Third House in Astrology: The House of Communication

What is 3rd house in astrology?

Third House in Astrology

Third House – All about the 3rd House in Astrology

Which is the third house in astrology? There are 12 astrological houses that all take up an equal amount of the night sky. These twelve houses, including the third house, all affect the zodiac signs in different ways on their own, but their influence can also be changed slightly depending on if a planet is in that house. While this may sound a little complicating, this article is here to make it easier to understand.

Meaning of the Third House

What is my 3rd house in astrology? The third house is the house of communication, every form that it takes, and the information gained through communication. As far as the second house is concerned, everything from talking in-person to e-mails, texting, calling, and even reading or writing counts as communication.

The people who a person communicates with and the relationship they share are part of their communicative environment. This group includes family members, friends, teachers or bosses, coworkers, and acquaintances. Relationships with people like cashiers or people who do not provide you with any information, valuable or not, are not a great concern of the third house.


What can be learned through communication with others is also important when discussing the third house in astrology. Small parts of knowledge, even gossip, are important in the third house. However, larger bits of information, like things that people need to study to understand, is more concerned with the ninth house than the 3rd house.

Planets in the Third House


The sun in the 3rd house astrology focuses on communication, both in person, over the phone, or written communication. A person may be more likely to be concerned with the world as a whole, but they will only act on it in small ways, like picking up cans in their hometown rather than encouraging a nationwide recycling campaign.

People are also likely to want to learn more in general. Those who can learn easily will be pleased, but those who feel they cannot learn enough will become disappointed.


According to the 3rd house meaning, the moon in this house deals more with a person’s feelings about their relationships than how they communicate with others.

Many people will try to understand how their relationships got as far as they did and what they can do to learn more from the people they communicate with.

Based on the 3rd house horoscope, people are more likely to become self-aware of their communication habits during this time. Those who learn more during this time are likely to be happier than those who do not learn much.


Mercury is the third house’s ruling planet. The effects of the third house may feel more present when Mercury is in this house. During this house, a person is likely to learn as much as they can from their current relationships, but they may not try to learn much from how they communicate, and many people will not go out of their way to communicate with new people.

People who learn many things when Mercury is in the 3rd house are likely to have higher self-esteem than those who do not learn much during this time.


Venus in the 3rd house focuses more on how one communicates rather than what is learned by communicating with others. People are likely to try to improve how they communicate with others to learn more from the people with whom they communicate in the future.

A person’s self-esteem is likely to be determined by how well they can improve their own skills. A person with improved skills is likely to be happier with themselves than a person who has not improved at all.


As per the meaning of the third house, Mars revolves around how people communicate and the messages they are trying to send as they communicate. A person is likely to become more self-aware about how they speak when Mars is in the 3rd house.

Most people may try to improve their communication skills in general, while others will take the time to become more aggressive to get what they want. A person who manages to improve their skills will be happier than someone who does not.


When Jupiter is in the 3rd house in astrology, people are likely to focus on who they communicate with and how they do it. Many people will put more thought into how their actions and words affect their relationships during this time. Some people may try to sound like they are smarter than they are to get attention.

However, this can backfire if they do it with the wrong audience or use certain words wrong. Others are bound to judge a person based on how they speak. Many people may seek to improve themselves when they don’t actually need to.


Saturn focuses on daily communication habits in the third house rather than a big picture look at communication habits. Close relationships, like those between family members and authority figures, are likely to focus on during this time.

Other relationships will not have much pressure put on them during this time. A person is likely to try to learn something more from the people with who they are communicating. The easier they can learn new things, the happier they are likely to be in their relationships.


Uranus in the third house in astrology makes people want to change something about communicating with each other or who they communicate with.

Either way, their main goal is to learn something more from communicating than before Uranus was in the third house. People are likely to crave closer relationships with others, as well.

They may be willing to trade learning new things for getting to know someone better instead. Either goal, if completed, will make the person in question happy.


According to the 3rd house meaning, Neptune in this house encourages people to try to be more creative when it comes to communicating with others.

A person’s imagination is likely to heighten during this time. When this happens, they are not likely to want to learn more from others when they communicate, but instead, they will want to learn more about themselves as they communicate with others.

People may try to communicate better or try to communicate differently than they will use during this time.


In the meaning of the 3rd house, Pluto urges people to have a deeper relationship with those around them. To do this, a person may feel the need to learn more about communicating effectively or learn more from the person they are communicating with.

Either way, how they communicate is likely to change during this time, usually for the better. The more people can change the way they communicate for the better, the happier they are likely to be while Pluto is in the third house.

Conclusion: 3rd house astrology

The 3rd house is all about communication and learning from the relationships that people have. The more a person learns, the more people they talk to, and the more that they can improve their communication, the happier they will be while their sign is in the third house.

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