Rooster Horoscope 2021 – Great Outcomes in 2021 for the Rooster Zodiac

2021 Rooster Horoscope – Know Your Chinese Zodiac Predictions!

Rooster Horoscope 2021 reveals

Rooster Horoscope 2021 – Chinese New Year 2021 Predictions for Rooster Zodiac

The Rooster zodiac is the tenth animal on the recurring Chinese zodiac cycle. The Rooster Horoscope 2021 reveals that you should brace yourself for a wonderful year with great opportunities in the Year of the Metal Ox. This year you will be able to make most of your dreams come true. There is harmony between the Rooster natives and the Tai Suay star. Things will turn out for the better in your life, no matter what obstacles are in your way.

Success is your portion, so long as you are willing to work for the same. Go after the things that you want in life because you will succeed. Friends and family will play a major role in your life this year. They will be with you every step of the way as you go after the things you are passionate about.

According to the Chinese Horoscope 2021 predictions, you should appreciate everyone who positively impacts your life. Be grateful for the blessings that you have in your life. Make friends in this life instead of making enemies. Always be willing to do good to the people who have always had your back. Ensure that you have their back when they need the same.

2021 Predictions for Love and Relationships

According to the 2021 Chinese Rooster zodiac, your luck in the romance scene is not that good. The Rooster singles will face a few challenges in finding love. These challenges will, however, not stop them from getting what they want. Rooster natives fight hard and with determination to get what they want in their lives.


You will have a fling with different people, but the same will not amount to a serious relationship. Some suitors will come your way, but no one will click with you. Take your time to find the person who makes your heart skip a beat. You should not be in a hurry to fall in love. Remember that love is patient.

For those in committed relationships, your relationship will be stable and full of love. This year you will have fewer fights, but instead, you will appreciate each other more. There is nothing dramatic in your life this year. All you need to do is to enjoy each other’s company and be adventurous together when it comes to romance and passion.

Chinese 2021 Astrology Predictions for Finance and Career

This year your finances will be in great shape. There is no month this year that you will complain about your finances. 2021 horoscope reveals that you have worked hard for the rewards that are coming into your life now. Luck is on your side; therefore, this is a good time for you to invest in various projects that you have wanted to try for the longest time possible. You should try and make your investments in the Lunar months of August, May, and March.  

The Career forecast for 2021 reveals that things will be going well in your career. You have a good chance of being promoted to a higher position in the workplace by your boss. If a new career opportunity presents itself, you should go for the same without hesitation. This is the best time to also think of expanding the current business that you are indulged in. You will have a little stress here and there at the workplace, but overall, things will work out for the better.

Chinese Zodiac Rooster 2021 for Health and Lifestyle

It would help if you took care of your health because it is the most important aspect of your life. With bad and deteriorating health, you will not be able to go after your dreams or achieve your life goals. This year will be a good one for you because you will not experience any health issues apart from colds here and there.

It would help if you were careful of your surroundings to get involved in minor accidents such as stepping on a sharp object. Visit the gym three times a week to take care of your fitness.

Chinese Astrology 2021 Predictions for Family

Peace and harmony will be the order of the day in your family this year. You should ensure that the situation remains the same because conflict always brings about misunderstandings. Ensure that you and your wife come to an understanding of how to raise disciplined children.

Take care of your sickly elders because they depend upon you to take care of them. Ensure that you spend as much time as possible with your loved ones rather than at the office working all day.

Rooster 2021 Monthly Horoscopes

Rooster January 2021

Do not change and become a different person together just because things are working out for the better in your life.

Rooster February 2021

Be careful about the people you trust and include in your inner circle because you never know who might betray you.

Rooster March 2021

Appreciate everyone who has been there in your life through good and bad times.

Rooster April 2021

This month is a celebration of your family and the major role that they play in your life.

Rooster May 2021

Please do not indulge in things until you think them through.

Rooster June 2021

Take your time to evaluate a situation because you decide to go ahead with some decisions and choices concerning your life.

Rooster July 2021

Trust that you are capable of achieving great things. All you need to do is to trust yourself and your abilities.

Rooster August 2021

Stay away from conflicts that might tarnish your image.

Rooster September 2021

Always be of service to the less fortunate in society with the little you have to offer.

Rooster October 2021

You should be proactive in life and go after the things you want.

Rooster November 2021

No one should dictate to you how you should live your life. Take charge of your life and live the same as you please.

Rooster December 2021

Things might go downhill for the first few weeks, but they will go back to normal within no time.

Feng Shui 2021 Predictions for Rooster Natives

Based on the Rooster’s Chinese zodiac, your best Lunar months this year will be April, March, and December. You should, however, be alert and careful during the Lunar months of September and February.  Your best directions this year will be North East and South West. The best colors to accessorize with this year will be Yellow, Beige, and Gold, and your lucky numbers will be 6 and 7.  

Rooster Luck Prediction 2021

  • Lucky Days: 4th and 26th of every Chinese Lunar month
  • Lucky Flowers: Gladiola and Cockscomb
  • Unlucky Colors: Red
  • Unlucky numbers: 1, 3 and 9
  • The Unlucky directions: East

Summary: Rooster Chinese Horoscope 2021

Based on the 2021 Chinese Zodiac Rooster, you will be happy with the progress you are making in life this year. It would help if you went to the things that you want in life. Follow your heart at all times, and listen to your instincts.

The Year of the Ox is a favorable year for you to achieve all your goals. Chase after your dreams and let no one discourage you from pursuing your passions in life. You have the keys to your destiny; therefore, is it upon you to make your life what you want it to become.

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