Ox Horoscope 2020 – Chinese New Year 2020 Predictions for Ox Zodiac

Bull Chinese 2020 Horoscope – Get Your Astrological Predictions!

Ox Horoscope 2020 Predictions

Ox Horoscope 2020 – A Look at the Year Ahead

The Ox Horoscope 2020 will be a fabulous year for Ox/Bull Zodiac individuals as the astrological indicators are in favorable positions. You can forget about the rough years of the past. You should wait for happier things during the present year. Also, you can be assured of the unstinted support from friends or family members in progressing during the year 2020.

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Of all the Chinese astrology zodiac signs, Ox will be destined to have the most of good fortune in 2020. Businessmen will prosper in their ventures. Professional people do well in the areas of services. Also, marketing will have a booming time. Any bumps on the road to progress can be easily overcome by being highly agile and supple in your approach.


Financially, the Chinese year 2020 promises to be a highly profitable period with the previous investments yielding handsome profits. Reinvesting them in good savings instruments will be prudent. Businessmen will have plenty of challenging things on their hands. They will have little time to relax. At the same time, you can expect very high profits from your ventures.

The year will be breathtaking and extremely eventful. You may not get enough time to relax. You are sure to miss many opportunities. If you are not fast enough to catch them as they breeze past you. As you are endowed with plenty of physical stamina and mental strength. You can succeed during the Rat year.

Bull Chinese Horoscope 2020 for Career

Ox (Bull) individuals should think of innovative things in their businesses or professions as per the forecast during the year of the Rat. The year is promising for the change of job. Venturing into new business projects which were on hold all these years.

However, things will not be easy and without difficulties. While you may get the support of your seniors and colleagues in your job. You should also be careful about enemies trying to pull you down.

People already working in a profession can see their careers making rapid progress. You can look forward to promotion to senior professions. Your work will be rewarded financially. It is important that you make the right decisions in your work. You can use your professional skills appropriately.

Lucky Months for Career are February, April, July, August, and November.

Unlucky Months for Career are January, March, June, and September.

2020 Bull Zodiac Predictions for Love

Predictions for Love for Ox married couples during the year 2020 indicate minor hiccups in the relationship. Outsiders or former flames try to cause disharmony in your union. Even people in confirmed relationships can expect similar hardships in their affairs. The best way to avoid these problems is to have a better and constant dialogue with your lover.

Astrological influences are not favorable for single persons to get into new relationships. You may find it difficult to get good partners.

Lucky Months for Love: Months of January, February, April, July, August, and November

Unlucky Months for Love: Months of March, June, and October.

Ox Horoscope 2020 for Finance

Financial predictions for Ox zodiac for the year 2020 prophesy a fantastic year as far as money flow and returns are concerned. If you are thinking of starting new ventures or investing in new savings, you can go ahead without any hesitation. Your profits are assured. But make sure that you do proper research or consult financial experts in the field before you venture into them.

If you are in the service industry, such as insurance, property, consultancy, you can expect your profession to grow very well. You can also expect to make good monetary gains. People born in the fall and winter seasons will have lower incomes compared to those born in spring and summer.

Lucky months for Finance are February, July, August, and November.

Unlucky Months for Finance are January, March, June, and September.

Ox Health – Year of the Rat 2020 Predictions

The Ox people can expect an excellent Rat year as far as their normal well being is concerned. Minor ailments are likely and will not cause any serious disruptions in the life of the Ox. Physical and mental fitness can be maintained by good food habits and a suitable fitness regime.

During March, September, and December, expect some problems on the health front. The month of May is not lucky for water sports, while October may be problematic for vehicle drivers.

Ox Feng Shui Yearly Predictions

Lucky Numbers: 6 and 8
Lucky Colors: Brown, Red, Purple
Best Directions: West, Southeast, Northeast

Bull 2020 – OX Monthly 2020 Horoscopes

January 2020 is a month of mixed fortunes, requires more vigilance.

February 2020 assures steady revenue and a financially great month.

March 2020 is a month for transformations; adapt yourself to them.

April 2020 will be full of new prospects; make use of them.

May 2020 requires you to focus on savings and investment, avoid water activities.

June 2020 requires cooperation from others to succeed, beware of predators.

July 2020 will be a productive month in all areas.

August 2020 presents you with plenty of openings, plan properly.

September 2020 requires you to be composed to face unforeseen happenings.

October 2020 will be full of problems, allow them to pass.

November 2020 will be an excellent month with great money flow and a lot of success.

December 2020 needs you to be conservative and avoid all changes.

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