Snake and Tiger Compatibility: Love, Relationship and Traits in Chinese Astrology

Are Snake and Tiger compatible?

Snake and Tiger Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Snake and Tiger Chinese Zodiac Compatibility: Love and Relationship

The Chinese zodiac is more than a group of twelve random animals. It is a cycle of twelve lunar years with each animal representing the year and the people born in that year. The animal and the person share similar traits and characteristics. People can learn more about themselves by understanding these shared traits whether it pertains to their lifestyle, values, or responses to stressful situations including a Snake and Tiger compatibility.

People can also learn more about how their sign affects how they interact with other people. Every sign has some level of compatibility with other signs. Certain signs work well together while others are more likely to conflict. Matchmakers look at a person’s Chinese zodiac sign to determine which two people have an ideal love compatibility. If you were born in the Year of the Snake, you might wonder what your Snake and Tiger love compatibility.


Snake and Tiger Compatibility: Birth Years

Chinese Zodiac Sign Zodiac Position Most Recent Years
Snake 6th 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025..
Tiger 3rd 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022..

Snake Zodiac Compatibility Traits

The snake is one creature who is definitely at ease with themselves even when in a Snake and Tiger date. They have easy movements and calming nature, especially when they are not in the middle of some conflict. Just like the animal, Snake is the kind of person who wants to maintain the sense of calm and peace. You might establish that in your home or your place of work.

You try to make yourself comfortable and avoid Snake & Tiger confrontation as much as possible. There is a wisdom about you that people seek their guidance. It is not like you to share many stories, especially about yourself. Your advice is brief, fair, and meaningful. Even though people trust your advice and thoughts, you guard yourself against others because most people have not earned your trust yet.

Tiger Zodiac Compatibility Traits

A tiger is the kind of wildcat that is highly regarded in Asia, particularly China. You are similar in that you are a leader with confidence and fearlessness. Just as the tiger stalks its prey and takes a risk in its attack, you pounce on your goals and take risks as they come. You are not scary and closed, but rather open and interesting to other people. You easily make Snake and Tiger friendship and with those who want to do many of the same things you do. In spite of your natural leadership skills, you are not the strongest communicator of the zodiac animals. As much as you enjoy dating and getting to know other people, you are not ready to settle until you find a partner who can earn your trust and share your interest in a happy long-term relationship.

Snake and Tiger Compatibility: Relationship

The relationship between Snake and Tiger is not the easiest one for this couple to work through. Both of you want Snake-Tiger trust in the relationship, but it is not easy for you to trust your partner when it comes to your secrets and thoughts. As much as both of you want love, sometimes it is the mind games that can keep you from finding happiness together.

Snake with Tiger Compatibility: Positive Traits

Snake and Tiger have good taste. They love to enjoy the good things in life like clothing with name brand labels or decorating your home with high-end items. From the car you drive to the restaurants where you dine, you have a sophisticated taste that you both appreciate. Your common interest in the latest trends will keep each other on your toes when it comes to impressing your partner.

Communication Compatibility

With your knowledge in these various areas, you can also engage in Snake and Tiger conversation about current ideas and opinions. You don’t have to like the same things, but you know that your partner put some effort and thought into what they say or do to impress you. There are times that you both appreciate your independence. Even though you share common interests, it doesn’t mean that you want to share all of your interests with each other.

Work Compatibility

Snake enjoys some quiet time or keeping your own pace while Tiger likes to move ahead. Your energy levels may differ in your Snake-Tiger compatibility, but that doesn’t mean that you have to do everything together. If you travel together, Snake may prefer to lay on the beach to get some sun while Tiger swims laps or participates in a game of sand volleyball nearby. When you meet up after a while, you can share your day with drinks or shower together before reconnecting your desires. Your time together is full of passion and wanting. There is something that sparks an interest in trying new things with intensity and energy.

Snake and Tiger Compatibility: Negative Traits

Even though Snake Tiger horoscope match shares some interests and characteristics, it doesn’t mean that you agree on everything. Your personalities and how you see your purpose are just two areas where you are different. Snake is the kind of person who looks out for yourself. The things you choose to do, have your best interests in mind. This may make you competitive, or it could make you selfish. Some of your tactics may be manipulative in the eyes of your partner. This is an issue for Tiger because they are more giving to others than themselves. Tiger thinks about charity and support as well as giving to friends and loved ones. What you do not appreciate is giving to something they care about and finding out that they were tricked into giving it.

Sexual Compatibility

Snake Tiger sex is great, but it cannot be the only connection that you share. While you two can connect on the surface, both of you want more in your relationship. The problem is that it is not the same thing. Snake is looking for an intense, fully-committed relationship and does not like to share. Tiger will have an issue with this because you are a more social sign which is looking for trust as well as intellectual stimulation. If Snake cannot trust Tiger when they are not by Snake’s side, they will likely see that they will have to go in different directions.

Summary: Snake and Tiger Compatibility

The attraction between Snake Tiger zodiac signs will be undeniable. Both will dress to impress and take care of each other physically and mentally. When you cross over to a sexual relationship, there will be times that you will feel like you could live this way forever. However, this only scratches the surface of who you are as people. Over time, you will find that you cannot meet the needs of your partner because of your differences in interests and values.

You want different things or at least different approaches to reaching your goals. You will disagree with each other and not be able to comprehend who is right or wrong in your arguments. Compromise may work in some cases, but it may not be enough to be fulfilled. If you can make each other happy without giving up on your happiness, there may still be a chance that you can enjoy your passionate relationship. Otherwise, your relationship may be passing and not in the path of a long-term Snake and Tiger compatibility.

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