Sagittarius Father Traits: Personality and Characteristics of Sagittarius Dad

Sagittarius As A Father Personality Traits

Sagittarius Father Personality Traits

Sagittarius Father Characteristics and Personality Traits

Most Sagittarius men are just out for a good time, but they become much more responsible once they are fathers. They can be serious when they need to be, but they tend to be a lot of fun most of the time. They love to play with their kids and be there for them no matter what. A Sagittarius father is definitely fun.


Sagittarius men are not always the most responsible when it comes to…anything, really, but all that changes once he becomes a father. He is willing to put his partying ways behind him to focus entirely on his family.

The Sagittarius father is the type of guy who will read parenting books and do everything else that he can to be the best dad that he can be. He will show up to all of his kid’s events and he will be there to help them in their bad times as well.


Fun and Energetic

The Sagittarius man was a partier before he was a father, but he never lost his energetic and playful nature. Now he just has something else to do with it! The Sagittarius man loves to play with his kids and he has all of the energy that he needs to keep up with them.

The Sagittarius father loves to play outside with his kids, as sports are some of his favorite things to do. He is also fond of playing video games or making up games with his children. There is never a dull moment when a kid has a Sagittarius father.

Honest and Straightforward

Sagittarius men know that being honest is important no matter who he is talking to. He will always make sure, to be honest with his children. He doesn’t feel like it is necessary to ever lie to his children.

The Sagittarius dad would much rather talk to his children like they are adults that can understand everything he is talking about instead of talking down to his children.

The Sagittarius father is always straightforward in this way, as he feels it is the best way to get their message across. He wants his children to grow up to be as honest as he is, and he feels that he can teach his children to do this best by leading by example.

Balanced Discipled

The Sagittarius father knows that sometimes his children need to be disciplined when they act up. They don’t like to disciple their children, though. When they do disciple their children, they try to be as fair as possible about it.

They like to hear both sides of the story if their child fights with someone else, and they will try to understand where their child is coming from. They are not one to yell at their child or hit them but instead talk through problems when something bad happens.

Guide and Adviser

The Sagittarius father wants his children to grow up to be good people, so he is going to try his best to lead by example in all areas of their lives. He wants to act as a guide for his children. He also feels like his children should have a certain amount of independence in their lives.

Sagittarius Father-Child (Son/Daughter) Compatibility

The Sagittarius dad doesn’t want to direct everything that they do. He will advise his children to help them out with their own goals instead of pushing their own goals onto them. He just wants his children to be happy, and he will help in any way that he can.

Sagittarius father Aries son/daughter

The Sagittarius father knows how to get the Aries child involved and how to inspire him or her to great things.

Sagittarius father Taurus son/daughter

The fun-loving and optimistic father would like to relay the same to the serious Taurus child.

Sagittarius father Gemini son/daughter

These two are always busy and never quiet hence they get along wonderfully.

Sagittarius father Cancer son/daughter

The Sagittarius father advises the Cancer child on what life is and what it entails while he or she is still young.

Sagittarius father Leo son/daughter

These two get along but when they get into a disagreement the father yields first then the child follows. At the end of it, all their friendship is restored.

Sagittarius father Virgo son/daughter

The Sagittarius father is inventive and his ideas intrigue the Virgo child.

Sagittarius dad Libra son/daughter

These two both lift each other up by being delighted in the ideas that each of them holds.

Sagittarius dad Scorpio son/daughter

The Sagittarius father treats the Scorpio child as his best friend as they share a lot in common.

Sagittarius dad Sagittarius son/daughter

Senior Sagittarius loves playing with the junior hence enhancing their bond.

Sagittarius dad Capricorn son/daughter

Both the father and the child have numerous hobbies that they enjoy involving themselves in together.

Sagittarius father Aquarius son/daughter

Both these two are sporty and love athletics.

Sagittarius father Pisces son/daughter

The friendly Sagittarius father loves communicating with the Pisces child.

Sagittarius Father Traits: Conclusion

The Sagittarius father may not do everything by the book, but he does try his best to be a great father to his children. With a Sagittarius man, a child can have a best friend, an advisor, and a wonderful father all in one.

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