Raven Spirit Animal: Meaning, Symbolism and Dream of Raven Totem

What does a Raven symbolizes?

The Raven Totem Meaning

A Complete Guide to the Raven Spirit Animal

Ravens are one of the Corvidae family birds. They are black. Ravens are believed to be among the oldest birds on earth. They have a sharp beak and legs. Ravens originated from North America. They feed on dead carcasses. These birds became popular in the ancient world. Although they are negative and positive symbolism, this article will focus on the positive. We will also name a few of the negative analogy, though.

Meaning of the Raven Spirit Animal

What does the raven spirit animal mean? Raven’s behavior will guide us in their section. To be able to understand Raven spirit animals, we need first to start from its life. You will find Raven and crow in the same family. The ancient world saw this bird as a messenger. So let’s discuss some of the messages that Raven communicates to our lives.


The Message of Raven Spirit Animal

Life Renewal

What does seeing a raven symbolize? The Raven spirit animal communicates an end to a struggle in life. If this spirit animal keeps appearing in your life, then be happy. Raven totem encourages us always to trust our instincts. When in life, challenges seek upon the spirit of Raven totem. The Raven is a symbol of a new beginning. Noah used it in his biblical story. So it shows that the Raven totem has a significant value in your life.

Power of observation and communication

Raven was believed to study the sound of various birds. It would imitate these sounds. These birds are also keen and watchful. Always know what goes around in their lives. Ravens communicate the power of observations and communication. People associated with this totem are still talkative and observant. They are keen to understand their surroundings. Ravens also maintain a good work relationship by expressing themselves correctly. They define their position in society.

Power of solitude

Ravens always stay alone. They communicate the power of isolation. Solitude helps one to reflect more on you. It gives you time to think about your decision and action plan. It helps you in achieving your dreams. So people associated with the raven totem enjoy solitude moments. They always create time for themselves.

Acts as a guide during hardship

Raven totem appearance shows that you have a guider in hardship situations. When in the middle of challenges, seek on the spirit of Raven totem. Raven acts as a guide and protector of life. It brings to light in dark situations. It guides one when in need of guidance. The Spirit of the raven totem plays a vital role in our lives.

The Symbolism of Raven Spirit Animal

What is the symbolic meaning of a raven? To learn more about all the possible symbolism of this spirit animal, you have to keep reading this article.

Master of magicians

Master of the magician was an association of Ravens totem. It acts as a teacher of magic. It symbolizes magic itself. Ancient communities used Raven as a magical tool. When seen in dreams, ravens symbolize magic. Most ancient magicians seek the power of the Raven in their work. Raven wants us to keep memories of our ancient magical world.

Keeper of secret

Humans and God’s communication done by Raven was a belief. They were the messenger between God and humanity. Ravens gave so many secrets by God to bring to understanding. These secrets are believed to be kept by the Ravens. I think this is the same reason why they were considered to be the master of magicians. People associated with raven totem are very secretive.


Raven bird is believed to have the power to bend and adjust the time. They fix time according to the current situations. Since they have the secrets of nature, they will be able to tell between good and bad times. Ravens always encourage us to be time conscious.


Ranked among the wisest birds raven symbolizes wisdom. It carries an understanding of the ancient and new world. Ancestors seemed knowledge from the power of the Raven totem. Therefore,  the raven totems are full of wisdom and guidance.


The ancient world relied on the Ravens for information delivery. Also, the ancient Greeks use them to send messages. Human language understanding abilities as the only bird was a believer too. The appearance of the Raven totem might be a message to look at your communication skills.

Honoring ancestors

Ravens acts as the link between the living and the dead. Raven spirit animal also has the power to the honoring of ancestors. Most communities embrace the importance of ancestors. They appreciate the existence of ancestors too. Also, the Raven totem is a symbol of ancestors honoring.

Raven Spirit Animal in Dreams

What does it mean to see a raven in your dream? When Ravens are seen in dreams crossing your paths, then it means change is around the corner. When it was observed making noise, then it is seeking your attention. Flying over it means the end of your suffering.

SUMMARY: Raven Spirit Animal

Queen of Fairies had Ravens as her spirit animal. Some communities associate Raven with a bad omen, earth, and darkness. It is according to the fact that ravens feed on carcasses.

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