Animal Totems in Native American Zodiac – What is Spirit Animal?

What do each animal represent?

What is Spirit Animal or Totem

Animal Totems or Spirit Animal Meaning

What are Animal Totems? Animal Totems or Spirit Animal is the mirror of one’s traits that are visible in a specific animal. This means that they share all or particular attributes that result in coincidental resemblances. Therefore, the person that shares the characteristics with an animal harnesses the energy of that animal. This also means that the animal is their spirit animal or totem. These people are the people of that totem. For example, one can call them people of the zebra totem or the kangaroo totem.

These totems bear messages that the people of a particular emblem need to learn to depict in their lives. Moreover, the signals are in the symbols or attributes of the totems. This, in turn, needs interpretation with a lot of keenness. Failure to adhere to this rule can lead to a misinterpretation that can lead to bad side effects.


Realizing One’s Spirit Animal

For one to be able to use their spirit animal, they need to know it. They need to study it, meditate on it, and even pray on the matter. Since spirit animals have many powerful attributes, one needs to choose wisely the type of character they need to emulate. Moreover, they need to copy their spirit animal’s specific attribute that fits their situation. This means that they can manifest the energy of the animal.

They can then use the same power to help them attain their goal of the moment. For example, one can use their animal symbol to get ahead, like the female hyena’s leadership skills. They can also channel their spirit animal abilities to help guide them. The animal totem can help them predict the future, however, sometimes one has a connection to their spirit animal, but it feels off. They can then use certain aspects like a vision quest, meditation, daydreaming, and even oracle cards to help them reestablish balance.

Using Dreams to Connect to one’s Spirit Animal

To work with one’s spirit animal, they need to have everyday interaction. For one to physically bear a connection to some animal, this is because most of the animals are wild, and they stay in the jungle. So one can only dream of them. They can also use vision to help connect to their animals. In the process, one has to be open to the possibility of gaining real knowledge and wisdom.

Prediction Cards as a Way to Connect to One’s Spirit Animal

Oracle cards are one of the oldest ways that one sync with their spirit animal. One can play to fate by picking the cards randomly from the deck. Therefore, they can predict the possibilities that the card bears in their lives. This depends mostly on the animal that is on the card. Some of the animals carry bad news, while most have good tidings. Moreover, one can rely on their instinct and perception to draw the meaning of the card.

Ways of Fully Manifesting One’s Animal Totem

To thoroughly comprehend the matters involved in working with one animal’s spirit, one needs to learn a few things.

Behaviors and Attributes

One should be able to copy the attributes of their spirit animal to the dot. They should make sure that they never miss these traits because that is where the messages lie. Moreover, if they lose the news, they cannot attain any goal through that symbol. However, they can rely on the spirit world to guide them nonetheless. This is because they are always watching. They can also be courageous like a lion and devious as the coyote, depending on the spirit animal. Also, this can depend on the situation that they need to solve.

Putting on Attires that Match Your Spirit Animal

Some people always like dawning the attires that boost their morale towards their animal spirit. For example, one can wear leopard prints. This can give the spirit animal a boost in energy to connect with one. Some even say that it brings out their inner wildcat. Or the ones that dress in so many colors that their color clash. They are depicting their inner peacock.

Feeding like One Animal

The food that we consume replenishes the strength and power that we need in day to day life. Moreover, most animals eat for the same, to stay alive. They don’t care whether they are fat or skinny. Most of the time, they want to eat. Therefore, one should learn to consume the food they have with the purest mindset like the animals. They should not bother their diet because, in the long run, they will be okay.

Taking time to Harness your Spirit Animals Power through Meditation

Also, the person can use their spirit animal as a meditation guide. They, however, have to make a strong connection to their spirit animal. The bond has to be strong to help them have a proper meditation. Mostly they hold the image of the animal in their mind till they go into a trance. Through this, one can manifest their energy to the animal and learn a lot of stuff about them. During meditation, the person should rest easy because the power of their spirit animal is with them. Moreover, the energy of the divine world is also helping them out.

Animal Totems as a Lifesaver

Animal totems are spiritual powers that originate from the behavior, characteristics, and looks of different animals. These three things have symbolic meaning in our daily lives. Different animals live differently from others. They have their unique way of surviving. Animal totems offer us gifts and understanding of our natural happenings — all things happening in this world for a reason. Human beings lack the power to foresee the future. They only speculate but are not exact and precise. Animal totems can give you a clear vision of the future.

