Earth Element in Astrology: Earth Element Names and Personality

What does it mean to be an earth element?

The Earth Element in Astrology

All About the Earth Element in Astrology

What are the 4 elements of nature? In astrology, there are 4 Elements: earth, air, water, and fire. This article will be concerned about the earth element and how it affects the zodiac signs.

Some signs, known as earth signs, are affected by this element more than others. Earth signs have certain traits that set them apart from the rest of the signs. The earth element also has power over three of the astrology houses, which can also affect the signs.

The symbolism of the Earth Element

What does it mean to be an earth element? The earth element is the building block for most things in astrology and Earth in general. This element is seen as the building block because it is also known to be the most stable and dependable element in astrology.


The earth element in astrology is usually thought of as a masculine element because of its strong and sturdy traits. However, the earth element isn’t fully depicted as masculine, as it also has some feminine traits to it. The earth is not only used to build but also to grow and nurture. It can both represent the man’s strength and power and the fertility and care of the woman.


Is Earth an element? The earth element meaning shows that the other things the earth elements represent are wisdom, simplicity, and independence.

Earth Element Astrology: Earth Signs

What zodiac signs are the earth element? There are twelve zodiac signs, but only three of these signs are Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. These three signs are said to take on the earth element’s traits better than the rest of the zodiac signs.

These signs are practical and like to think of the world around them in a realistic manner. They are the most stable signs of the zodiac. Their friends can be sure that they can always depend on them. All earth signs also work better and feel better when they are outside than inside.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Taurus is a fixed sign within the earth element, which basically means that it matches up with the traits of the earth elements the best out of all of the other earth elements. It is a highly dependable sign. This sign is a hard worker who will not give up easily. They can be materialistic at times, however.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Virgo is a mutable sign. This sign has some of the earth element characteristics, but it moves around more fluidly than Taurus. Virgo is softer-spoken than Taurus, but this sign is still very dependable and practical. Virgo finds comfort in the outdoors. This sign better represents the feminine qualities of the earth element than the masculine.


Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Capricorn is an earth cardinal element sign, which means that it falls between Taurus and Virgo with how well it matches up to earth element characteristics. The sign is practical but not always dependable. These people are likely to love to spend time outdoors, even when the weather is bad. They best fit the description of an ‘earthy’ person more than the other earth signs.

Earth Element Astrology: Earth Sign Interaction

Earth signs interact with water, air, fire, and other earth signs in different ways. They can make the best of friends, worst enemies, soul mates, or mistakes. Below are some examples of what it is like when people from earth signs interact with people from other elements.

Interaction with Water Signs

When earth and water signs get together, they work to help each other out. Water signs tend to be more emotional than earth signs. They depend on earth signs to help put them in the right direction. Based on the earth element horoscope, earth signs often have trouble dealing with their emotions, which a water sign can help with.

Interaction with Air Signs

Earth signs are down to earth, while air signs tend to have their heads in the clouds. When these two are together, they help to balance each other out. The earth sign provides the air sign with something practical and stable, while the air sign helps lift the earth sign’s spirits and spark their imagination.

Interaction with Fire Signs

Fire signs bring excitement into the earth sign’s life. Things can get pretty heated at times, but as long as these signs learn their boundaries, no one will get burnt. The earth sign can provide fire signs with some stable ground and realistic options for them to complete their goals.

Interaction Between Earth Signs

Two earth sign people together make up one great team. These signs can build just about anything together. They are great at working hard so that they can have a great future. However, they can sometimes forget that they should enjoy the present instead of always waiting for a great future.

Earth Element Astrology: Houses Ruled by the Air Element

As well as all of the other things that the earth element has power over, it also rules three of the twelve houses: the second, sixth, and tenth houses. These houses each have their own unique meaning and influence on the signs that align with many of the things that the earth element represents and characterizes.

Second House

The second house has to deal with money, items, and self-worth. The second sign especially involves how the signs value their own items, spend their own money, and feel about their self-worth. Others think or how a sign thinks about someone else possessions does not matter in the second house.

The signs in the earth element in astrology tend to save a lot of their money, although they do crave the finer things in life. They are likely to treat themselves now and again, but they are frugal most of the time. Other signs may place more value on the things they own and how they feel about themselves when they are in the second house.

Sixth House

The sixth house has to do with physical work and health. This has to do with everything from daily chores to a day job, to whether a person has a cold or not. Earth signs are hard workers. They know that they need to put their full effort into something if they want to get the most out of it.

They are not always so careful with their health, as some of the earth signs tend to be lazy if their work does not require a lot of physical activity. When a sign is in the sixth house, a person may work harder and become more concerned about their health.

Tenth House

The tenth house is all about a person’s reputation among their peers and community. This involves what others think of a sign, not what a sign thinks of itself. A person’s social obligations can affect this.

Earth signs often think highly of themselves and will do what they must to keep their reputations high. Other signs, regardless of their element, are likely to try to raise or maintain their reputation during this time as well.

SUMMARY: Earth Element

The earth element is strong and sturdy. It plays a vital part in all of the zodiac signs, whether they are earth signs or not. Hopefully, other signs can learn something from the earth signs.

Stability and practically play their part in life, even if it is not always an exciting part. Being like the earth elements, even when a sign is not in one of the earth-ruled houses, can balance out a person’s life and help them get more tasks completed. According to the earth element meaning, earth signs get more done, but they should also leave room for some fun!

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