Fourth House in Astrology: The House of Family and Home

What does 4th house represent?

Fourth House in Astrology - The House of Family and Home

Fourth House – All about the 4th House in Astrology

Which is the fourth house in astrology? Many astrological items impact a person’s horoscope. One of these astrological items is the twelve zodiac houses. Each of the twelve houses takes on an equal portion of the sky, which adds up to 30° each. The zodiac signs move through these houses throughout the years. The houses, including the fourth house, can change how they act, and this can be changed even more depending on which planets are also traveling through the houses.

Meaning of the Fourth House

What is my 4th house in astrology? The fourth house is the house of the home. This includes everything that has to do with the home, like family members and memories from previous homes. How a person was raised is also important, but it is unclear whether the mother or father’s influence is more important in this house. To make things easier, this article will assume that each parent has equal influence.

Based on the fourth house meaning, family relationships are significant during this time. Relationships with parents are the most important, siblings second, and other extended family members come after that. For the most part, this depends on how close a person is to their family members. The emotions that a person has about their relationships and their home life, in general, are also represented by the fourth house.


One abstract thing that the fourth house symbolizes is a person’s deepest thoughts about life and death. Sometimes people will connect with spiritual ideas about death and karma or similar ideas. Reincarnation is a common thing to look into when a sign is in the fourth house.

Planets in the Fourth House


The sun in the fourth house in astrology focuses on a person’s current home and the home that they grew up in. Many people become curious about their childhood or what their family was living before they were born.

Learning about these things will satisfy a person’s curiosity, making them feel happier during this time. However, there is the risk of finding out terrible family secrets that the signs should be prepared for during this time. Every family has its stories to tell, and not all of them read like fairy tales.


The moon is the 4th house’s ruling planet. The moon in the first house is more concerned with the feelings that come from family relationships rather than the facts or rumors about a family member. During this time, a person may feel as though their sense of intuition is heightened.

They may feel more protective of their family members. Growth is also an important thing to keep in mind when the moon is in the 4th house. Many people will want to grow something as simple as a garden or something as complex as growing their family by having a baby.


Mercury in the fourth house encourages people to look back into their own past, if not their family’s past as a whole. A person’s culture is critical at this time, as their culture did a great deal to shape them as a person.

Sometimes learning more about a person’s culture will make them want to do more to blend in with their cultural ideals, but it will make a person want to act differently so that they can stand out. Those who cannot learn about their culture or family history are likely to be frustrated and unhappy during this time.


When Venus is in the fourth house in astrology, a person will want to think more about how their family life affects the other areas of their lives. However, Venus is usually known as a romantic planet, so while a person will be thinking about their family life, they will still be focused on finding love.

Getting in touch with old family friends or dating people via family members’ recommendations could lead to love during this time. The closer the new partner is to the family, the more comfortable the relationship is.


Based on the 4th house meaning, Mars in this house mellows out a person. They may still have negative emotions, but they will not be as aggressive as they usually are, even if they are not typically aggressive people.

If anything aggravates a person during this time, it will be due to family problems; either past or present issues will affect people. Emotional turmoil is common during this time.

Anger towards a person’s parents, their father being a more likely cause than their mother, can also cause a sign to become more irritated during this time.


As per the meaning of the fourth house, Jupiter will make arouse a person’s interest in the things that their other family members have an interest in. This can bring family members closer, as they can learn new things together or work on projects as a team.

In some situations, a person may decide to become more focused on their religion or spirituality. This can also help family members to become closer to each other, especially if they share the same belief system. Jupiter helps the zodiac signs to bond when it is in the fourth house.


When Saturn is in the fourth house, a person focuses on their home live when affecting their current home life. Thinking about how active a parent was in their childhood may also be the main focal point.

The lack of a parent is likely to prompt a person to be more caring, but they may not get this feeling if their parents were always around. Affection and compassion are likely to be felt more during this time, especially towards children or younger relatives. People are likely to improve their household situation in one way or another when Saturn is in the fourth house.


Uranus in the 4th house is likely to bring up old memories of a person’s childhood and their parents’ treatment. There is likely something from a person’s childhood that they do not remember fondly, and this thought, no matter how small it is, may influence a person to change something about their family life.

If a person’s parents were cruel to them, then negative feelings are likely to arise again, disrupting their current relationship with that family member.


When Neptune is in the fourth house in astrology, a person is likely to become more sensitive to their home’s goings-on. They may think back to how their home life was when they were children, and these thoughts may influence them to change something about their current home-life situation.

Based on the fourth house horoscope, happy and positive memories are more likely to come up during this time than negative ones. These happy feelings from the memories may encourage people to be more compassionate towards their family members.


Pluto in the fourth house brings change into a person’s home life, or at the very least, it encourages someone to make a change. Whether a person makes a change is up to them, not this planet.

There is an expectation of thinking about both positive and negative memories and emotions from the past during this time. Both of these things can encourage change. Some signs may feel compelled to stay away from their family members during this time, but it will be much more beneficial to them if they communicate with them instead.

Conclusion: 4th house astrology

The fourth house is all about family. A person’s family history can influence them for their entire lives. The houses may influence when and how a person remembers these thoughts, but it is still up to a person to choose what they do with these memories and feelings to make an even better home life for their family.

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