Dog Chinese Zodiac: Personality, Love, Health, Career and 5 Elements

What does a Dog mean in Chinese zodiac?

Dog Chinese Zodiac Sign

All About Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dog

Twelve Chinese zodiac signs last a year each, and the zodiac cycle starts over every twelve years. The Chinese Dog zodiac sign is the eleventh sign. Modern Dog Zodiac years are 1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, and 2030. The five Chinese elements are also used in the Chinese zodiac.

All the signs have a fixed element (in this case, earth), and an element per sign year. That means someone with a Dog sign has the earth as a fixed element, and one of the other five elements for their year. Lastly, favorable symbols are important to the Chinese and are consequently used in Chinese astrology as well. The lucky compass directions for the Dog sign are East and Northeast. There are even lucky flowers (Calendula and Rose), colors (Orange, Yellow, and Brown), and numbers (3 & 9).

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Dog Personality Traits: General

The Chinese Dog zodiac sign tends to be pragmatists, in general. They don’t just dream of a better world; they spend most of their time, energy, and wealth to make it so. There is little not to like about Chinese Dogs because they are friendly, helpful, and loyal. They just love people who are precisely what they seem. Without trying very hard, they may become quite popular, despite the fact that they usually don’t seek to be the center of attention.


Dog Zodiac: Positive Traits

Chinese Dog astrology sign people make excellent listeners. Even if they don’t know a person very well, Dogs will go out of their way to listen and offer help. They guard family and those close to them even more. This even-tempered Dog sign is among the most charitable of all the Chinese zodiac signs. Retaliation for perceived wrongs is not in their nature. Lastly, the Dog’s dependability is one of its hallmarks. If a Dog promises something, no matter how inconvenient it is, he or she will always come through.

Dog Zodiac: Negative Traits

As caring as Dogs can be, they can also be quite suspicious. This comes from their overly cautious nature and inherent tendency to worry about everything. Occasionally, they see trouble where there is none. When they feel responsible for someone, and they perceive a threat, they may growl and snap. Also, their inner workings are filled with self-doubt and negative self-images. This can lead them to create situations that seem far worse than reality. This internal negativity can cause those born in the year of the dog to be overly defensive.

Types of Dog Based on Chinese Five Elements

Metal Dog (1910, 1970):

The Metal Dog tends to be quite conservative in his or her views. Being morally right is of the utmost importance. One of the more important things they feel that they can do is be a diehard follower of either a person or a cause. This can be a good thing, or they can take it too far. This sweet Dog may become an attack animal without realizing it. In fact, if they feel that others don’t take their cause as seriously as they do, the fangs come out.

Advice: Don’t lose yourself in the process of following someone or something you care about. You just may lose your humanity. Along those lines, relax a bit when it comes to holding others to your standards. Not everyone believes the way you do.

Water Dog (1922, 1982):

Waterdog sign is lovable and more easy-going that some of the cousins. They are more open to letting others in and learning about their needs. Their likability and moral standing make them quite accessible. Water Dogs aren’t as dogmatic about their beliefs. Although they have set standards, they are willing to listen to other points of view. While they spread the love liberally, the only downside is that they like themselves just a tad bit too much as well.

Advice: Self-discipline and control will help you keep from straying from your most fundamental beliefs. Also, use some caution when dealing with people, especially with those you don’t know. Not everyone may be trusted.

Wood Dog (1934, 1994):

Wood Dogs are the most affable of all the Dogs. It still takes time to get past their canine sense of vigilance, but once this Dog has accepted you, he or she will never let you down. In fact, the Wood Dog values long-term, genuine friendships above all else. In fact, this Dog is quite practical and not selfish at all. Any personal gains go toward the common good, and any power they wield goes to fighting for underdogs. Logic, hard work, and gallantry are the hallmarks of this type of Dog, which makes them an ideal partner at work or in life.

Advice: You are so happy just making others glad that you sometimes lose sight of limits. Guard your heart, as not everyone is trustworthy or worth your efforts.

Fire Dog (1946, 2006):

Chinese Fire Dogs have typical abilities to be sociable, spirited, and popular. That is where most of the similarities end. Yes, they do have a set of principles they live by, but they are the most stubborn and cantankerous of all the Dogs when it comes to defending those ideologies. While their policies and strong personalities may gain them admirers, anyone who tries to go beneath the surface will be met with stiff resistance. Step on their tails, and they will not just bark, but they will bite and not let go.

