Dove Spirit Animal: Meaning, Symbolism, Dream of the Dove Totem

What does the Dove symbolize?

The Dove Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

What does Dove spirit animal mean?

People with the Dove spirit animal are undoubtedly the most peaceful, gentle, and positive persons you can ever come across on planet earth. They have a general demeanor of innocence that attracts others to them. In some instances, some characters might try to take advantage of the calm of dove people and misuse the kindness that they receive.

If today a dove flutters into your way, there is a special message for you. You must know the essence of when to fly your wings and equally when to allow the wind to give you direction and let you soar. We, as human beings, can figuratively emulate the actions of the dove. Know when to set off from the branch and also the best moment to start flapping your wings.


The dove spirit animal is a symbol of love, peace, and new beginnings. Today, the dove is symbolically widely used globally in flags, emblems, and logos. Its symbolic use indicates how unique and magical this bird is to human life. A dove spirit animal may symbolize many things depending on different cultures, history, and mythology. It is time you learn about it here.

What does the Dove Symbolize?

If you woke up today and heard the magical coo of a dove outside your home, consider it as a good sign. It is a reminder that you need to bring your thoughts and reality together. The presence of the dove symbolizes the balance between the earth and the sky. It also acts as the link that transfers knowledge from the spirits beyond human consciousness.

Did you know that the dove produces its milk? The dove undergoes temporary starvation to produce pure milk for their young ones just before they are born. This attribute is symbolic of the dove’s maternal nature. Dove people can equally make sacrifices for the sake of their little ones.

Dove Spirit AnimalThe word “dove” primarily refers to the family of birds, including both pigeons and doves. There are several species of doves with regard to color. The varied shades of doves include gray, brown, rose, white, and slate blue. The diverse species include rock pigeons, white-winged doves, mourning doves, and the passenger pigeon.

The Dove as a Symbol of Change

When you experience the presence of a dove in your life, it is a reminder that there are no limits to your abilities. It is time you embark on a new direction. To achieve this, you have to conquer all your doubts and fears and let nature take its course. Get rid of everything preventing you from attaining peace and tranquility. Finally, the dove spirit guide is reminding you to prepare for new beginnings.

The Dove as a Spirit Animal

If your spirit animal is the dove, then pay close attention. The presence of a dove in your life is symbolic of positivity. If you are currently in turmoil and surrounded by hostile characters, you need to take time and find peace within yourself. Draw yourself out to a safe zone and reevaluate yourself and the people you have around you as friends.

The dove, as your spirit guide, will help you soothe and quiet your mind and soul. As a result, you will find solace and renew your strength in the silence of the brain. The lesson we all learn from doves is that in whatever circumstance we are caught up in, peace is always the way out. When evil thoughts come out from our minds, the best feelings, and goodness awaits.

People with bird spirit animals are very caring and watch over their young ones. If you are a dove person, you are the best parent a child could ever need. To you, family comes first. You value their peace and emotions, and that explains why they would go to whatever heights to provide them with what they need.

When it comes to communication, dove people are the best. They can easily convince you to make any decision in their favor through their witty language. Dove people are also very kind and are the most valuable characters you can ever wish to be around. They enjoy spending time with their loved ones and, to crown it all, are in touch with their inner emotions.

The Dove Spirit Animal in Dreams

A dove dream can be symbolic of a calling to find peace and harmony within yourself. It represents the harmony between thoughts and actions. You need to bring together all aspects of your life and begin to witness the real beauty of your soul.

What does it mean when you dream about doves? When a dove flies or coos in your dream, it can also be symbolic of kindness and love. You are currently hostile and unfriendly to the people in your surroundings. You need to be kind to those that you love and everyone else in general.

Finally, a dove dream can mean innocence, harmony, tranquility, and affection. White dove dreams, in particular, symbolize gentleness, friendships, and loyalty. Although it is scarce, when you dream of a pair of doves mating or constructing a nest, this means that you are destined to own a happy home filled with the blessings of children.

SUMMARY: Dove Spirit Animal

To summarize, dove spirit guides are powerful and real. You are assured of peace and harmony if you happen to be a person of this magnificent bird. Take this assurance seriously and focus your thoughts and actions towards receiving these promises. Today, if a dove spirit animal flies into your life, release all the negative energy stagnating you from moving forward. Forget about all the evil deeds that might stop you from living a joyful and happy life.

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