Libra and Cancer Compatibility – Love, Life, Trust and Sex Compatibility

Can Libra and Cancer marry?

Libra and Cancer Love Compatibility

Libra and Cancer Compatibility: Introduction

The relationship both of you have as persons will be significant to each of you. It is the case that in a Libra and Cancer compatibility, both of you are always ready to give each other what each other lacks. Most of the time, Libra and Cancer in love ensure that you have a secure and profoundly beautiful relationship.

Libra and Cancer soulmates share a lot of things in common, and this ranges from beauty to luxury things. In fact, when it comes to the domestic environment, both of you are good at taking care of it. You have one common goal, and that goal is to keep working.


Libra and Cancer: Love and Emotional Compatibility

This Libra and Cancer relationship will be lacking emotionally. Although you both possess two highly emotional planets, you will find it hard to meet at an emotional point. While your lover looks for a lover on earth, you look for a lover to take to heaven. In fact, your spiritual side might not augur well with you. Most of the time, you find it very difficult to show your true self to your lover.

Your lover will understand what you have to some extent but will always look for a well-grounded lover to marry. In fact, you will give him/her the best unique, and balanced love ever, but s/he will be adamant about a well-grounded one. To be satisfactory in this relationship, Libra Cancer in love will need to wait for a groundbreaking period. Often time, you make a change of lover whenever you are not satisfied.

Libra and Cancer Compatibility

Libra and Cancer: Life Compatibility

Are Cancer and Libra a good match? A Libra and Cancer love compatibility is going to be a combination of emotion and intellect. None of you will shy away from emotion and intellect. You are brilliant while your lover is extremely emotional. The combination of your powers would be very easier for you as a person. Both of you have a special way of expressing each other’s feelings and sentiment.

The importance of your happiness is the joy of your lover and vice-versa in a Libra Cancer compatibility. Moreover, your lover will enjoy and appreciate your charm and tact. You will be calm and always ready to show your diplomacy skills as an individual that is born on this day. One of the things that would make you successful as a lover is your ability to relate well with your lover diplomatically.

You can tame the wild emotion that your lover could bring up. Apart from this, you always appreciate your lover’s nurturing spirit apart from his/her beauty. Most of the time, you often ensure that harmony rules your Libra Cancer relationship. You often try your best to settle any issue that might come up between you and your lover. The security and comfort of your house will always be your lover’s main goal.

Trust Compatibility between Libra and Cancer

Libra Cancer trust is essential in this relationship. Without it, there will be no good relationship that would survive the test of time. For your relationship to be able to survive the test of time, you both need to be trusting. Although your lover happens to be the most trusting zodiac symbol, your love could find it hard to trust you. Moreover, your lover wants a patient relationship that is far from the interferences of the people. However, you consider people’s approval to be crucial in anything you do.

Libra Cancer zodiac signs could, however, be two-way apart in this case. Most of the time, your lover doubts if you are someone that s/he wants to have all his/her children for. Your unrealistic nature could also add to the wound of your lover. S/he will find it very difficult to trust your unpredictable nature.

Libra and Cancer Communication Compatibility

For you to be able to have a good Libra Cancer communication, you both need to understand each other. It is easy for you to presume how important your relationship is to each other. The fact that you have a great spiritual nature compared to your lover is a reason why you will emphasize more on closeness and harmony. In addition to this, to communicate in this relationship is not difficult. You just need to say something for your lover to reply to. However, both of you might not have much interest in sharing together.

Often time, you find it very easy to respect each other’s quality. The main problem in this Libra Cancer love compatibility is that you are good at making an unrealistic plan together. Often time, these unrealistic plans will make you think wide about things in life and probably end up being disappointed. You need to be practical in your approach to materialize your goal.

Often time, your lover finds it very difficult to understand why you will be far from reality. Most of the time, conflict ensue in a Libra Cancer marriage because of your lack of ability to be realistic. Your relationship could also turn moody, especially as a result of the fact that you find it very hard to listen to your lover.

Sexual Compatibility: Libra and Cancer

Is Libra sexually compatible with Cancer? The relationship you both have with each other would not be too much sex. It is the case that you both will be a little bit far apart at first glance. In fact, the fact that both of you lack passion and initiative in your Libra Cancer sex life is a reason for your inability to have a beautiful sexual relationship. You need to be very careful with the way you relate to your lover.

Intimacy Compatibility between Libra and Cancer

Libra is very tactful and careful to the extent that you have a special way of soothing a native of Cancer. Libra Cancer in love will find it very easy to relate to each other and function more together. Hitting the bed easily would be something that might be very hard for you to hit them on each other.

Most of the time, the Libra and Cancer intimate connection that you have would be problematic as a result of the different elements you both possess. It is the case that you are very patient and nice; your lover is a little bit troubling. Often time, it is tough for your lover to change and adapt easily to things around.

Libra and Cancer: Planetary Rulers

The Libra and Cancer planetary rulers for your relationship are both the Moon and Venus. The Moon serves as a symbol of emotion, while Venus acts as a symbol of love and money. The moon happens to be the ruler of your lover, while Venus rules your personality. The combination of both of you in this relationship will bring a perfect relationship. This is because, without emotion, love might not strive better. You often ensure that you love your family and your lover.

You will ensure that your lover and children feel loved in a Libra Cancer compatibility. Apart from this, you will ensure that you give room for harmony and peace in your relationship than conflict. Speaking with your lover, you will ensure that you combine your energy to make money. Although you could be snobbish and somehow superior, your lover will defeat you emotionally. Apart from this, you will have to be a little bit more stable when you are in a relationship with a native of Cancer.

Relationship Elements for Libra and Cancer Compatibility

The Libra Cancer relationship elements that are known for your relationship are water and air. It is the case that you have an air signed element while your lover has a water signed element. You both have a perfect combination of elements. In fact, you both would ensure that you become successful in life. Most of the time, you are brilliant and careful with the way you relate to each other.

Another thing that is noted is that you have a nurturing spirit that is known for giving balance to the relationship. You will also desire peace whenever there seems to be a conflict whatsoever. Also, you will have an intellectual approach to a Libra Cancer compatibility while your lover has a very emotional approach to it. You both can, however, find it very hard to understand each other due to the different elements that you possess.

Libra and Cancer Compatibility: Overall Rating

The Libra and Cancer compatibility score for this relationship is 28%. This shows that you both will have a lot of trouble compared to other relationships. It also shows that you both could find it very difficult to relate to each other as expected. Emotionally, you have nothing to offer. Apart from this, your sexual relationship often hits the dead-end due to your lack of emotion. However, your relationship is still better, to some extent considering your communication skills.

Libra and Cancer Compatibility Score 28%

Summary: Libra and Cancer Love Compatibility

The most significant problem in this Libra and Cancer compatibility is the lack of what you want from your lover. Most of the time, your lover wants a lover that will always be there to complement his/her emotional nature with practicality. However, you find it very hard to do so, being the fact that you are not practical. Apart from this, you are very flighty and always running after what would make you successful. Most of the time, your lover will get disappointed with you as s/he wants you to be a lover from the earth. You, on the other hand, wants him to be a lover that you can take to heaven.

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