Advice: Watch that temper of yours. Think before you act or speak and be patient with those who disagree with you. Perhaps they have sound ideas too.

Earth Dog (1958, 2018):

Earth Dogs are the most mature and levelheaded of the Dogs. They are best at keeping their emotions in check and working well in groups. The downside comes from their Dog tendency to latch on to a set of principles and expectations. If others don’t live up to those, the Earth Dog doesn’t hesitate to give them an earful.

Other than that, this canine isn’t defensive about listening to different points of view or even critiques. Their mouths are the only things they don’t have constant control over. These Chinese Dogs don’t make a move without thinking it through first, and they consider others along the way. In fact, Earth Dogs are good at finding people’s strengths and putting them to use.

Advice: If you would just use a little tact when speaking with others and learn not to hold everyone up to your standards, your already good people skills would be phenomenal.

Chinese Zodiac: Dog in Love

Some say that  Chinese Dogs fall in love quickly, and perhaps they do, but they are notoriously paranoid. This means that Dogs don’t let anyone close until they feel that they can trust them. Once that trial period is over, let the puppy love begin! Dogs love to be there and do things for others.

If you give them plenty of attention, are always honest, and you don’t take advantage of them, you will likely have a happy Dog relationship for life! Just be careful; because Dogs are so lovable and appealing, other love interests won’t be far away. That’s not to say Dogs aren’t faithful. It’s just that temptation isn’t far away. Keep the lines of communication going, make sure they understand that you believe in them, and all will be well.

Chinese Zodiac: Dog Man Personality

As confident as Dog men are in their belief systems, when it comes to matters of the heart, male Dogs are downright bashful. Part of this is due to crushing self-doubt hidden behind a mask of smiles and well-wishes. If the dog man finds a partner who builds him up and is willing to help shoulder some responsibility (but isn’t offended if he does it all), he will be happy.

Chinese Zodiac: Dog Woman Personality

The female Dog is a mystery. Well, all Dog women are mysterious in away. On the outside, she is confident, witty, and charming. The dog woman seems outgoing and ready for anything. Inside, like the male version of her sign, she is a mass of insecurities because the dog lady is so hard on herself. It is not advisable to rip off her mask. Instead, build her up honestly and just have fun with her.

Chinese Zodiac: Dog Love Compatibility

Best Love Matches for Dog Zodiac:

The best love matches for the Chinese Dog zodiac sign are Horse, Tiger, and Pig. The best match is with the Horse because they share some traits in common, and those that they don’t are workable. Both are sociable and good at working with people. Also, both can be ruffled easily if challenged. They appreciate these traits in each other, and the Dog allows the Horse to be extroverted and to have freedom, while the Horse enables the Dog to enjoy home life. Of course, they may also learn from each other and find balance.

Good Love Matches for Dog Zodiac:

The second-best match for the Chinese dog is with the Tiger. They are a complementary match, working around their differences. Tigers require independence and impulsiveness, which the Dog accepts. The Dog, once he or she has committed, is loyal almost to a fault. Surprisingly, the Tiger rarely minds or takes advantage of this. In fact, the Tiger’s loose and free attitude about life does a great deal to lighten up the uptight Dog.

Fair Love Matches for Dog Zodiac:

The next best match for the Dog is the Pig. Both signs are devoted to a committed relationship, and therefore will feel very secure. The Dog will enjoy the physical attentions of the Pig, and the Pig will appreciate the Dog’s intellectual rigor. One possible stumbling block may be the Pig’s need for passion, which may make the Dog uncomfortable. If these two can work it out, they will be very content.

Not Compatible for Dog Zodiac:

The worst possible zodiac match for the Dog Chinese sign is the Dragon. Both will vie for the lead in their relationship. The Dragon will do so by force of personality and temper, while the Dog is subtler. The loser may be the Dog initially, but he or she will be bent on revenge. This relationship will not last long.

Dating a Dog Man/Woman

Dating a Dog happens in stages. First, approach your friend-to-be in a group, which shouldn’t be difficult. Try asking him or her about what projects or charitable works he or she is working on. From there, it should be easy for them to talk. Show interest only if it is genuine. Dogs are observant and can tell if you are fake.

