Crow Spirit Animal: Meaning, Symbolism, Dream of the Crow Totem

What do Crows mean spiritually?

The Crow Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

You have a message and guidance from beyond when you see an animal randomly appear to you. They may do so repetitively as you go about your daily activities. Consider it as a guide and an assurance that you are pursuing the right path. Here, we will focus our attention on the Crow spirit animal.

What does Crow spirit animal mean?

The Crow (not to be confused with the Raven spirit animal) is considered one of the most popular and mysterious spirit animal totems of the world. It may come to you in your dreams during your meditation session, or you may hear it repeatedly caw outside your home when you are indoors. If either of these happens to you, pay close attention, do not ignore them. They come with secret symbolic meanings, and as a result, their messages may influence your future.


If you consider the crow as your spirit animal, then it’s about time you learn about all the possible meanings and symbolism of this mysterious bird.

The Crow as a Spirit Animal

In many shamanic traditions, those who practice magic consider the crow as a spirit animal because of its relationship with mysteries. It is the most preferred animal for those that have the power and ability to practice shape-shifting and witchcraft. A crow as a spirit animal enables one to go past their limitations of rational thinking; this explains why it is widely used to practice magic.

What Does a Crow Symbolize?

As a spirit animal, since time immemorial, a crow is considered as the animal of change. When you hear it caw or see one appear to you repetitively, it is time for an imminent change in your life. Pay close attention to your thoughts and the symbols around you. You are about to embark on the next step; everything you have been working on is finally coming to realization.

Crow Spirit Animal

In mythology, most people associate the crow to bad omen and death. How you choose to read the messages that they carry all depends on you but remember to always stay positive in your thinking. The crow is a reminder to you that all your past is gone; it is time for a new phase in your life.

In some cultures, a crow can be a sign of good luck and prophecy. To understand best the real symbolic meanings of the crow spirit animal, keep on reading this article.

The Symbolism of a Crow Based on Color

A crow as a spirit animal may appear to you in different colors. Do you don’t understand why they appear to you this way? Here is the meaning of each.

What does a black crow symbolize? When you see a black crow, it is a representation of internal change. Black is the color of the night; as s result, it gives rise to the light of a new day. On the other hand, if you see a white crow, this is a sign that something extremely good or bad is about to manifest in your life because of your previous choices.

The Crow as a Symbol of Death

The black crow can be a symbol of death. The messages we receive through crows as spirit animals are significant. They help warn us and, at the same time, help us understand the omens that are upon us. There is the belief that when a black crow appears near your homestead, a member of that family will soon die. Its presence comes a couple of days before the fateful day or after a deceased person has been buried. If either of these happens, be keen to understand the symbolic meaning of their presence in your life.

The Crow Spirit Animal and Dreams

What do crows symbolize in dreams? Dreaming of the crow is a sign that you have a message from your deep thoughts. If you see it fly in your dreams, it is time you bring your innermost thoughts to light to move a step ahead in your life. Depending on what the bird is doing, your sub-conscience should be able to tell you of your next cause of action. The crow dream is a reminder and warning that you need to change your current thoughts and actions. If you don’t change now, then prepare yourself for future disappointments.

The Crow Spirit Animal and Numbers

The crow spirit animal totem may appear to you in different numbers, and when this happens, you should be able to understand the symbolic meaning of each number.

When a single crow appears to you, you have a message from someone who passed on. It can either be a relative or even a close friend. Two crows symbolize the arrival of good news. It means the good news you have been anticipating is finally here, so be happy. Three crows symbolize a marital engagement in the family. It says a member of the family has finally settled in marriage.

When you see four crows, it is a sign of upcoming affluence; you are about to benefit from the fruits of your hard work and, in turn, become wealthy. Five crows, on the other hand, is not good news; it symbolizes disease and pain. A relative, your friend, or you are about to undergo pain or acquire a deadly disease.

When you see six crows, this is a sign of robbery or theft. The latter is about to take place in your life. Seven crows symbolize a change of location and travel, while eight crows imply sorrow and grief.

SUMMARY: Crow Spirit Animal

To summarize, if you often see crows, consider them as messengers. They appear to us in our lives to guide us on how to go about all that we see around us. The messages may seem insignificant to you but consider having a crow as your spirit animal totem to help you through your life journey.

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