Egyptian Astrology – An Introduction to the Egyptian Astrology Zodiac Signs

How did ancient Egypt use astronomy?

Egyptian Astrology

An Introduction to the Egyptian Astrology

Egyptian Astrology is something that was there since in time immemorial. Well, people did not understand this, but they depended on the stars to determine their fate and prospects. Elderly individuals gazed at the sky as they pursued advice, predictions, and knowledge. During this period, Egyptians had the experience that one’s fate and personality was determined by the star signs that they were born under.

Egyptian astrology is also composed of 12 Egyptian zodiac signs but they are completely different from Western astrology. It is worth pointing out that Egyptians have a sincere belief in the Gods. Hence, the various signs are based on the gods and goddesses of Egypt. These 12 zodiac signs and their dates are as follows:


  1. The Nile – (January 1st to 7th, June 19th to 28th, September 1st to 7th and November 18th to 26th)
  2. Amon-Ra – (January 8th to 21st and February 1st to 11th)
  3. Mut – (January 22nd to31st and September 8th to 22nd)
  4. Geb – (February 12th to 29th and August 20th to 31st)
  5. Osiris – (March 1st to 10th and November 27th to December 18th)
  6. Isis – (March 11th to 31st, October 18th to 29th and December 19th to 31st)
  7. Thoth – (April 1st to 19th and November 8th to 17th)
  8. Horus – (April 20th to May 7th and August 12th to 19th)
  9. Anubis – (May 8th to 27th and June 29th to July 13th)
  10. Seth – (May 28th to June 18th and September 28th to October 2nd)
  11. Bastet  – (July 14th to 28th, September 23rd to 27th and October 3rd to 17th)
  12. Sekhmet – (July 29th to August 11th and October 30th to November 7th)

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