Be patient, as it will take your Dog soulmate time to decide if you are trustworthy to be dated. If you get to that stage, perhaps you could go on outings. Chances are, your Dog will ask you where you want to go and mean it. Don’t leave them in suspense; think of a place in advance, but don’t break the bank. The Dog sexual relationship advances to the bedroom; your experience will vary. If your partner is tired, inexperienced, or insecure, try affection only the first time or two, and build from there. If your partner is a “hotdog,” go with the flow!

Dog Zodiac Child

Dog children are obedient to parents, thoughtful toward everyone, and very concerned about fairness. While they are unfailingly cheerful on the outside, inside, they fret about many things, big and small. They worry about justice on a small scale. Are they being treated fairly? Are their siblings? They fear on a massive level, too. It is incredible how much the Dog kids pick up on world affairs at a young age. That concern for those in need never goes away. They apply that sense of fairness to themselves as well.

It isn’t unusual for adults in a little Dog baby’s life to comment that they appear to be small adults, and in many ways, they are. That external cheerfulness is not necessarily artificial. They make others feel welcomed, valued, and included. Dogs are good, trustworthy friends. The only catch is that Dogs are cautious about making close friends.

Parents may do an excellent service to their serious Dog children by encouraging them and warranted praise. Dogs need that boost since they tend to be overly serious. Another possible boost Parents can give to their Dog boys and girls are to encourage them to act on their sense of right and wrong. Rather than letting injustice eat at them inside, help them find an outlet.

Dog Zodiac: Health

Low stress and optimistic lifestyles help those born in the year of the Dog sustain good immune systems. Regular rest and proper nutrition will help you bounce back even more quickly from the occasional fever or sniffle. Dogs tend to be reasonably active, but it is best to pay attention to activity levels, especially in the winter months.

Dog Zodiac: Career

The Chinese astrology Dogs have an altruistic streak a mile wide. They are known for working hard (sometimes too hard) and helping others carry their share of the load. Dogs, as a rule, enjoy doing things for others or even working for others. Many astrologers have stated that Dogs are happiest when working at home or as part of a larger group.

While this is likely true for most Dogs, a current surge of presidents and presidential hopefuls has come from the Dog sign. It may be because the idea of serving others is the main attraction, and working with others to achieve common goals is appealing. More traditional careers for typical Dogs involve fields such as professors, research scientists, physicians, or nurses.

Dog Zodiac: Travel Tips

It’s no secret that the Chinese horoscope sign Dog is faithful by nature. That faithfulness extends beyond work and family to even where you go on vacation. You aren’t a big fan of surprises. You like to know the shops and restaurants you want, the activities available, and most of all, the people there. It’s fun for you when a local remembers you from last time. Not only is familiarity comforting for you, but having your family along is as well. If you want to break out and try something a little different (but not too wild), work in well-established theme parks, national parks, or family hiking/camping trips in the mountain ranges of Europe.

Dog Zodiac: Fashion

Chinese Dogs naturally gravitate toward a wardrobe that reflects their personalities. Warm colors (mainly, your lucky colors), natural fibers, and free layers all appeal to a Dog. Stay away from synthetics such as rayon or polyester, as they will feel uncomfortable against your skin and won’t breathe as wool or cotton does. If you want to feel powerful, try the brightest of your lucky colors, such as orange or yellow. They make a statement and get you noticed.

Famous Dog Zodiac Personalities

  • Michael Jackson
  • Kate Middleton
  • Prince William
  • Neil deGrasse Tyson
  • Anne Hathaway
  • Misty Copeland
  • Tina Fey
  • Alec Baldwin
  • Steven Spielberg
  • Jamie Lee Curtis
  • Andrea Bocelli
  • George Gershwin
  • Mother Teresa
  • Victor Hugo
  • Winston Churchill
  • Tim Kaine
  • Donald Trump
  • Ted Cruz
  • Bill Clinton
  • George W. Bush
  • Justin Bieber
  • Dakota Fanning
  • Matt Damon
  • Gary Oldman
  • Viggo Mortensen
  • River Phoenix
  • Naomi Campbell
  • Prince
  • Ice T
  • Madonna
  • Tim Burton
  • Harry Styles
  • Alan Rickman
  • Jo Green
  • Vince Vaughn
  • Sarah Silverman
  • Drew Carey
  • Hugo Sanchez
  • Dolly Parton
  • Danny Glover
  • Liza Minelli
  • Patty Duke

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