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What sign is compatible with Dog zodiac?

Dog Compatibility - Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Dog Love Compatibility with 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs

The best love matches for the Dog compatibility Chinese zodiac signs are Horse, Tiger, and Pig. The best match is with the Horse because they share some common traits, and those that they don’t are workable. Both are sociable and good at working with people. Also, both can be ruffled easily if challenged. They appreciate these traits in each other, and the Chinese zodiac Dog allows the Horse to be extroverted and have freedom, while the Horse enables the Dog to enjoy home life. Of course, they may also learn from each other and find balance.

Dog and Rat Compatibility

Rat people can be charming to have around. This is because they tend to have many talents and so ready to take on any new challenges. For example, if you and your Rat buy a new home, you may find that your Rat decides to learn how to lay floor tile. Your Rat may decide to learn to make those dishes for you, just for the fun of learning something new. Your Rat will likely know how to do a lot of things in your Dog and Rat marriage and will do them well. Also, he or she will be willing to learn new things. Read the full Chinese zodiac Dog compatibility with Rat.


Dog and Ox Compatibility

Dog and Ox soulmates are both very loyal once they commit to anything. Once your Ox decides to commit, they will value your relationship. Because they don’t enjoy going out and starting new relationships, they will be willing to work hard to make your relationship flourish. With the work ethic you both share, this goes a long way towards creating a healthy long-term relationship. Read the full Chinese zodiac Dog compatibility with Ox.


Dog and Tiger Compatibility

Both Dog and Tiger in love enjoy socializing. But where Dogs are happy to socialize, Tigers will enjoy being the leader of a group. This difference can dovetail well together because the dog will not want to lead the group, to go along with the flow. A Dog and a Tiger relationship will have someone who wants to lead and someone who wants to follow. Read the full Chinese zodiac Dog compatibility with Tiger.


Dog and Rabbit Compatibility

Both Dog and Rabbit soulmates enjoy helping others. This is a great foundation for a long-term relationship. While many people will never understand why you want to go out of your way to help others, your Rabbit will understand and be glad to jump in and help. Like a Dog and Rabbit couple, you may find yourself helping others in your free time. This is something you both will find to be very rewarding. Read the full Chinese zodiac Dog compatibility with Rabbit.

Dog and Dragon Compatibility

Dogs and Dragons enjoy socializing, and both tend to keep a busy social calendar. A Dog and Dragon dating may be a lot of fun. Your Dragon will likely be the life of the party. Additionally, your Dragon is likely very self-assured and will have no problems socializing in different situations. He or she will be comfortable meeting and mingling with different people and in different situations. Read the full Chinese zodiac Dog compatibility with Dragon.


Dog and Snake Compatibility

Snakes often are described as enigmatic or mysterious people. They aren’t particularly talkative or open to people they don’t know well. In many ways, as a more outgoing person, a Dog may find this to be attractive. Wooing your Snake may be a bit of a challenge. But there is a good chance you will enjoy trying to understand what makes your Snake tick during a Dog and Snake date. Read the full Chinese zodiac Dog compatibility with Snake.

Dog and Horse Compatibility

Your Horse also may tend to be a bit more physically active than you are in a Dog and Horse marriage where Dogs tend to like to hang out and chat. Horses also enjoy doing things like group sports or high energy social events like dancing. Your Horse has more energy than you and will likely encourage you to maintain and more active and healthier lifestyle just by being around. Read the full Chinese zodiac Dog compatibility with Horse.


Dog and Sheep Compatibility

Although Sheep often don’t talk as much as Dogs, the Sheep tend to be very mentally tough. This means that when hard times in life come, and you need a shoulder to cry on, your Sheep will be there. Your Sheep is strong and has great determination, and can stand with you when you need it in your Dog and Sheep compatibility. Read the full Chinese zodiac Dog compatibility with Sheep.

Dog and Monkey Compatibility

Dog and Monkey zodiac emotional connection at a lot of different things. They will be willing to try new things a lot more than you are. This can be good for you regarding helping you grow as a person. Additionally, this can be handy. Your Monkey is likely to be continuously surprising you with what he/she can do. Your A Monkey may tend to be a Jack of all trades, which means that your Monkey may be willing to take on various tasks that you aren’t good at or don’t like. Read the full Chinese zodiac Dog compatibility with Monkey.

Dog and Rooster Compatibility

Your Rooster will be a lot more willing to take risks than you are. This can be a good thing because there are times when you probably should try something you want to do, but you aren’t sure about taking the risk. Your Rooster will encourage you to try different things and take some risks. This can help bring that aspect of your Dog and Rooster zodiac personality a bit more into balance. Read the full Chinese zodiac Dog compatibility with Rooster.

Dog and Dog Compatibility

Dogs tend to be truthful and loyal; once they commit, they will tend to have Dog and Dog trust. Also, as a Dog in a long-term relationship with another Dog, you both will believe family is critical. Therefore, you will both lean towards working hard in your relationship. You also both work well as a team and consider teamwork to be important. This combination of similar values and dedication to making the relationship last can be a great foundation for a great life together. Read the full Chinese zodiac Dog compatibility with another Dog.

Dog and Pig Compatibility

Dog and Pig in love both tend to be fairly easy-going. This is especially true of Dogs. This can make dating a typical Pig easier because as a Dog, you are pretty much going to be willing to go with the flow regarding determining what to do with your free time. If your Pig wants to go to a particular party or eat at a specific restaurant, that is great for you because you would prefer not to make those decisions. Read the full Chinese zodiac Dog compatibility with Pig.

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