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Getting to know one’s future is essential to today’s life. Fortunately, today people can understand more about what the future has in store for them. This is through the astrological birth charts that are available at their disposal. With a clear understanding of Astrology and Zodiac Signs, it is evident that people can become astrologers.


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From the predictions you would be getting on astrology, you would be better placed to comprehend the influence that asteroids, stars, and other planets have on your life and future. Therefore, the positioning of the moon and the sun could significantly impact your life. This is also part of astrology. Below is a brief description of what you would be exposed to when going through varying astrological zodiac signs from different cultures worldwide.

Western Astrology

Western Astrology stands as one of the most popular astrology. So, the type of horoscopes that are accepted globally. What makes this astrology unique and accessible at the same time? Well, so one of the reasons for its popularity is the fact that it is simple to understand. An individual’s date and place of birth are merely considered in this astrology. So the planetary positioning regarding your date of birth would be utilized in determining one’s character. There are 12 zodiac signs in this astrology. Therefore these sun signs or star signs run throughout the 12 months of the year.

How often do you see these Angel Numbers?

111  *  2222  *  1010  *  911

555  *  1212  *  333  444

0220  *  2244  * 222  *  1919

9999  *  0303  *  666  *  5665

Vedic Astrology

According to the Indian Astrology Science, they believed that the motions of planets and their respective positions significantly influenced humans which existed on earth. Well, this is a theory that has been there for thousands of years now. During this time, Vedic Astrology relied on planetary movements and positioning concerning the stars. Years later, Vedic astrology began to include zodiac signs. 12 Zodiac Signs are present in this astrology. There are 27 Constellations (Nakshatras) that make up this unique astrology. In addition to this, there are 12 houses and nine planets. These astrological houses and planets indicate a specific aspect of the lives of human beings. Subject to the birth date and the 12 different Vedic zodiac signs would distribute among the 12 houses and nine planets.

Chinese Astrology

Chinese Astrology is somewhat different from western astrology. Unlike Western astrology, where there are monthly cycles, Chinese astrology has yearly cycles of 12 years. Different animal signs are used to represent each year’s cycle. About this, the year that you were born, therefore, would determine your destiny. Thus according to the Chinese zodiac signs, they believed that people of a particular year were born with personality traits just like animals that rule over them.

There are over 25 different astrology traditions worldwide. Mayan Astrology, Egyptian Astrology, Australian Astrology, Native American Astrology, Greek Astrology, Roman Astrology, Japanese Astrology, Tibetan Astrology, Indonesian Astrology, Balinese Astrology, Arabic Astrology, Iranian AstrologyAztec Astrology, Burmese Astrology, Sri Lankan Astrology, Islamic Astrology, Babylonian Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, Judicial Astrology, Katarchic Astrology, Meteorological Astrology, Mundane Astrology, Nadi Astrology, Synoptical Astrology, and many others. Get all your answers about Zodiac Signs.

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