Snake Spirit Animal: Meaning, Symbolism and Dream of Snake Totem

What do Snakes symbolize?

Snake Spirit Animal Meaning

A Complete Guide to the Snake Spirit Animal

Scientists classify snakes as reptiles. They are cold-blooded and depend on the sun for warmth. During winter, snakes disappear. Snake crawls as a way of movement. They have a very sensitive tongue. Snakes have different species. Some species are dangerous, while others are not. In this article, we are going to discuss snake as a spirit animal or animal totem. To learn more about the meaning, message, and symbolism of snake spirit animal, you have to keep reading this article.

Meaning of Snake Spirit Animal

What is the spiritual meaning of a snake? We shall look at different behavior and adapt to the snake. It has a symbolism sore tongue. The ability of the snake shedding its skin. Snakes also hibernate during winter. These and many characteristics of the snake will help us in understanding snake as a spirit animal. So let’s start with the message that comes along with the snake spirit animal.


Message from the Snake Spirit Animal

Letting go

Snakes are the creature that shed their skin often. It is a way of growth. Snake spirit animal encourages us to drop our past lousy life. They want us to be light for us to grow. Snakes spirit animal helps us to do away with bad behavior, and bad believes, and even negativity in life. Success and prosperity start from within us. Keep a positive spirit and live life to the fullest.

Constant change

The snake spirit animal also encourages us to have a constant change in life. We should not dwell much in one aspect of life. Life is a cycle of a variety of stuff. Snake animal totem wants us to balance them all. Snakes are in constant shedding of their skin. They do this often to refresh their life. We should also emulate this.


Snake can survive in the most challenging situation. They can sense danger from afar. Their tongue act as the sensory organ. Snake spirit animal gives us the power to detect a threat from afar. It encourages us to remain focus on achieving our dreams at all costs. The snake animal totem also urges us to be strong during life challenges. Deal with your problems.

Smooth motion

Snakes have a smooth way of moving around. They crawl on flat surfaces. Snake spirit animal encourages us to have a smooth transition in life fluid movement to be specific. We should always have continuous growth.

The Symbolism of the Snake Spirit Animal

What does the snake symbolize? To learn more about all the possible symbolism of the snake spirit animal, you have to keep reading this article.

Personal growth

Snakes shed their skin for growth. The snake spirit animal is a symbol of personal growth. A positive mindset will help you grow in your life. When you feel like you’re stagnant in your life, seek upon the power of the snake spirit animal. This animal totem will guide you towards your personal growth. It also encourages us to have personal growth.


The Snake animal totem is a symbol of sensitiveness. Snakes rely on their tongue as a sensory organ. So they rely upon a variety of information on the go. Snake spirit animal makes us be very sensitive in life. We should always implement our six senses in life. Look at events and circumstances with keen concentration. We should be able to sense and detect danger. People associated with this spirit animal are very cautious of the environment. They are a sensitive living creature.


Snakes are flexible animals. It can coil to avoid obstacles or even craw past them. The snake animal totem as a symbol of flexibility encourages us to be flexible. This animal totem also wants us to adjust according to our challenges. Always know how to navigate around issues. It is a quality that will help you to adapt to different surroundings. Personal growth will follow suit.

Light healer

Snakes, we considered a symbol of healing. In the ancient world, snakes had powers to heal. Herbalists and magicians seek the power of the snake totem during their work. It wants us to be healers of our situations. They encourage us to be solution makers and not troubleshooters. Snake spirit animal wants us to be relationship healers. You always preach healing to all aspects of our lives.


Some species of snake are hazardous. They possess dangerous venom. This species, when it appears as a spirit animal, warns you of danger that may be coming. It wants you to get prepared for something terrible. Have an open mind and seek the guidance of the snake animal totem.

Snake Spirit Animal in Dreams

What does a snake symbolize in a dream? When a snake crosses your dream, it means change. The animal wants you to know that you are about to experience a difference in your life. This change will be a change that will bring with it all the good of the earth. It is because snakes have a close relationship with the planet.

When snake attacks, bite or chase you in a dream, it means danger. It communicates a message of someone close to you who wishes you bad. They are hunting you down for a failure. They are not happy about your success in life. If you manage to kill the snake in your dream, then it means you have defeated them. Their ill motive is powerless to you.

Conclusion: Snake Spirit Animal

Snake is feared reptiles. It would help if you had a keen study of their behavior to derive these positive traits. The Snake spirit animal has a good power associated with them.

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