Dog Spirit Animal: Meaning, Symbolism, Dream of the Dog Totem

What does a Dog represent spiritually?

The Dog Spirit Animal

The Dog Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

What does a Dog spirit animal mean?

When the thought of a dog comes to mind, we mostly think of the animal as a domesticated creature that serves different purposes, depending on the owner. Here, we will focus on the dog as a spirit animal (totem).

In many traditions, the dog spirit is symbolic of loyalty, love, and support. Most people trust in the protection and companionship of dogs and, at the same time, use them as their preferred spirit guide.

The presence of dogs in our lives is not something new. They have been with us for the longest time. They are also the very first animals to have been domesticated by man. Dogs share the genes of coyotes and wolves and, as a result, can breed with one another. They are all over the world, wherever inhabited by humans.


In the past, dogs were raised by women, and as opposed to popular thinking that is man’s best friend, women are the ones who would select dogs of their gentleness, feed them, and train them on how to carry firewood. Dogs, as spirit animals, are symbolic of different things in varied cultures. Read on to find out the real symbolism of a dog spirit animal.

What does a Dog Symbolize?

A dog as a spirit animal symbolizes devotion, constancy, devotion, and loyalty. It has been in humankind’s life for as long as anyone can remember. During this period, they have played vital roles in the presence of human beings. Today, there are several mixed dog breeds across the world. Each of the kinds has specific symbolism and messages.

Dogs generally symbolize kindness. Dog people are gentle and kind to everyone around them. Therefore, in some instances, dog spirits are symbolic of loyalty. If you have a dog as your spirit animal, you should be truthful and loyal to yourself and those around you at all times. Also, having good self-esteem will reward you with great respect from others.

Dog Spirit Animal

Once in a while, dog people tend to deviate from the good symbols of a dog spirit and try to please everyone in their surroundings. If this happens, think about yourself first, what do you stand to gain or lose? Then go ahead and decide what is right for you.

The Dog as a Spirit Animal

What does a dog symbolize spiritually? When a dog appears in your life today, it is not by coincidence. Pay close attention; this is the presence of the angels manifesting in your life. Don’t take this for granted; you have a special message from beyond. God can decide to communicate a special message to you through a dog. If this happens, beware of the news that He wishes to convey to you and, consequently, its secret meaning.

The Dog spirit animal can be the purest. Dog people are dependable and friendly, so they are always there when you need them the most. If you have such a friend around you, count yourself lucky and hold on the firm to that friendship.

The Symbolism of the Dog based on Cultures

Different dogs may symbolize different things. Here, we will focus our attention on the symbolism of dog totems based on varied cultural perspectives.

In Chinese culture, dogs are considered a symbol of friendship. Also, the famous Fu Dogs are regarded as the guardians of divine spaces and carry the concept of protection.

In the Asian tradition, dogs are a symbol of loyalty, good luck, prosperity, and obedience. Native American cultures depended on the dog spirit animal to provide them with guidance and assistance in everyday life endeavors. Dogs also serve as a symbol of fidelity, friendship, assistance, and communication. Initially, the same dogs were used by Spaniards to help in hunting and carry out agricultural-related activities.

Throughout history, dog spirit animals have been used as a symbol of protection, companionship, and regardless of the culture in play, as man’s best friend. Dogs guaranteed a man’s safety from any form of danger and provided service depending on the purpose for which it was kept.

The Dog Spirit Animal and Dreams

What do dogs symbolize in dreams? When you come across a dog in your dreams, it may mean different things. A dog wagging its tail symbolizes good times ahead. It may include having a good time with family and friends, including your love partner.

Dogs barking or fighting in your dreams may mean trouble. It might call for your intervention to bring peace between two hostile parties. It may also say that someone close to you may betray you in the future. To be on the safe side, you should trust no one in your surroundings but yourself.

The colors of dog dreams are also symbolic of different meanings. What does a black dog symbolize? A black dog dream may symbolize a lack of self-respect. If this happens to you, then it is time you reevaluate yourself and exercise self-forgiveness. When you experience a white dog dream, you need to align your thoughts and actions with those of the divine spirits. A red dog dream symbolizes intention. Also, your intentions toward achieving your goals need to be clear and precise. Avoid any form of distractions from external forces.

SUMMARY: Dog Spirit Animal

Dog spirit animals are significant spirit animals in our lives. They are symbolic of life’s most essential qualities of trustworthiness, perseverance, playfulness, and protection. The presence of dog spirit in your life should come as a wake-up call to you that you have an important message from beyond, and therefore you should pay attention.

To summarize, as a dog person, you should embrace and be a champion of the positive attributes of the dog spirit animal. Align all your actions and thoughts with those of this spirit animal. If you do this, be assured of leading the most peaceful and prosperous life in the universe.

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