Owl Spirit Animal: Meaning, Symbolism and Dream of the Owl Totem

What does the Owl symbolize?

Owl Spirit Animal Meaning

A Complete Guide to the Owl Spirit Animal

The owl as a spirit animal is a sign of a deep bond with knowledge and wisdom. Therefore, the owl totem bears a lot of significant meanings that help the owl people navigate this vast sea of life. The owl spirit animal stands as the guiding principle that one needs to go through life with at least a bit of understanding of their purpose in life.

Therefore, if one synchronizes with the owl totem attributes, they can be able to soar through life with an intuitive and perspective mind. They can avoid the wrong intentions and intenders.

The Owl Spirit Animal Description and Personality

The owl is a bird that likes the comfort of the darkness’ cloak. It likes solitude and has big soul-piercing eyes. The owl has been on earth since time immemorial and has had many influences on many cultures and beliefs. Some of these cultures include the Greeks, Egyptians, Celtic, and Hindus.


Many people do not like the owl because of the misconception of old folklore. They attribute the owl to death or the bringer of death. However, this is not true. The owl was the symbol of the transporter of the dead souls from the physical realm to the celestial afterlife.

Meaning of the Owl Spirit Animal

What is the spiritual meaning of an owl? The owl spirit animal (owl totem) has many purposes despite most people associating it with evil. Also, the owl spirit animal means that one needs to start appreciating solitude and step away from the bustle of daily life. They need to take a step back from everything and keenly scrutinize it without being involved. By doing so, one can learn how the entity operates and the knowledge and wisdom to go with it. Therefore, the owl is not the bringer of death but helps our dead loved ones find peace in another realm.

Seeing an owl means – if an owl person sees the owl, they receive the resonance of the owl’s energy and see many things that ordinary people tend to miss. This means that the owl totem ensures that one increases their attention and visibility to stuff around them. If an owl person indeed opens their eyes to give things a second look, they will be in shock by the results. Thereby, they can be able to protect themselves from the malicious acts of other people toward them.

On the other hand, the owl totem appears to the owl people who have a troubling time cutting off their past or people in their lives. Therefore, the owl totem signifies the need for one to take time and understand their personal growth. They then should pick the right sway of their lives. Since it is a nocturnal animal, the owl signifies the ability to overcome their fears and move through one problem regardless of the obstacles.

Symbolic Significance of the Owl Spirit Animal

The owl people are mostly nocturnal. They like the dark; actually, they prefer it because most of the human activities slow down at night. Therefore, the owl people sync with the occult, magic, and even darkness if they do not mind it. They like to observe other people’s behaviors and habits, noting their weaknesses and strengths.

Some people believe that one cannot be able to lie to an owl person because they can peer deep into one’s soul. Eerie right? But the owl people are just usually alert, keen, and have a good memory. Therefore, they will catch one in a lie quite easily. They can also predict people by keeping a close watch on their reactions to situations or just thoughts.

Symbolic Meaning of the Owl Dream

What is the meaning of an owl in a dream? People often tend to dream of the owl once in a while. Its appearance in one’s dreams signifies the need for one to move beyond the past and focus on one bright future. It may also mean that we should stop doing or contributing to negative characters in life.

What does it mean to hear an owl? Some people hear the hoot of the owls in their dreams. The cry of the owl is always unique, strange, and piercing. It still bears the sad tidings of death or a gravely ill person in one’s life. The death in this dream can also be symbolic to mean the end of something that one likes so much in real life.

The vivid dream of the owl trying to peck one’s eye out is another way the owl dream can manifest itself. Therefore, the owl totem is trying to remind one that they do not have insight into something they are trying to accomplish in real life. They, thus, should step back and take time to understand what they are trying to do. Hence, they can avoid serious blowback.

SUMMARY: Owl Spirit Animal

The owl has been a symbol of humans for a very long period. Many people out of misconception do not like owls because they associate them with death. Some say the owl has a scary look due to the positioning of the eyes and their size. Plus, they do not understand why the owl is a nocturnal bird. It hoots has the meaning of the death of something in our dreams.

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