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What are the characteristics of the Ox in Chinese astrology?

OX Chinese Zodiac Sign

All About Chinese Zodiac Sign: Ox

In the Chinese zodiac, every year has its sign, and there are twelve signs. The Chinese zodiac Ox is the second sign of the zodiac. The Ox Zodiac years are 1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, and 2021. The five elements are important in Chinese culture, and they are in a per-sign cycle, too. That means each Ox has an element assigned to it as well.

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The Ox has a fixed element, too, and it is the earth element. Compass directions are also necessary and have a place in the zodiac. The right luck directions for the Ox sign are South and North. There are even lucky numbers (1 & 4) flowers (Tulip, Morning Glory), and colors (Green, Yellow, White).

Ox Personality Traits: General

The Chinese zodiac sign Ox is disciplined and orderly in his or her thoughts and actions. They are known for the strength of body, mind, and character, and tend to be very conservative. They do well in business, not because of ingenious inventions or clever self-promotion, but by hard work and long hours. It comes from earning respect as the one who knows the company inside and out. The perfectionism of Chinese Ox sign can be very hard on them and others around them, but they get the job done. Another attribute is that the Ox says very little, so when he or she does speak, it is worth listening to. They put a great deal of thought into what they say.

Ox Zodiac: Positive Traits

Sometimes considered old-fashioned, Chinese Oxen are well-known for their moral fiber. They live by a code that may no longer be popular, but they have a clear sense of what is right and wrong. While others may see them as slow and plodding, inside, they are romantics who want to look at the world as it once was (or at least how they know it was). Those born in the year of the ox want peace and contentment for them and their family and will stop at nothing to attain that, even if it will take time.

Ox Zodiac: Negative Traits

While they highly value family, the Ox horoscope sign is so concerned about everyone living up to a certain standard, that they may become overbearing and impossible to live with. It isn’t that they are evil people. It’s just that they are the masters of worry, and they want everything to be perfect.

Types of Ox Based on Chinese Five Elements

Metal Ox (1901, 1961):

The Metal Ox works harder than almost any other Ox but does not work well in teams. They have a picture of how things should be done, and they do not accept different points of view. As long as the Oxen’s stubbornness is harnessed in the right direction, they earn respect, if not affection. In all areas of life, they aren’t very good at showing emotions, let alone affection. If loved ones take the time, they will realize that the Ox’s love is demonstrated through actions instead.

Advice: Work on your openness to other points of view and different ways to accomplish things. Try your best to let others in, including your loved ones.

Water Ox (1913, 1973):

The Water Ox sign finds it more comfortable to communicate than the other Oxen. This Ox is better able to work with others, as long as they use logic and common sense. Water Oxen are also more likely to have good friends. That, in combination with more flexibility, makes this Ox able to balance work and life with a sense of calm. That being said, even this Chinese Ox has his or her limits. Conservative by nature, anything too “out there” will not fly.

Advice: Don’t let your need to be self-sufficient get in the way of accomplishing your goals. Use your communication skills to gain allies. They will help support you and your efforts. Believe it or not, targets are more accessible to reach with help.


Wood Ox (1925, 1985):

The Wood Ox is the most flexible of all the Oxen. At the same time, they are almost as conservative as all other Oxen; it’s just that they know when to compromise. Others tend to value Wood Ox’s morals and regard for others. There is only one hitch: Wood Oxen tend to call things as they see them without much of a filter. They don’t do this to offend; they see it as helping people.

Advice: While your ability to relate to others is better than other Oxen, work on being more sensitive to others’ feelings. It is essential, to be honest, but perhaps not quite so blunt, and not in front of others.

Fire Ox (1937, 1967):

The Fire Ox sign is more significant than life, sometimes quite literally. Loud, arrogant, and aggressive, this Ox is drawn to power. He or she wants nothing more than to be the top of the pecking order. Unfortunately, that sometimes means walking over people to get there. The Fire Ox is the least concerned with the thoughts and feelings of others. Sometimes this high opinion of themselves gets them into trouble, as they may promise more than they can provide. Fire Oxen are not all bad, however. They just want to be the best they can be.

Advice: Learn your limits and set them before promising things. If you want the support and friendship of others, you will need to learn how to treat others better. Take the time to get to know someone; you may have quickly discarded. You just may be surprised when you find out what their strengths are.

Earth Ox (1949, 2000):

The Earth Ox sign is the most stable and consistent of all the Oxen. Since the earth is also the fixed sign of the Ox, the centered and sometimes set tendencies of this type of Ox is especially pronounced. These Oxen accept that life is a battle, but they never complain; they just keep going forward. Like the “Tortoise and the Hare,” the Earth Ox is more likely to reach professional goals first because of the slow and steady approach, along with having friends and allies along the way. In relationships, like most Oxen, the Earth Ox doesn’t know how to express romantic feelings. They are faithful, stable, and make good partners, however.

Advice: First of all, you cannot take too long to make your decisions, or opportunities will pass you by. Also, you must make time for rest and even for fun! You may wonder why this is important, but it’s true that life does not just work. For your physical and mental health, you need balance in your life.

Chinese Zodiac: Ox in Love

The Chinese astrology sign Ox is mainly interested in practical things, and most of them are not social creatures by nature. Some are even quite shy. Because of these factors, it is not easy to get to know an Ox. Sometimes a third party is necessary to get the conversation going. Even when a connection is made, it takes time and patience to win over an Ox lover’s heart.

Ox in love are very cautious by nature, and taking things slow is the way they approach all things in life. This does not mean they don’t have feelings. As the saying goes, “Still waters run deep.” The Ox may not come out and say how they feel, and it is difficult for them to say, “I love you” directly, but do not doubt their loyalty once they are won over. The main thing the Chinese ox needs from a partner is relatively constant reassurances and attention to keep them happy.

