Ram Spirit Animal: Totem, Meaning, Messages and Symbolism

What does a Ram mean spiritually?

Ram Spirit Animal Totem Meaning

The Ram Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

A ram is a male sheep. It has big curved horns. It lives in the mountainous regions. Bucks like to stand proudly in the edge of the highest mountains. Its plays and activities are conducted mostly in the mountains. Rams were among the first animals to be domesticated by man. Ram spirit animal  has an association with its features and behaviors. In this article, we will discuss the meaning, message, and symbolism of Ram spirit animal or Ram animal totem.

Meaning of Ram Spirit Animal

Ram has a bold nature. They have good preparation skills in their journey to the mountains. Man domestication of the Ram creates a lot of symbolism to him. Different messages are related to the Rams actions and features. This article will help you understand this animal totem. Let us discuss the notes of ram spirit animal.

The Messages of Ram Spirit Animal


Rams are always bold. They stand with courage in the mountains. This message communicates a courage message to humans. Allowing fear to take control of your life is discouraged by Ram totem. Biblically fear is a sin. Ram totem calls for courage. Face your challenges with courage. Always walk with your head high. Ram totem is a good sign.


Big curved horns are an association of the Ram. These horns grow bigger every day. Ram uses its horn for self-defense. Its strength increases as the horn grow bigger. It is a good sign of self-defense. Ram spirit animal communicates the importance of self-defense. Rams are always ready to face the enemy.


The ram’s horns grow bigger every day. The growth of the brain has an association with the attachment of the horns to the head. It means that as ram’s horns growth so are you supposed to have mental growth too. Self-motivation is important. You need courage and determination to overcome obstacles or challenges. All this are as a result of self-motivation. Rams learn to motivate their lives internally. They don’t rely on anyone to drive them.

Good preparation

Rams always take time to train to stand and play on the mountain edges. They dare to stand and dance where no other animal can dare. It is through repeated practice. Ram wants us to prepare well for our lives. To be able to achieve perfection in life. Practice makes perfect. Don’t try once and give up but keep working. Consistency trials without giving up results to success.

The Symbolism of Ram Spirit Animal


Ram’s boldness demonstrates the traits of a leader. The courage to face any danger is also a trait of a leader. Leadership is an association of Ram totem. It encourages leaders always to be bold and courageous. Leaders will always lead by examples. When in confusion the spirit of the Ram will help a leader. It will give him guidance and encouragement too.


Rams are confident animals. They believe in their long horns abilities. It has a strong association with humans. Humans also need to be optimistic in life. You need the confidence to overcome life challenges.


Ram spirit animal is a symbol of determination. It is the only way the ram can climb to dangerous mountains. Climbing mountains are also hectic and tiresome. Commitment helps the Rams in achieving this. The determination is encouragement from Ram spirit guide.


Purity is an association of the Ram power animal. Most ancient communities used ram for the sacrifice. Different communities also use Ram as the symbol of their gods. Pure and holy was the Rams assumption. Genuine sacrifices were believed to be of the ram. The appearance of ram totem communicates the need of holiness and the importance of attaching yourself to your creator. In African culture, a sheep has its uses during prayers. It was offered to the gods while seeking for something. Burnt sacrifice was the collective sacrifice provided.


Ram’s curved horns symbolize eternity. An eternity of life. It is an encouragement to raise your spiritual level. It promises eternity in business and even career. Animal totem is always guider to a way of life.

Summary: Ram Spirit Animal

Zodiac Aries uses Ram sign. It was a sign of rebirth and a new beginning. Different communities use the Ram spirit animal in their religious matters.

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