Ox Spirit Animal: Totem, Meaning, Symbolism and Dreams

What does an Ox Symbolize?

Ox Spirit Animal Totem Meaning

The Ox Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

The Ox spirit animal, like most of the animal totems, bears the meaning that we consider useful in our day to day lives. We need to learn all the symbols of the ox to be able to make sense of our lives. Also, the ox is one of the animals that have the perfect touch. They bear divine symbols than many other animals. This is because many cultures use the ox to make connections to the celestial realm. They do this by worshiping the bull or just by using it for sacrifices.

Description of the Ox Animal Totem

Ox, Bull, or Bison are the type of cattle that are found all over the world, with each area having a unique species. Traditionally, the ox was an animal the people used to plow their fields. They are male and have the stature that signifies strength and durability. Therefore the ox is primarily a working beast for humans or just a source of beef.


The ox is an animal that has been in the lives of humans for such a long time. Some people worship the ox and have been so in many religions. They have a close association with agricultural work that is important to humans. Moreover, the ox also is willful and needs to be humanizing before one can use them for field activities.

Meaning of the Ox Spirit Animal

The purpose of the ox spirit animal is strength and fertility as their main attributes. Although the ox spirit animal has much more meaning and teaching, power and fruitfulness is the one that tops the list. Also, when one is looking into the meaning of the ox spirit animal, they have to look at the male aspect of the symbol as well.

They have ox one of the animals with a direct connection to the spirit world. This is because many cultures are using the ox as a worship item, and some believe that the ox is a god. Therefore, the ox can act as a gateway to the celestial world and offer proper guidance to the ox people.

Symbolic Significance of the Ox Spirit Animal

The ox has many attributes to many cultures, including the Celtic. Most of the ox’s characteristics are positive and have a guiding principle in many people’s lives over time. However, the ox also bears some negative trait even though negligible. The Celtic people view the bull as a sign of virility in men and fruitfulness to the ladies.

Some say they put the ox in the private chambers of a couple to help them make babies by manifesting its energy to them. The ox spirit animal also has the manifestation of energy to help people get around their daily work with ease. Some of the symbols that belong to the York spirit animal are:

Ox: Symbol of Power and Willfulness

The ox is one of the power animals that signifies strength above all other attributes. Therefore the ox people have the possibility of conquering anything that may present itself as an obstacle in their lives. The ox spirit guide shall be with them providing guidance each step of the way. Also, the ox people are also tenacious, meaning that they always achieve their goals regardless of the struggle.

Ox: Symbol of Compliance

However, how sturdy and durable the ox is, they still realize the need to work with humans. This is visible when the spirit of the stubbornness of the bull is broken by humans to make it work in the fields. They then make the beast wear a yoke around its neck to signify compliance and servitude.

Human beings use this symbol like the rest. Since our lives are mostly by hierarchical leadership, one needs to learn their place and comply with rules like the bull. Besides, like an ox receiving punishment if it does not meet with its owner, the ox person shall also receive punishment for being out of line with their bosses. One can avoid all this only if they adhere to the teachings of the ox power animal.

Symbolic Meaning of the Ox Dream

The ox people sometimes do have dreams about the oxen. They may dream about a healthy ox. This, therefore, bears the meaning of good tidings to the dreamer. The vision of the oxen means one is about to receive abundant luck shortly. Or it can say that the project that one was toiling on is about to bear plenty of fruits. The oxen dream also symbolizes fertility. This means that one should start trying to have babies, or if they already have them, they should take good care of the young ones.

Alternatively, many also have a dream about the dead or sickly ox. This is a symbol of negative or evil tidings. The dead ox symbolizes the possibility of death in the family or someone that you are close to. It may also express the chance of losing their wealth. Therefore, during this period, one should be very careful with the type of venture that they undertake.


The Ox spirit animal is one of the land animal totems. It bears total similarities to those of the bison and bulls. They are all over the planet and is one of the most symbols in use. Again, the ox is one of the animals that have been used by the religious and cultic practitioners to contact the spirit realm. However, some say the ox is a god. Furthermore, one needs to learn most of the ox’s symbol to be able to be in sync with the divine world.

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