The Butterfly: Spirit Animal, Totem, Meaning, Symbolism and Dreams

Butterfly Spirit Animal

The Butterfly Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

What does a Butterfly spirit animal mean?

The butterfly spirit animal is the emblem that provides the people that sync with the butterfly attributes guidance. The people that emulate the butterfly’s trait are the butterfly people. They copy the attributes of the butterfly and use the butterfly as an animal spirit. The butterfly people should then pay proper attention to the details of the butterfly attributes. These symbols carry essential messages that help the butterfly people attain meaning of their lives.

Sometimes the divine world uses the dreams and visions to alert of the possible goodies that we can attain from the butterfly totemic energy. However, for one to ultimately harness the butterfly spirit animal messages, they need to learn and understand all the symbols. Misinterpretation of the words is not an option because results are usually catastrophic.


Butterfly’s Physical Description and Characteristics

The butterflies like the moths are insects. Also, they go through metamorphic changes in their life. This is one of their main symbolic attributes. The beautiful butterflies like to come out during the day and feed on the nectar of flowers. The butterflies are different species that are spread all over the world. They always signify the sense of peace and serenity because they don’t dwell in areas of commotion. The butterfly is one of the beautiful sides of nature that brings delight to all.

Butterfly Spirit Animal Meaning

Meaning of the Butterfly Spirit Animal / Butterfly Totem

The general purpose of the butterfly spirit animal is change or transformation. Therefore, the butterfly people should adaptable to all possible changes that may come their way. This is because the butterfly transformation energy always resonates with its totem members. This resonation of the butterfly energy suggests the need for constant change in one’s life. Furthermore, it makes one lessen the expectation of the goals that they can attain from such adjustments. Besides, no one can ever control the outcome of any situation but hope for the best.

Alternatively, the butterfly meaning is the option of one getting on their feet and making something out of them. If one stands up and follows their dream, they will undoubtedly enjoy the benefits of their thoughts. Moreover, the butterfly is one of the animals that always give someone a reason to have a smile on their face. Therefore, one should learn how to live with this type of joy in their hearts.

Consequently, the butterfly is one of the animal spirits that serve to remind one of the tedious life expedition. We travel through our lives paths and meet with many temptations and situations that will force us to adjust and morph. Therefore, we have to remind ourselves of the possibilities of a good future than fear it. We can learn to embrace our difficulties and enjoy the ride rather than fret about it all the time.

Symbolic Significance of the Butterfly Spirit Animal

The butterfly spirit animal has so many signs to the butterfly people. Consequently, the butterfly spirit animal stands for the realization of adjustments in the lives of the butterfly people. This means that the butterfly people have to learn to receive changes with an open arm and adapt to them. They will then realize that one cannot decide for them their life paths.

Moreover, if one chooses the path that they walk on they have the responsibility of all the failures. Also, they know how to handle all the situations that hinder their progress because the path was their choice. Besides, they are usually okay with the outcome of their actions because they know it was their effort. Moreover, they can do better the next time.

Symbolic Meaning of the Butterfly Dream

The butterfly dream is one of the ways that the spiritual realm asserts their thoughts in our minds. However, they do so with the notion of providing help to the butterfly people. Therefore, the butterfly people should be keen on the support that the divine beings are offering. They should also do this to avoid the unpleasantness of missing out on a ripe opportunity.

The original interpretation of the butterfly dream is that of one being able to adjust in life. They should be able to make appropriate changes in life and learn to live with them. These dreams may come to one with different images based on the life-cycle of the butterfly.

Moreover, the dream may also have an association with the symbol of rebirth. This means that the butterfly people should never beat themselves up when they fail. They should take pride in the knowledge that failure is not the end. Besides, one can always find time to redo what they want. Alternatively, they can transform and choose a new project that brings them joy. It is not a must that one stagnates at one point in life.

The butterfly dream also has the meaning of full self-expression, expansion, and liberty. This means that one has the choice to do what they want. They can go about their day to day duties without worrying about what other people think. Most of all the butterfly dream bears the meaning of the possibility of one rising in their social status.


Like most of the animal spirits, the butterfly to has many outstanding qualities that offer help to the butterfly people. They disperse positive energy that encourages the butterfly people always to keep on trying. Also, the spirit animal reminds the butterfly people that they have the choice of making their way in life.

Furthermore, the butterfly spirit animal gives hope to the dull people with the unique beauty of the butterflies. This way the butterfly people realize that they can always start again on a new venture if the initial one collapses. Besides no one has control over how things will ever turn out. All they can do is wish for the best.

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