Rat Spirit Animal: Totem, Meaning, Messages and Symbolism

What does a Rat mean spiritually?

Rat Spirit Animal Totem Meaning

The Rat Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

Rats are rodent animals living with humans. They always feed on leftovers and junk. Although they live in humans surroundings, they only invite are not welcomed. Some people also have a specific breed of rats as their pet. Rats form an association between poverty, laziness, and dirt. In this article, we will deal with the positive value of the rat spirit animal. We will discuss its meaning, symbolism, and message of the Rat spirit animal or Rat animal totem.

Meaning of Rat Spirit Animal

The behavior of the rat will guide us here. Humans can learn several lessons from the rat spirit animal—guidance and encouragement associates with the rat animal totem. Rats are the most hunted animal in the world. They have survived through their tough life, though. This behavior gives rat symbol many symbolism and messages.


Messages of Rat Spirit Animal


Rat totem has a word of survival. Rats are the most hunted animal. It has a variety of enemies. Man, snakes, and cats being the large predators. It has happened over the years. Despite the fact though these rats have survived to live to date. When in challenges, you need to seek the spirit of the rat. This encouragement helps us to sustain no matter what. There is a saying that goes, what doesn’t kill you leaves your much stronger. Survival gives you experience in life.

Letting go

Rat spirit animal wants us to let go of our negative thoughts. Rats are simple rodents living a simple life. They encourage us always to be positive. Holding on to negative thoughts impairs your judgment. It causes more harm than good. Letting will help you create space for growth. When you feel hatred, call upon the spirit of the rat. People associated with this totem are always happy.


Rats are opportunistic creatures. They use every opportunity they have in life. Time wasting is one of the few things that you cannot find in a rat’s behaviors. Rat totem wants us to be opportunistic in life. We should be careful about what surrounds us. Grab any opportunity that comes your way. For you to be successful, you need different opportunities. Being aggressive and going for what you want always.


Rats are smart animals. They are never surprised but still surprise people. Rats know the right time to make a move. Rat spirit animal communicates a message of smartness. Creativity and smartness are in line with success. Smartness means being innovative. Uniquely using your talents to achieve your dreams. People associated with rat totems are always smart and talented. They know when to make a move in life. Rat spirit animal has taught them to be smart.


Rat totem appearing in life also has a message on your career. It is a sign for you to be careful about your actions in your job. The appearance of the rat spirit animal can be either you’re just lazy in your career. It might also mean you are spending more time with your career. It would help if you established a balance. Rat spirit guide encourages us to have balance in our profession.

The Symbolism of the Rat Spirit Animal

Super social

Rats are super social creatures. They have a good relationship between them. Rats help the needy in society. They like playing with each other. Rat animal totem encourages us to have a super social life. We should have a perfect relationship with others. Helping and knowing your surroundings. Rats are always playful creatures. Super social is an associate of rat spirit animal.

Extreme intelligence

Rats are brilliant animals. They have a skillful way of dealing with issues. Rats have a unique way of dealing with things. Their survival tactics are super perfect. Their challenges have made them develop a survival skill. Rats encourage us to have extremely intelligent. Be wise in decision making. He always is a perfectionist in life. Take time to study your surroundings. Appreciate your plans and dreams. Make the appropriate move at the right time. It will count a lot in achieving your goals.


Rat spirit animal has an association with recycling. They always feed of junks and left overseas. Rats body turns leftovers into useful food. It is a good indication of recycling. Rat’s totem is a symbol of recycling. People associated with rat spirit animals are not wasteful. They have mastered the art of ingesting negativity and manifesting good. Calling upon the spirit of the rat totem will give you skills to be resourceful in life. It’s good to have this spirit animal as your spirit guide.

Gift of foresight

Rats always have a unique way of foreseeing things. It helps it to stay out of danger. Rat totem wants us to have this gift of vision. Having the ability to detect what will happen next. It is like daydreaming. Success is an implemented dream. Achievements will be part of your life if you possess this gift.

Summary: Rat Spirit Animal

Rat’s animal’s spirit animal has much definite meaning as compared to negativity. It may also symbolize nuisance and arrogance. This animal totem guides and warns us at the same time. Rats are the king of survivors.

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