Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

What Chinese Zodiac Signs are Compatible?

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility is a streamlined and efficient matchmaking method. The Chinese Zodiac method utilizes the principles of Chinese astrological analysis of your Chinese Zodiac sign to generate a compatibility reading for you. The basic idea behind this analysis is to allow you to know more about yourself and understand your key differences with other signs. Also this will help you discover more about your personality.

The Chinese calendar has twelve zodiacal animal signs. The 12 Chinese Zodiac signs are Rat, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster Ox, Tiger, Dog, Rabbit and Pig.  Persons born in each animal sign has a different features and characters from persons born in other animal signs. According to Chinese astrology, zodiac animal signs are also a representation of Ying Yang and Wu Xing (the Five Elements) theories. So, a compatible pair of animal signs will be opposite to each other but also complement each other. Hence, two persons with compatible animal signs will make a great pair.

What Chinese Zodiac Signs go well together?

Basically what a Chinese Horoscope Compatibility reading does is that it analyses the features and characteristics of your animal sign and then compares it with that of the other animal signs and then makes a report of your love score or match score with other signs on a scale of one to ten.

So, when you have an improved understanding of your own features and traits and that of your partner’s personality, you can work to improve your positive qualities and also keep a check on the negative ones. Therefore, this improved understanding will help you to reduce problems in your relationship.

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility can give you report on the level of compatibility of you and your partner. What it does is that it compares the animal sign of you and your partner and then generate a score of your compatibility on a scale of ten. In Chinese astrology, it is also believed that the animal signs that are most compatible to each other are the ones that are four years apart from each other. And likewise, if two animal signs are six years apart, they are considered to be least compatible.

The 12 animal signs of Chinese calendar can be categorized into 4 sets. Also each set containing 3 animal signs which have same level of intelligence and understanding.

Set One: Rat, Dragon, Monkey

The people belonging to this set are intelligent and action oriented.

Set Two: Ox, Snake, Rooster

The people belonging to this set are objective oriented and deep thinkers.

Set Three: Tiger, Horse, Dog

The people belonging to this set are freedom lovers and highly self-respecting.

Set Four: Rabbit, Sheep, Pig

The people belonging to this set believe in mutual co-operation and peace.

According to legends, it was Buddha who chose the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac. In his deathbed Buddha summoned all the animals to visit him. Only 12 animals came. They were Rat, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster Ox, Tiger, Dog, Rabbit and Pig. So, Buddha honored them by representing the each of the 12 phases of the Zodiac with these animals.

The Chinese Zodiac Match is mostly used for finding out the compatibility between two animal signs i.e.  Which pair of animal signs will from a pair of great lovers? Friends? Partners? Use this compatibility analysis find out how your sign matches with the sign of your partner.

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