Pig and Pig Compatibility: Chinese Zodiac Traits and Love Compatibility

Are Pig and Pig zodiac compatible?

Pig and Pig Love Compatibility

Pig and Pig Chinese Compatibility: Years, Traits, Pros and Cons

If you were born in the Year of the Pig, the lunar years of 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, or 2007, you might wonder whether another person was born in the same year (or any other Year of the Pig) is compatible with you. Please note that the above-listed years are based on lunar years. If you were born in January or February, you could look to determine what lunar year you were born in. Of course, it is possible for any relationship to work, regardless of Zodiac symbols, but the less compatible you are with your significant other, the more difficult things will be. The question then is whether a Pig and Pig compatibility is better than a person born in other lunar years.

Pig and Pig Compatibility: Birth Years

Chinese Zodiac SignZodiac PositionMost Recent Years
Pig12th1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031..

Pig Compatibility Traits

People born during that year are sometimes called “Pigs” or “Boars.” Pigs are known for being academic and intellectual.

They are also known for setting lofty goals and achieving them. This means that if you have an important project to do for work or school, a Pig may be an ideal partner for that project. Even though they are intelligent and hardworking, Pigs also tend to be good with social interactions and enjoy socializing. Therefore, Pig and Pig dating will be much fun.


Marriage Compatibility

Pigs tend to do well in their careers, which is not surprising since they set high goals, work hard, and have excellent social skills. They tend to be socially easy-going and compassionate. They also are known for being honest and dependable. Pigs also tend to be very committed to the family and make great parents in a Pig and Pig marriage. They also tend to be very generous. This does not mean that Pigs do not have any weaknesses. Some of their strengths tend to cause specific weaknesses.

Lifestyle Compatibility

Furthermore, Chinese pigs tend to enjoy things like fine wines and good food. This, combined with a desire to be sociable, can cause issues with overindulgence. Also, the desire to do a lot professionally while also being socially active can result in a lack of time to exercise. This can create some health challenges. If you are a Pig, make sure one of the goals that you strive for is to take care of yourself physically – eat a balanced diet, exercise, and get enough rest.

Love Compatibility

Pigs may also struggle with balance, making them lazy even in a Pig Pig love compatibility. Most people knew someone like this in school – the person who works hard when they do work but is so busy with their social life that they do not get done nearly what they should. If you are a Pig, you will want to keep a focus on remaining balanced. Additionally, because Pigs tend to be very goal-oriented, they sometimes can expect too much from people who are not goal-oriented or oriented to different goals.

Pig and Pig Compatibility: Relationship

A pair of Pigs can have a great Pig Pig friendship. If you are a pig and want a buddy, another pig may be perfect because you will both enjoy socializing together. This works for dating and family relationships as well, in many cases.

Pig and Pig Compatibility: Positive Traits

You and your partner may have a lot in common and may enjoy socializing the same way. This can be an excellent foundation for a friendship that blossoms into a long-term relationship. The fact that Pigs are family-oriented also is a great plus in any Pig/Pig relationship. Of course, you will want to make sure your goals are similar.

Trust Compatibility

If you are a Pig who wants a large family, which is one of your goals, choosing a Pig who is more focused on a career and doesn’t want kids may not be a good idea. But generally, the fact that Pigs are honest hence can have trust. Also, they are dedicated to their family, which makes them great partners. Because Pigs are hardworking, they tend to do well financially. This is another pro for a Pig/Pig relationship because it cuts down on the likelihood that there will be stress from financial difficulties.

Sexual Compatibility

They are generous and setting lofty goals can be a great thing when dating a Pig. If you are dating a Pig, who has decided they will win your heart, be prepared for them to work hard to woo you. These traits mean Pigs can be great at sexual compatibility when they want to.

Pig and Pig Compatibility: Negative Traits

People born in the Year of the Pig are great at socializing. This is a great thing in many contexts, but many Pigs may talk a lot. If you were born in the year of the pig, and you love talking (and do not particularly enjoy listening), you may want to steer clear of other Pigs who also enjoy talking more than listening.

Social Compatibility

People born in the year of the pig love to socialize, and they enjoy their creature comforts (good food, good wine, etc.). Therefore,  they need to be careful about over-indulging in a Pig and Pig love compatibility. This usually revolves around social activities. It could be anything from drinking too much at parties to overeating at social events, to even just keeping too busy. These things can cause health problems.

If you are a Pig and you will date another Pig, you will want to watch your diet. Also, it would help if you kept up your exercise routine and knew when to say no. This will enable you to avert some common pitfalls that can lead to healthy and Pig with Pig relationship.

Some Pigs can get too involved with social activities can also cause problems for a Pig and Pig horoscope match. When dating a Pig, make sure their focus and goals will work well with yours. Pig’s goals are dramatically different than yours. Therefore, you may both be working hard with different aims in mind, which can cause all sorts of conflict.

Emotional Compatibility

Similarly, they also can be hard for others because they find it hard to have emotional compatibility. This may be difficult for them. When two Pigs get together, this can mean that each of them may tend to expect too much from the other. Of course, this is something you can work around. Still, in relationships, you need to constantly be sure that your desire to be a perfectionist is something you apply to yourself and not to your significant other (or your friends or business partners, for that matter).

Summary: Pig and Pig Compatibility

In conclusion, the Pig-Pig relationship can work. There are several good things about the relationship between Pigs. They will enjoy spending time together while out socializing with others. They tend to be family-oriented and, once committed, are very dependable. But as with any relationship, make sure not to push your high expectations onto your partner.

Your partner may have different goals in a Pig and Pig compatibility. Make sure your primary goals are compatible. Also, as always, remember to have a balanced lifestyle. Keep the balance between work and social life and maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you keep those things in mind, a Pig can find another Pig to be a fantastic partner for life.

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