Indonesian Astrology

What is your Indonesian Zodiac Sign?

Indonesian Astrology

An Introduction to the Indonesian Astrology

The Indonesian Astrology stands as one of the oldest astrological systems in today’s civilization. In spite of this, the Indonesian astrology remains favorite to date. Just like other astrological systems, this astrology also gauges your personality based on the different symbols and signs. There is a thick line however that needs to be drawn in the way this type of astrology associates days with zodiacs present in its chart. This is because there is no form of duplication existing in the Indonesian astrology.

The Indonesian zodiac signs have got a 35-day cycle. This cycle breeds 35 different astrological results. From these results, people’s personalities would be termed as WETON. The sequence of the WETON is what makes this type of astrology unique and exciting at the same time. Funny enough, the WETON cycle repeats itself typically after 35 days. What does this mean? It means that Indonesians can celebrate their birthdays after every 35 days. From what the Indonesians believe, each person’s WETON is an indication of their destiny.

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