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What sign is compatible with Pig zodiac?

Pig Compatibility - Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Pig Love Compatibility with 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs

Pig zodiac compatibility will have an endless capacity to love. It should come as no surprise then that they fall in love quickly. Those born in the year of the Pig are so trusting and so willing to give their all to someone they love that they are frequently poorly hurt. Sometimes this makes a Pig a little wary of getting hurt again when it comes to love, but fortunately, those cases are infrequent.

Pig and Rat Compatibility

Rats are a pleasure to have around as a partner, partially because of their flexibility. Often, in a Pig and Rat marriage, Pig may find that they can do many things well. Not only do they enjoy socializing, but they enjoy learning to do new things, even things that you, like a Pig, would consider to be work. Your Rat will have many varied interests, and you will get to partake. Read the full Chinese zodiac Pig compatibility with Rat.


Pig and Ox Compatibility

Pig and Ox soulmates are very good at setting and reaching work-related goals. This can set them up for success at work, which often can lead to financial stability. Financial security is obviously beneficial in any relationship. Additionally, Pigs and Oxen, both willing to work hard, understand wanting to work hard to meet goals. This is something nice to have in common. Read the full Chinese zodiac Pig compatibility with Ox.


Pig and Tiger Compatibility

Once Pigs and Tiger set a goal, they both tend to stick with it. This is another positive. If you and your Tiger agree to commit to each other, they will be committed to a Pig and Tiger marriage. Tigers also can help Pigs by encouraging Pigs to be more physically active. Since Pigs tend to be less focused on this area, this can be a great aid to Pigs in staying healthy. Also, encourage your Tiger to remember to stretch and warm-up before any physical activity. Read the full Chinese zodiac Pig compatibility with Tiger.

Pig and Rabbit Compatibility

Rabbits are quieter than Pigs, but they like Pig Rabbit conversations. This is a great combination because Pigs and Rabbits will enjoy talking to each other. Pigs and Rabbits are both good at communicating, but they have different strengths in this area. Where you, like a Pig, may be popular just based on your outgoing personality, Rabbits are a bit quieter, but they have a great sense of humor and a wonderful temperament. Read the full Chinese zodiac Pig compatibility with Rabbit.


Pig and Dragon Compatibility

Pigs and Dragons can have a lot of fun together. They are both very active and enjoy people. If you, like a Pig, are looking for a friend to have a great time with, a Dragon may be a great choice. They are both confident and good at socializing, which can be a great basis for Pig and Dragon’s friendship. Read the full Chinese zodiac Pig compatibility with Dragon.

Pig and Snake Compatibility

Snake people are much more disciplined than Pigs are in a Pig and Snake relationship. This can be very helpful to the Pig if the Pig is willing to take some cues from their partner. This can help the Pig not spend excessive time on socialization and not be too hedonistic in their lifestyle. Adding a bit of balance to a Pig’s life can help the Pig maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Read the full Chinese zodiac Pig compatibility with Snake.


Pig and Horse Compatibility

Your Horse likely will be fun to be around and therefore will be very popular. Because they are so much fun to be around, they will get invites to all of the good social events. Not that you aren’t good at that sort of thing, but Horses tend to be even better in a Pig and Horse compatibility. Your Horse will excel at entertaining others. Read the full Chinese zodiac Pig compatibility with Horse.

Pig and Sheep Compatibility

If you are considering dating a Sheep who you work closely with, this may be an ideal situation, as long as you are a team player. Sheep work well with others, and so will they in a Pig and Sheep courtship. If your sheep zodiac is a bit shy about volunteering for things, or saying he or she is good at something, if you know for a fact that they would be good at something and that they would like to do it, you may want to suggest them. Read the full Chinese zodiac Pig compatibility with Sheep.

Pig and Monkey Compatibility

Pig and Monkey in love often tend to end up with similar types of careers. This can put the couple on similar footing professionally and give them a lot to talk about. Both will be thinking about their professions and how to get ahead, so that is a nice basis to start a relationship. Read the full Chinese zodiac Pig compatibility with Monkey.


Pig and Rooster Compatibility

Pigs and Roosters both tend to be hardworking and very sociable. That helps regarding having both people interested in socializing, a lot. Pig and Rooster in love like to go to social events, such as parties. Also, they both are quite energetic. This means that both may enjoy a hectic social life together. Read the full Chinese zodiac Pig compatibility with Rooster.

Pig and Dog Compatibility

Dogs are often great listeners. This is a wonderful trait for Pig and Dog dating. Usually, Pigs are so gifted in communication and often really enjoy talking. Like Pigs, Dogs are also very generous and giving. This means that both parties in a Pig/Dog relationship will be likely to be givers, rather than having one person giving all the time and the other taking. This also can be a benefit regarding choosing activities. Read the full Chinese zodiac Pig compatibility with Dog.

Pig and Pig Compatibility

As Pig and Pig in love, you and your partner may have a lot in common and may enjoy socializing the same way. This can be a great foundation for a friendship that blossoms into a long-term relationship. The fact that Pigs are family-oriented also is a great plus in any Pig/Pig relationship. Of course, you will want to make sure your goals are similar. Read the full Chinese zodiac Pig compatibility with another Pig.

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