Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility – Love, Life and Sex Compatibility

Can Aquarius and Scorpio marry?

Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility Love

Aquarius and Scorpio: Love, Life, Trust and Sex Compatibility

This connection is the fusion of two very different philosophies and lives. It is the case that you both will find it very hard to have a lot of things in common in an Aquarius and Scorpio compatibility. Thus, there is always a chance of you having internal friction in this relationship. It is the case that your lover will have an internal emotion that is directly filled with intense energy. There will be a hidden undercurrent of ideas that could only be brought out by deep thinking in your lover’s personality.

On the other hand, you will have the same sort of energy. However, this energy of yours is always expressed outwardly and not inwardly. With the unusual, idealistic, and loving nature of life, AquariusScorpio soulmates will find it very hard to choose the more introverted version of him/her as a lover. You will often need a lot of crowd simulation, and this is not something your lover will want. Apart from this, you always want a person that is very interesting and can get to know how to be living around you. Most of the time, your lover often fails this requirement.


Aquarius and Scorpio: Love and Emotional Compatibility

Emotionally, you two will have the most unemotional Aquarius & Scorpio relationship together. It is the case that your booth will feel obsessive with each other. You two will also have this feeling of disinterest in each other’s ways of life. You two will take a lot of commitment and work for you to have a good emotional relationship.

It is the case that it is almost impossible for you to be trustworthy and good with each other. It is rarely a case that you have a yes yes or no no relationship. You two have a relationship that is a little bit intolerant of each other. You should learn how to make it stable for a better relationship.

Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility

Aquarius and Scorpio: Life Compatibility

This Aquarius Scorpio relationship with a native of Scorpio will be opinionated and, in fact, filled with a lack of cooperation. The thing is that both of your zodiac signs always want to go on with the way things are without any question being asked. Your lover is always very inquisitive, digging deep into the hidden things of your life. Most of the time, your lover will want to know why you do most of the things you do. Often time, your lover will show you the intense need for an answer and a refusal to answer him/her could lead to a reduction in trust.

Your lover will always want to know everything about you in love compatibility. You, on the other hand, do not fancy what your lover always wants from you. Although you two have almost the same personality, you find it very hard to give details as are wanted by your lover. Often, you want to show to the world the little thing they could learn from your extroverted personality. You will never welcome possessiveness, but your lover will try everything possible to control you.

Trust Compatibility between Aquarius and Scorpio

You two share the same honesty and straightforwardness in an Aquarius Scorpio marriage. The only problem in this relationship is that you are an extrovert while your lover is an introvert. This relationship thus becomes very problematic. It is the case that you two will find it hard to cope with or trust each other. This could be surprising as you both are the most honest and straightforward set of people. You two will also find it very hard to engage each other in a long discussion.

As soon as your lover starts assuming that you should be tamer and belong to a love relationship, the faster you lose trust in him/her. It is also the case that your rebellion and counterattack nature could bring your lover’s trust down drastically. Your lover wants someone who can relate to him/her in tears and embrace him/her without fear. Apart from this, your lover wants a relationship that will not tear up years later. This relationship, as a result of this lack of trust, will crash.

Aquarius and Scorpio Communication Compatibility

Your priorities in life are always different from each other. It is the case that Aquarius and Scorpio in love will find it very easy to set a very personal set of priorities to live. It is the case that you both will find it very hard to reconcile with each other. While you will be trying to stay on your idea, your lover will always want you to change your view. This will, however, cause a long argument between you two. Apart from this, you two will find it very easy to communicate with each other only with the right interests.

What affected you in this relationship is your lack of understanding and mission in life. You both often find it very easy and cool to engage in futility. It will, however, be an exercise in futility if you try your best to change your lover’s priorities. This is because your lover will find it very hard to cope with each other’s priorities. Apart from this, you will always respect each other. You will also find it very easy to embrace life very big. You could have a communication satisfyingly, but you two will be off.

Sexual Compatibility: Aquarius and Scorpio

The contact between you two will be highly intense. It is the case that you two will find it very hard to cope with each other. You both will also see the relationship as a very troublesome one. Although your lover exalts your planet ruler, you two will still have little connection regarding sex. Both of you combined represent ultimate sex freedom with nothing like restriction and taboo.

Intimacy Compatibility between Aquarius and Scorpio

You two also represent the combination of water and air. Usually, water serves as emotion, while air serves as intellectualism; when the two combine, it creates no spark. Thus, you two will have a strong scent of attraction but will find it hard to hit in bed comfortably. You both get tired of each other; break up is always the best thing.

When you, however, break up, you two will despise whatever you have for each other. It is also the case that you two will find it very difficult to cope with each other. It is challenging for you two to find a balance of emotion, passion, and rationality. Also, It is the case that your lover is always hungry sexually and emotionally. Most of the time, s/he needs an intense emotional fellow to feed him/her with sex.

Aquarius and Scorpio: Planetary Rulers

The planetary rulers of this relationship are Mars, Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus. It is the case that your lover is ruled by the combination of Mars and Pluto while the combination of Saturn and Uranus rules you. Mar is the god of war and is responsible for your lover’s courage, aggression, and bravery. Apart from this, Pluto will bestow on your lover the essence of being powerful and transforming.

It is the reason and the symbol of rebirth and cyclical quality in life. Saturn will be cool and contained energy. It will be a symbol and the pusher for the goal. It will be the reason why you are goal-oriented and always ready to do what will make you fulfill your goals. Uranus, on the other hand, is the planet of unusual and creativity. It is the planet that will make you create a lot of ideas that unique in an Aquarius & Scorpio compatibility.

Relationship Elements for Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility

The relationship elements of this relationship are water and air. It is the case that you both will find it very easy to cope with each other. Air will serve as the symbol of your intellectualism, while water will serve as the symbol of emotion. You both will find it very easy to relate to each other.

Additionally, your lover will be a little bit more analytical than you and will always look for a way of bringing about stimulation. Most of the time, if you find it very easy to understand each other’s thoughts, trouble will start in the Aquarius-Scorpio compatibility. Confrontations will also start if your lover tries to be too possessive. This is not far from the fact that you abhor possession.

Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility: Overall Rating

The compatibility rating of this relationship is necessary for you to know at a single glance who is more compatible with each of you. Although, this compatibility test is not the most accurate as men propose stars disposes of. Your compatibility test for each other shows that will have an Aquarius and Scorpio compatibility percentage is 30%. Apart from this, you two could find it a little difficult for you to understand each other.

Aquarius and Scorpio compatibility percentage 30%

Summary: Aquarius and Scorpio Love Compatibility

For you to have an excellent Aquarius and Scorpio compatibility, both of you need to be very ardent with each other. You should learn how to escape any form of nonchalant attitude with each other. You should understand that both of you were enemies when you came in your previous life. Both of you, however, fought at the last drop of your blood. Aquarius Scorpio’s soulmates will find it very hard to deal with each other in this relationship. It is also the case that you two will be emotionally off with each other.

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