Monkey Horoscope 2021 – Great Fortune in 2021 for the Monkey Zodiac

2021 Monkey Horoscope – Know Your Chinese Zodiac Predictions!

Monkey Horoscope 2021

Monkey Horoscope 2021 – Chinese New Year 2021 Predictions for Monkey Zodiac

The Monkey zodiac is the ninth animal in the recurring Chinese zodiac cycle. The year 2021 is going to be a great year for the Monkey natives. These natives have several lucky stars on their horizon. The year will start well, and it will end well for them. The Monkey Chinese Horoscope 2021 reveals that major changes are coming your way, and you will have to accept them to make your life better.

Fame and fortune will be your portion this year. Based on the 2021 Chinese Monkey Zodiac, you will be able to fare well with people in your personal and professional relationships. New auspicious opportunities are coming your way, and you need to make the best out of them. Things will be going your way, including your career, finances, and education, among others.

2021 Monkey zodiac element is a sign that you will find lucky stars from people or a person that you are close to. This person or people will give you a helping hand that will propel you to greatness. However, it would help if you were careful about how you interact with people. Be honest and truthful in your dealings with people.

2021 Monkey Predictions for Love and Relationships

Based on the 2021 Love Horoscope, the Peach Blossom Star is brightly shining in your life. It is filling your life with good luck and good fortune for matters of love and relationships. It would help if you got ready for a year of great opportunities.  Monkey natives will be popular with the opposite sex this year. The singles have a high chance of finding love this year. You should always have your eyes wide open to get the man or woman of your dreams.


Those in committed relationships will be able to take their love life to the next level. However, you should not be in a hurry to tie the knot if you are not ready. Take time to understand your partner better before you exchange vows.

Married Monkeys will be tempted to stray this year. You should run away from temptations and stay faithful to your partner. Do not succumb to the moment of urge; instead, focus on that partner you exchanged vows. Create great communication skills between you and your partner and respect each other.

Chinese Monkey 2021 Astrology Predictions for Finance and Career

Chinese zodiac for 2021 reveals that you will be all smiles this year because your finances are in good shape. You will profit from all the investments that you enter into. However, you should be careful not to enter into investments that will bring you losses instead of profits. Listen to your instincts and go where they lead you because they can never lead you astray.

Monkey Horoscope’s personality for 2021 reveals that you are a hardworking, determined, confident, and strong individual. Use these traits to propel your career to greater heights. Indulge in activities that will enable you to make good and full use of your gifts and talents. The Year of the Ox comes to you with numerous opportunities that you should not let pass you by. You have a great chance of being promoted this year at the workplace.  

2021 Chinese Zodiac Monkey for Health and Lifestyle

As per the Chinese Astrology health predictions, your health luck is not as good as your finances, career, and romance. You will be more vulnerable to minor illnesses this year. Pay attention to your health and ensure that you make visits to the doctor’s office any chance you get. Take care of your heart and your respiratory system, and you will have nothing to worry about.

You love food, but you need to leave junk food behind and start focusing on healthy meals. Reduce your sugar intake this year and watch your weight as well. Do everything possible to stay healthy and fit.

Chinese 2021 Astrology Predictions for Family

The year 2021 will see you celebrate great achievements in your family. Things are going well for yourself, your wife, and your children. There is no need to worry because everything in your family life is going as you wish. You, however, need to be careful about the health of your children. They will be prone to minor illnesses, which you need to ensure that they are taken care of at an early stage.

The elders in your family will be proud of your progress that they will bless you abundantly. Respect your elders, and you will see great things manifest in your life.

Monkey 2021 Monthly Horoscopes

Monkey January 2021

This month you should be careful about the decisions and choices that you make.

Monkey February 2021

Celebrate the people in your life that are always there for you through good and bad times. People who will always have your back no matter what you are going through.

Monkey March 2021

You should enjoy the luck and good fortune that your lucky star is bringing into your life.

Monkey April 2021

The Monkey natives will be happy this month because of the major and positive changes that are taking place in their lives.

Monkey May 2021

Be careful of the people that you associate with because not everyone always wants the best for you.

Monkey June 2021

Based on the 2021 Monkey Horoscope predictions, you should not let anyone dictate to you how to live your life.

Monkey July 2021

You should mind your business and stay away from conflict because you need to focus on elevating your life and nothing else.

Monkey August 2021

Your fame is on the best side, so you should be careful about your decisions so that you do not do things that please other people.

Monkey September 2021

Live a life that makes you happy and stay true to your beliefs.

Monkey October 2021

This month you will be smiling all the way to the bank because your finances are in great shape.

Monkey November 2021

Focus on becoming a good provider to your family. Your family should be able to depend and rely on you at all times.

Monkey December 2021

The year will end on a good note because you will have achieved most of the goals you set for this year.

Feng Shui 2021 Predictions for Monkey Natives

Based on the Chinese zodiac for the Monkey, your best Lunar months this year will be March and November. However, you should be alert and careful during the Lunar months of January, October, and June.  Your best directions this year will be South and South East. The best colors to accessorize with this year will be Gold, Yellow, and Beige, and your lucky numbers will be 6 and 7.

Monkey Luck Prediction 2021

  • Lucky Days: 14th and 28th of every Chinese Lunar month
  • Lucky Flowers: Crape Myrtle and Chrysanthemum
  • Unlucky Colors: Red and Pink
  • Unlucky numbers: 2 and 9
  • The Unlucky directions: South West

Summary: Monkey Chinese Horoscope 2021

According to the Chinese zodiac predictions for 2021, you should be happy because this year will be a good one for you. Things will manifest in your life just as you wish them to. You will be able to get closer to your goals and achieve most of them.

You, however, need to be careful with your health. Ensure that you rid yourself of minor illnesses that might cause you problems in the future—exercise to keep fit and take care of your heart.

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