Chinese Zodiac: Ox Man Personality

Slow and steady – that is how the Ox man moves through life. Ox men take everything seriously (maybe a bit too seriously), including love. He won’t date many people in his life because he is shy, and he guards his heart. Even when the Ox male thinks he has found the right one for him, he takes his time to think about it. Once that connection is made, it would be very unusual for him to leave that relationship. He loves being at home when not at work. He likes to show his affection by working on repairing or improving things around the house. Yes, he is old-fashioned, but the Ox males are very stable partners.

Chinese Zodiac: Ox Woman Personality

The Ox woman shares many traits with her male counterpart, such as guarding her heart, taking her time, and exhibiting extreme loyalty. Like the male Ox, she is rarely bored. The ox female doesn’t need a great deal of stimulation to keep from growing bored. While she is okay with being alone, spending time with family or loved ones is just as important to her. Once the ox lady has decided a particular person is the right one, she throws herself into a traditional role. This doesn’t necessarily mean she will let go of her job; it just says that she is conservative by nature.

Chinese Zodiac: Ox Love Compatibility

Oxen are most compatible with Chinese astrology with the Rat, Rooster, and Snake. The Rat is an excellent match because they are leading providers, which both zodiac signs appreciate. Oxen need quite a bit of attention, and Rats provide this in abundance. Rats can help the Ox with communication and social skills, and Oxen can help Rats slow down and enjoy home life.

The next best match is Chinese Rooster. Both signs are methodical and like the challenge of thinking things through together. They respect each other’s strengths, in part because they are similar. The Rooster will look to the Ox for financial benefit, and the Ox will benefit from the Rooster’s pleasant personality and appreciation for the Ox.

Another good match is the Chinese Snake. Both signs are very discerning when it comes to finding a partner, and they are both interested in instabilities. Both share very similar life goals and belief systems. While it may not be an exciting match, it will be a contented one.

The absolute worst zodiac match is the Ox Tiger compatibility. Their emotional states are opposites. The Ox is not good at expressing them, and the Tiger is all about showing them. Each will drive the other crazy, and many misunderstandings will arise.

Dating an Ox Man/Woman

The Ox sexually is conservative in all ways, and this includes dating and intimacy. Don’t expect bungee jumping or casual group outings, for example. A long, quiet walk alone, on the other hand, maybe just the thing. That quiet strength carries over into the bedroom when dating the Chinese Ox. They may not be adventurous, but they do enjoy long, physical sessions.

Just because Oxen aren’t into talking much, doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy love or sex. They relish both once they have given over their hearts. If their partners can encourage them to communicate a bit, both sides can enjoy what makes them happy, and the sex will be fantastic.

In fact, if an Ox soulmate trusts his or her partner, that Ox just may let go of his or her infamously tight control. If that happens, get ready for a wild ride! All that tension tied up for so long can lead the most conservative Ox to try new and exciting things. This will likely not happen every time, but like everything else for an Ox in bed, with time, he or she just may get used to the idea.

Chinese Zodiac: Ox Child

The Ox child will develop a solid sense of right and wrong very early in life. This child is not one to throw fits or cry without good reason. Not surprisingly then, obedience will not be a problem with these little ones. Unfortunately, the Ox kid will not go out of his or her way to communicate much, however. They find it very difficult to discuss their feelings, even when they have been hurt emotionally.

Instead, the Ox girl or Ox boy keep a “stiff upper lip.” It is up to parents to learn to read their children and get them to open up a bit. While it may be difficult for Oxen children to make friends, those they have are rare treasures to be cherished. Because the Chinese Ox sign has an internal drive and a desire to achieve, he or she will do well (or at least try very hard) in school.

Ox Zodiac: Health

Because the Chinese zodiac sign Ox spends much time focused on projects at work or home, sometimes he or she will not eat regular, healthy meals. Usually, this is because you do not focus on meal times unless you are at a formal sit-down with family. You must concentrate on eating healthy, regular meals to maintain good digestive health, as this is a weakness. Other than that, the Ox zodiac sign is fortunate when it comes to health. Your patience, steadiness, and ability to handle stress all make for a healthy heart and mind. To keep yourself in good shape, make sure you get enough sleep.

Ox Zodiac: Career

The Ox Chinese sign is a methodical self-starter and self-disciplined almost to a fault. They will work on a project until it is finished to their satisfaction and no one else’s. Because of Oxen’s lack of social and communication skills, they work best on their own, rather than in teams. Fields they should consider are pharmacy, agriculture, engineering, craftsmanship, or the arts. Another consideration comes from their conservative, loyal side. Careers in the military might be just right.

Ox Zodiac: Travel Tips

Not surprisingly, Chinese Oxen prefer to think things through when it comes to vacations. They will be happiest if they have an itinerary planned out in advance, and the more details planned out, the better. As for destinations, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Oxen are homebodies. Therefore, it would be best to discover more about your own country with your family.

Ox Zodiac: Fashion

Ox men and Ox women are as conservative in their dress as they are in their attitudes. A good suit always makes a statement, no matter what sex you are. Simple, clean lines and tailored clothing works best for you. You may not be following the hottest new trends, but you will never be out of style because you choose your clothes very carefully. When you make up your mind, what you pick is well-made, classic, and made to last.

Famous Ox Personalities

  • Barack Obama
  • George Lopez
  • Princess Diana
  • Michael Phelps
  • Pharrell Williams
  • Keira Knightley
  • Tyra Banks
  • Roberto Carlos
  • Ricky Gervais
  • Vera Wang
  • Chris Paul
  • Bruno Mars
  • Heidi Klum
  • Lawrence Fishburne
  • Meryl Streep
  • Jim Parsons
  • Twiggy
  • Mario Lopez

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