Animal Totems in Native American Zodiac

Animal totems usually demonstrate the gifts offered. We shall discuss the rewards of animal totems in this article. These gifts educate and awaken our spiritual realms. The gifts make us understand well the meaning and symbolism of animal totems. For you to be able to get the message from the animal totems, you need first to gain an understanding of them. Let us discuss general gifts that originated from animal totems.

Gifts from Animal Totems

1. Guidance

Animal totems guide humans. As we have stated earlier, humans cannot foresee things. They come as a guide. They show you which way to follow and which one not to. You only need to be keen and watchful of your surroundings. A guide is essential in life. It is like the manual in all electronics products. It gives you instructions on how to use the gadget. Human beings have Animal totems as their guide and instructor. Listen to the guidance from your spirit animal totem.

2. Encouragement

It would help if you had encouragement in life. Life is full of challenges. It is only through support that triggers your inner strength. Self-motivation will come from the help you receive. Hope and the will to keep pushing are also beneficiaries of aid. Success is not a destination but a journey. Just like any other journey, challenges are part of the trip too. Animal totems give us encouragement on our journey of life. Looking at the behavior of specific animal totems, we get encouraged to press on. Animal symbols like that of the animals from the rodent’s family give you a lot of endurance and perseverance. It shows you that you can develop survival skills to be able to flourish in this world.

3. Motivation

Self-motivation gives you the needed energy to achieve your destiny. From within should come your motivation. Self-esteem and motivations are intertwined. They are the most critical energy in any success. Full implementation of these two-aspect makes you immune to any life challenge. Challenges can get you, but you emerge victorious at the end. By understanding the message and symbolism of different animal totems, you can get these qualities. It is a very crucial aspect of challenging situations in life. Your abilities can be actively involved in your life if you’re motivated. Motivation makes you do over and above your usual. It pushes you towards becoming a better person day by day. It also helps you to act as a role model for others. Other people will be able to self start their inner motivation by looking at your actions. Animal totems come along with this extraordinary gift.

4. Warning

Animal symbols warn you of something dangerous. They want you to stay out of danger at all times. Animals’ totems help you develop internal peace. Peace comes with the ability to make productive life decisions. Decisions that will bring prosperity to your life make you live a fulfilled life. So this experience will bring with it joy and happiness no matter the challenges. You will always trust your animal totem. Animal totems are God-given.

God created everything with different unique characteristics. He wants us to learn about these characteristics and better our lives. Animal totems warnings are serious in our daily lives. So we should identify our animal totems to be able to understand the message it conveys. How would you feel if someone tells you about a danger to come? If someone warns you about the decisions your about to make? Then after some time, you realize that person or thing helped you a lot. The help will give you a good feeling indeed. Animal totems prevent us from experiencing regrets in life.

5. Protection

Animal symbols offer protection. Protection forms a direct association with their guidance. Security will help by preventing you from getting any harm or pain in life. Different emblems have different symbolism. In general, the majority of these animals, totems, offer protection to us. How will you feel knowing that you receive protection in your life? Having the knowledge that you’re being watched upon by some superior powers? I believe that this will boost your self-esteem. It will make you explore new ventures without fear. You will put a forward gear at all times. Protection leads to satisfaction. Life challenges will never have the ability to bring you down. They will always be stepping stones to your success. Animal totems come along with the gift of protection.

SUMMARY: Spirit Animal

The concept of working with animal totems involves a lot of aspects. So, one has to take up the challenge seriously. Also, one has to learn most of these aspects to make a legit prediction as per the signs of their totem. They can also rely on the hand of the divine world to offer ample guidance to the people.

Your animal totem or spirit animal will form the fundamental pillars of your life. Your future, hope, and fate will come from the message and symbolism of their animal totems. You will receive guidance, encouragement, warnings, motivation, and protection in life. You will always walk with your head high. No matter your current situation, you will still know it doesn’t define your destiny. Very high self-esteem will be your potion. In life, you will face challenges motivated. Let’s all discover our animal totems and try to understand them fully. Seek spiritual guidance in understanding these spirit animal totems.

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