The Bull: Spirit Animal, Totem, Meaning, Symbolism and Bull Dream

Bull Spirit Animal

The Bull Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

What does a Bull spirit animal mean?

The bull spirit animal serves as one of the many land totems that we have today. Like many of the other emblems, the bull spirit animal also has a lot of meaning. Also, the purpose of the bull spirit animals is important to the people that use the bull as their spirit animal. Moreover, the people that believe that the beast is their spirit animal are known as the bull people.

They tend to harness the attribute of the bull and its energy to help them grow in life. The beast is one of the domesticated animals that many people like to associate. Therefore, the creature is one of the land animal totems that have been in use since time immemorial.


Bull’s Physical Description and Characteristics

The bull is a representation of the male species of the cattle family. Besides, the images of the beasts range from the bison, the buffalo and the domesticated cattle amongst many more. They are the head of the herd and like showing their authority by battling with other bulls. They are usually the source of proteins for many cultures. However, some cultures use it as a beast of burden while other prefer to worship it. Moreover, different religions use the bull as a sacrificial animal.

Bull Spirit Animal Meaning

Meaning of the Bull Spirit Animal / Bull Totem

The bull is the animal that marks the representation of pure masculinity amongst other animals. They have the grace of strength and potency by their physical features and perfect look. They also rub off the massive energy of arrogance to the bull people. Moreover, the bull is a sign of untamed aggression with lots of unpredictability. The bull people usually have that look like they are about to give someone a hard time by just looking at them.

They also have the norm of courage and will counter anything in their path. The bull people always have the rage of their spirit animal. Therefore, it is best to stay clear of their way. Furthermore, many cultures also signify the bull with the symbol of leadership and only to the kings. Some of the cultures have however used the bull as an idol or sacrificial item. Moreover, the spirit animal means that the bull people have the opportunity to be helpful, confident and provider.

Symbolic Significance of the Bull Spirit Animal

Like many other totems, the bull spirit animal signifies something great. The spirit animal means to guide the bull people and help them grow in their lives. The bull spirit animal, therefore, being the most common among many cultures has a lot of value to many people. The bull also appears in other divine symbols like the constellation where it bears the name Taurus. Therefore the totemic significance of the beast is the ability of the bull people to have abundant wealth and replenishment.

On the other hand, other cultures like the Greek used the bull to signify the presence of their almighty god Zeus. Zeus is the ruler of all Greek gods and lives on Mount Olympus. Therefore, the bull has the significance of royalty and divinity. Some also associate the bull to fertility like the god Zeus who had a multitude of children. Some of the children Zeus had even with humans making them demigods.

Alternatively, the bull spirit animal signifies the prominence of passion in the male gender alongside masculinity and dominance. These are some of the bull’s traits that manifest in men that many still profoundly believe in even today. Furthermore, the Chinese insist on the beast to be an emblem of endurance, tenacity and hard work. While on the other hand, the Hebrew believes that the bulls are a symbol of harmony linking it to such serenity.

Symbolic Meaning of the Bull Dream

The bull is one of the spirit animals that the divine realm use to send totemic dreams. The dream usually bears deep meaning. Therefore, one should read between the lines to contemplate them. Moreover, this is one of the many ways that celestial beings can have direct communication with us. They send the dreams to offer their guidance. Therefore, they help one improve on their lives. Furthermore, the vision can also bear the signature of future possibilities.

So if one sees a bull in their dream, they should be ready to make interpretations that will help them maximize the potential of the vision. Some have seen the bull grazing in their thoughts and wanted to know the meaning. This means that there is some sense of materialization of their goals in life. One can, therefore, rest easy knowing that they will realize some of their dreams shortly.

Alternatively, some people see the bull in a herd. This dream symbolizes the many gifts in life that one shall be receiving shortly. Or it means that one’s destiny is prosperous with the progress that is unmatched by any. They will have a lot of wealth from their hard work.

However, some people have the dream of the death of this magnificent animal. This means that bull people should exercise caution with their wealth or projects. They, therefore, need to be conscious of all the decisions that they make in the future to avoid losing wealth or destroying their plans.


Like many of the animal spirits, the bull spirit animal too has a lot to offer to the bull people. Moreover, the bull totem signifies the need to help the bull people make the right decision in their lives. Also, the bull spirit animal is one way for the divine world to offer us divine intervention. They can guide us towards making good decisions that we will enjoy later in life. Therefore the bull people need to pay a lot of attention to the symbols of the bull totem.

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