Praying Mantis Spirit Animal: Totem, Meaning, Messages and Symbolism

What does a Praying Mantis mean spiritually?

Praying Mantis Spirit Animal Totem Meaning

The Praying Mantis Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

Praying Mantis insects live all over the world. They are herbivorous. The folded forearm characterizes them. Praying mantis looks like they are begging. They are docile and peaceful animals. Praying mantis always does a slow calculation before making a move. The movement is symbolic of humans. In this article, we are going to discuss the meaning and symbolism of the Praying mantis spirit animal or Praying mantis animal totem.

Meaning of Praying Mantis Spirit Animal

Taking keen observation of the appearance and behavior of the praying mantis will help us get the meaning of it as a totem. The praying mantis has a significant body shape. Its movement also communicates most messages as an animal totem. The appearance of the praying mantis totem needs one to have an understanding of this article. The praying nature of a praying mantis talks about connecting with your maker. It shows that it is time to reconnect with your God. You might be too busy with other stuff and forget to always give thanks to the Highest. Praying mantis totem contains several messages.


Message from Praying Mantis Spirit Animal


The praying mantis totem communicates the importance of patience. They have a patient and careful way of reacting to their surroundings. Praying mantis always takes time before making a move. This aspect of patience helps in decision making. Being patient before making progress gives you time still to digest and rethink again. It will guide the decision that you will make afterward. Deciding in a hurry makes you prone to mistakes. When we are about to make an essential move in life, we need to seek the spirit of the Praying mantis. , Praying mantis animal totem individuals are always patient and precise with their actions and decisions. The appearance of the praying mantis totem can be communicated to slow down in your life.


Praying mantis always takes time to meditate. They think and rethink again before making a move. Praying mantis totem calls for some time to contemplate. We should still create time for our meetings. The importance of having a meeting within yourself. When about to make a particular decision have time to think about it. This aspect will help one in avoiding mistakes. You will always be perfect in your moves. Praying mantis rarely makes mistakes in their life. They move slow act slowly but are precise and accurate.

Extra careful

The praying mantis takes extra care in its actions. It is one of the few insects that spend most time meditating rather than hunting. They take time before launching an attack. It makes them be always accurate in their hunt. This message of being extra careful in life is essential. To still have flowing life actions, extra care is paramount. People associated with the Praying Mantis totem are always extra cautious in their response. They rarely make mistakes. It helps them to be role models for others. If the praying mantis appears as a totem, then it is time to think and rethink your life. Praying mantis totem always warns one ever to go slow.


Praying mantis is still happy and satisfied with their actions. Their individual decisions make them perfect in life. Praying mantis encounters disappointments rarely. Praying mantis totem communicates a message of fulfillment. Extra care, mediation, and patience lead to life fulfillment. Praying mantis expresses a life of perfectionism and happiness.

The Symbolism of Praying Mantis Spirit Animal

Good luck

Praying mantis is associated with success. China has a functional significance related to the praying mantis. The appearance of the praying mantis in your surrounding can be a sign of good luck. It might be a success story in the making coming your way. It would help if you had an understanding of this animal totem for you to know this.


Praying mantis spends most of their time in a still position. It is time it takes for mediation. Stillness helps the praying mantis always to make the right decision. Silence as an association of praying mantis is a good aspect of life. It will help one to have time for them. Success in life always demands the right decisions. You can only make the right choice if you have thoughts and rethought about your options.


Praying mantis is still mindful of their actions. It is the right way in decision making. Being aware will reduce decision made mistakes in your life. This association with the Praying mantis totem is a good life guide.


Praying Mantis totem symbolizes peace. We should promote a culture of peace and harmony with our surroundings. This symbolism helps in the building of relations. Order helps one in decision making. It is also an essential component of growth. Praying mantis totem appearance communicates the need for peace.

Seeing Praying Mantis in Dreams

Dream about a praying mantis attacking you might be a warning that danger is coming. It might also mean you don’t have time to think about your decisions. Dream about a praying mantis having a bigger prey is communication to face your fears. If it’s hunting, it means you need to move slow and check your action plans.

Summary: Praying Mantis Spirit Animal

Praying mantis totem is strongly associated with your decision-making skills. This article has a detailed discussion about it. We are supposed to call upon the power of the praying mantis whenever we are making decisions.

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