Pig Spirit Animal: Totem, Meaning, Messages and Symbolism

What is the spiritual meaning of a Pig?

Pig Spirit Animal Totem Meaning

The Pig Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

A pig spirit animal is a domestic animal. Some cultures and religions, though, refer to it as unholy. Most cultures and religions have the pig in their menu. Along nostril characterizes them. Pigs use the long snout for digging looking for food. They are omnivorous and can eat nearly anything. Some religions use pigs as a symbol of protection against evil.

Meaning of Pig Spirit Animal

Pig spirit animal or animal totem has a lot to humans. Pigs have a unique characteristic. They always like to maintain a low profile while doing their activities. Female pigs also give birth to many piglets. Most cultures and religions have contradicted the symbolism of Pig. Some associate it with good things, while others associate it with evil. In this article, I will try to give a general characteristic of the pig. I will discuss the symbolism of the pig, both good and bad. This characteristic provides different lessons to humans.


The Messages of Pig Spirit Animal

Pig Spirit Animal: Hard work and determination

Pigs always work tirelessly looking for food. Pig’s emblem communicates a letter of determination to humans. People associated with pig spirit animals are still hardworking and determine in life. Pig’s animal totem dreams can be communication for one to check their attitude towards something. Pig’s symbol encourages us always to be determined, hardworking, and have a positive attitude.

Silent hustling

Pigs still maintain a low profile when looking for food. They don’t like feeding or digging in open areas full of people. Pig’s spirit animal communicates a message of silent hustle. Let results speak out from your hustle. Those people associated with pig’s spirit animal-like a low profile in whatever they do. They like results to speak for them. Pig’s spirit animal individuals always are full of ideas but don’t like showing themselves out. It is an excellent behavior. Do not keep telling people your plans for not all like them. Just ask your creator in silence to give you energy for a successful implementation.

Knowing your worth

Pigs have an association with dirt. They don’t care what you think about them when they are making themselves dirty. As long as they achieve their plans, they care less about the surrounding. People associated with pig spirit animals also have a careless attitude when hustling. They don’t care about making themselves dirty in the process of hustling. These people know their worth in society. Mostly they achieve a lot in life and live their life to their satisfaction.

Focus in life

Pig spirit animal also communicates a message of life focus. These animals always know their intentions of looking for food. They do not give up easily during food hunting. A concentration in life is a virtue that is paramount to everyone. This will help you achieve your dreams. It will make you live a life of fulfillment.

The Symbolism of Pig Spirit Animal

Pig Spirit Animal: Riches

Some cultures associate pigs with riches. When a pig spirit guide appears to you, then it might be a message of wealth abundance. They always have pig sculptures and pictures at their workplaces or in their business. This group of people believes that pig attracts riches. It is the reason they value it that much.


As much as Pigs looks dirty and careless, they are the most intelligent animals. They receive training faster than even dogs. Pigs have an excellent memory. Pig’s spirit animal is always an association with intelligence. People with pigs as their emblem are believed to be very intelligent. If a pig spirit animal appears in your dream, it might be Heya communication to improve your intelligence. The symbol wants you to be more careful in your reasoning and decision making. It is one of the propelling fuels for a good relationship with others. It also helps in problem-solving.


Female pig gives birth to as many piglets as. Possible. They bring up all the kids healthy. It is a symbol of fertility. The pig can even mean fertility in your workplace or career. It is not necessarily giving birth. When you need to be productive in your life, you can call upon the spirit of pig spirit animal. Productivity has a direct association with fertility in this context.


Pig’s emblem has an association with survival. They are a symbol of survival. Pigs survive in nature, no matter what. They always know how to look for food. Pigs also know how to bring up their piglets. They survive by eating anything. This survival habit helps humans in their day to day life. Pig totem encourages us to be strong no matter what we are going through in life.


Pig’s symbol is also an association with greed. The fact that pigs eat nearly everything shows greed. They also take longer to be full when eating. Pig’s spirit animal can also warn us about the bad behavior of greed. Desire leads to distraction and failure.

SUMMARY: Pig Animal Totem

Greed, ill will, and delusion are associations of the black pigs. Muslims beloved that pigs are unclean. They do not associate with pigs in any way. Americans, on the other hand, an associate pig with reasoning, fairness, and security. Pig’s spirit animal is different, contradicting symbolism, as discussed earlier.

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