Seventh House in Astrology: The House of Partnerships

What does 7th house represent?

Seventh House in Astrology - The House of Partnerships

Seventh House – All about the 7th House in Astrology

Which is the seventh house in astrology? There are twelve houses in astrology. Each of these houses represents a symbolic aspect of life that everyone deals with at some point in their life. Each of these twelve houses, including the seventh house, takes up an equal amount of the heavens, so the signs have a fair chance of moving through each zodiac sign.

When in one of these zodiac signs, a person is more likely to think about what the house symbolizes, and they may even change their attitude or actions during this time. The planets going through each sign can also affect a person and their horoscope.

Meaning of the Seventh House

What is my 7th house in astrology? The seventh house deals with close and personal relationships, usually involving two people. This house covers the relationships between married couples, divorcing or separated married couples, business partners, and anyone involved with a contract, lawyer, or other legal fights.


Sometimes arch enemies are connected through the seventh house as well, but there needs to be an understanding between both parties that they are enemies.

Two people need to be working together closely, or working incredibly against each other, for their relationship to be covered by the seventh house. Sharing and working together are the main points of the seventh house. The relationship between the two people must also be serious, whether it is a romantic relationship or not. This house does not usually cover short-term commitments.

The 7th house in astrology can be confusing when it comes to love. Marriage always is affected by the seventh house, even if the people in the marriage are unhappy with how things are going and even if they are no longer in love. Just being in love, and not being married, doesn’t count in this house because a serious commitment has not necessarily been made. It could be argued that couples who live together could be affected by the seventh house, though.

The Planets in the Seventh House


When the sun is in the 7th house, a person is most likely to focus on their relationships that affect their job. If they are close to their boss or coworkers, then they are likely to try to use this relationship to their advantage.

If a person is not close to their boss or coworkers, they will be likely to begin to work on these relationships to gain something from these relationships later on in their careers.


Based on the seventh house meaning, when the moon is in this house, a person is likely to let their emotions control their relationships. A person will want to make sure that their relationship with another person is secure or real.

If a person does not feel safe and sound in a relationship, romantic or not, then they are likely to try to find more security, either in their current relationship or within a new relationship.


Mercury in the 7th house is likely to encourage a person to improve their business life relationships. A person will likely need to learn how to improve their communication skills if they want to better the relationships that they already have or if they want to begin new relationships with higher-ups or coworkers. The better a person improves how they communicate, the happier they will be during this time.


Venus is the ruling planet of the seventh house. This planet has the greatest effect on the signs in the seventh house. A person is likely to focus on their romantic relationship during this time.

If a person is in a failing relationship, they may do what they can to improve it, or they may look for someone new who may be more compatible with them. If a person is in a happy marriage, they will instead focus on what makes it great and try to make their relationship even better.


In the seventh house in astrology, Mars will encourage people to become more assertive in their relationships. People may feel that acting more aggressively than usual will help them get what they want, which can help.

However, sometimes aggression will do more harm than good. It is common to talk to people who feel more negative than usual, which can negatively affect both sides of the relationship that the two people share.


In the seventh house, Jupiter prompts people to make their relationships bigger and better in every way that they can think of. A person may feel inclined to go to new places to meet new people, or they may feel as though they need to talk about new things with old friends.

For the most part, people will do whatever they can to improve their relationships, which is likely to work out well. However, they should not expect others to act the same way.


As per the meaning of the seventh house, when Saturn is in this house, a person is likely to improve their relationships. However, people may also find it difficult to mention to others that they want to improve their relationships.

They will need to do the work to improve the relationship on their own. While this can work, doing all of the work may stress out the person trying to improve, which could cause them to put more strain on their relationships instead of accidentally.


Uranus in the 7th house sometimes prompts people to feel as though they need to change their relationships. This does not necessarily mean that they will make a change for the better, as sometimes they may feel it is best to cut off negative relationships.

This can be difficult at times, whether a person chooses to improve their relationships or cut them off, as the other person in the relationship may not always be on the same page regarding how a person wants the relationship to go.


Neptune in the seventh house makes a person want to spend their time on relationships that really matter to them. They are not likely to spend their time with people who don’t seem to care about them as much as they do.

This can make some relationships better than ever, some relationships may fail during this time, and new relationships or affairs may begin. No matter what a person chooses to do, it is important to know that serious changes will come into play during this time.


Based on astrology, Pluto, in this house, brings a change in the form of confrontation. People are likely to want to change their relationships during this time, but they will need to tell the other person about the changes they want to make.

Without teamwork, no changes are possible when Pluto is in the seventh house. After all, one-on-one relationships are what the seventh house is all about.

Conclusion: 7th house astrology

The seventh house is all about the most personal and close relationships that people have with each other. The best marriages, teams, and even enemies are faced with changes during this time. The seventh house can encourage people to make or break a relationship, but it is ultimately up to the signs to decide what they want to do.

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