Tenth House in Astrology: The House of Social Status

What does the 10th house mean?

Tenth House in Astrology - The House of Social Status

Tenth House – All about the 10th House in Astrology

Which is the tenth house in astrology? There are twelve houses in astrology, which all take up an equal portion of the night sky. When the zodiac signs drift through these astrological houses, they are impacted by then. The houses turn a sign’s focus towards whatever the house’s symbolic value is. Each house, including the tenth house, represents basic human feelings or actions.

Some astrological houses share traits with others, while some are unique. Depending on which planet is going through a house, its effect on the signs can also change.

Meaning of the Tenth House

What is my 10th house in astrology? The tenth house focuses on a person’s attention to their reputation and what others think of them. A person’s status in their social life, at work, and in other parts of their life is critical during this time. A person is likely to do whatever they can to make themselves more likable or successful during this time.

In the tenth house, a person is likely to look towards their superiors or role models during this time to try to change their personality to match up better with theirs. They will do whatever they can to improve how others see them.


This may start in their home, but it is likely to spread much further than that. Most people, when trying to better their reputation, will focus their efforts at the workplace.

According to the tenth house in astrology, many will try to improve their reputation during this time, but not all will succeed. Most people will make some changes in their social life during this time.

Even a small change in a person’s social life can affect many other areas of their life for better or for the worse. This is why the signs need to tread lightly and think through their actions before performing them.

The Planets in the Tenth House


The sun in the tenth house is likely to encourage people to focus their efforts on their careers. Having an impressive professional reputation will help a person get far during this time of their lives. Becoming better at their job is likely something that a person will take pride in.

They will feel even better about themselves if it seems like someone else is noticing their skills as well. The further someone gets in their career, or the more they improve themselves, the happier they are.


The moon in the 10th house will focus on a person’s feelings about their job. It would be a good idea for a person to sit back and reflect on how their job makes them feel. If a person feels poorly about their job, they may try to improve their skills or reputation in the workplace.

However, they may instead opt to quit their job at work, where they can be happier. The happier that a person is in their career at this time, the more comfortable they are likely to be in general.


As per the tenth house meaning, Mercury in this house is likely to encourage people to use their minds to improve their careers. Everyone is good at something. Even if it seems like their skills are not perfect for their job, they may help boost their reputation.

If their skills cannot be used at all in the workplace, they may feel inclined to find a job where they can use their skills. The more useful a person feels in their career, the happier they will be.


When Venus is in the tenth house in astrology, a person is likely to think deeply about who they want to be and how they want others to look at them. People may focus on bettering their outer appearance to make themselves look more attractive or approachable.

Once their style is set, they may work on improving their personality to seem classier or well-educated. The better a person feels about themselves; the better others are likely to respond to them.


A person will want to work extra hard to impress others when Mars is in the tenth house in astrology. A person can do this the best by asserting the skills they already have or learning new skills that can help them in the workplace or their social life.

Mars tends to make the zodiac signs angrier than they usually are, which can affect a person’s social life and reputation. The signs will need to learn to keep their cool if they also want to keep their reputation.


Jupiter in the tenth house encourages people to show off the skills that they already have. A person’s skills likely to have their place in the workplace without the person even knowing that their skills could be useful.

When a person shows off their skills, whether they decide to do it in the workplace or not, they are sure to get noticed. The further a person can get with their skills, the happier and more satisfied they are.


Based on the meaning of the tenth house, Saturn is the ruling planet of the house. When this planet is in the 10th house, people are likely to notice something about themselves that should have been obvious from the beginning.

With a person notices this, they are likely to make any changes to their lives to incorporate what they have learned about. This could raise or ruin a person’s reputation, depending on the changes they decide to make.


Uranus in the tenth house encourages people to learn more about themselves, their skills, and learn new skills. Any advanced or acquired skills for the first time will likely be improved through nontraditional means, like using a computer or traveling rather than reading and writing.

A person is likely to change many aspects of their life once they begin to learn new things. This could improve to hurt their reputation, but this depends on the changes that a person makes.


Neptune in this house makes a person more sensitive to their own needs as per the tenth house meaning. They are likely to improve their reputation for their own sake, not because they feel as though they need to impress anyone.

They’re likely to put their personal life in focus and put their professional presence on the back-burner for a while. They do not care if they improve professionally, so long as they develop in some way. The more a person grows during this time, the happier they will likely be.


Pluto in the tenth house brings significant changes to a person’s life. A person is likely to want to improve their reputation in their work-life and social life. They can work on these tasks in the same or different ways.

They are likely to take inspiration from others who have the personality traits that they wish to obtain. However, learning from others instead of learning from themselves can backfire if they are using the wrong person as their role model.

Conclusion: 10th house astrology

The tenth house is all about how a person wants others to see them. Based on how a person wants to be remembered, they are sure to make very different changes in their life compared to someone else who is also going through the tenth house. No matter which zodiac sign a person is, they are sure to improve themselves during this time, which is one of the best things a person can do for themselves, no matter what house they are in.

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