman personality

  10. Capricorn woman personality

  11. Aquarius woman personality

  12. Pisces woman personality

12 Zodiac Father Personality Traits

  1. Aries father

  2. Taurus father

  3. Gemini father

  4. Cancer father

  5. Leo father

  6. Virgo father

  7. Libra father

  8. Scorpio father

  9. Sagittarius father

  10. Capricorn father

  11. Aquarius father

  12. Pisces father

12 Zodiac Mother Personality Traits

  1. Aries mother

  2. Taurus mother

  3. Gemini mother

  4. Cancer mother

  5. Leo mother

  6. Virgo mother

  7. Libra mother

  8. Scorpio mother

  9. Sagittarius mother

  10. Capricorn mother

  11. Aquarius mother

  12. Pisces mother

12 Zodiac Child Personality Traits

  1. Aries child

  2. Taurus child

  3. Gemini child

  4. Cancer child

  5. Leo child

  6. Virgo child

  7. Libra child

  8. Scorpio child

  9. Sagittarius child

  10. Capricorn child

  11. Aquarius child

  12. Pisces child


Health Horoscopes for 12 Zodiac Signs

  1. Aries Health Horoscope

  2. Taurus Health Horoscope

  3. Gemini Health Horoscope

  4. Cancer Health Horoscope

  5. Leo Health Horoscope

  6. Virgo Health Horoscope

  7. Libra Health Horoscope

  8. Scorpio Health Horoscope

  9. Sagittarius Health Horoscope

  10. Capricorn Health Horoscope

  11. Aquarius Health Horoscope

  12. Pisces Health Horoscope


Money Horoscopes for 12 Zodiac Signs

Career Horoscopes for 12 Zodiac Signs

About Spirit Animals or Animal Totems

  1. Otter Spirit Animal

  2. Wolf Spirit Animal

  3. Falcon Spirit Animal

  4. Beaver Spirit Animal

  5. Deer Spirit Animal

  6. Woodpecker Spirit Animal

  7. Salmon Spirit Animal

  8. Bear Spirit Animal

  9. Raven Spirit Animal

  10. Snake Spirit Animal

  11. Owl Spirit Animal

  12. Goose Spirit Animal