Fixed Signs: Fixed Quality in Astrology

What does being a fixed sign mean?

Fixed Signs in Astrology

What are the fixed signs in astrology?

Introduction to Fixed Signs

In astrology, three qualities help define when a sign falls in a season and how motivated a certain sign is because of when they were born. The three qualities are Fixed Mutable, and Cardinal. The 3 qualities in astrology, each of these qualities, affect four fixed signs more than all others. Four houses share their motivational levels, and all four elements impact how a certain sign reacts to the quality. The fixed signs are some of the most stable, which makes them extremely important in astrology.

Fixed Signs: Fixed Quality Basics

What does it mean to be a fixed sign? The fixed sign is named from the Latin word “fixus,” which roughly translates to “attaching.” Fixed signs come after the cardinal signs, which are the beginning of a season. This means that the fixed signs fall somewhere in the middle of a season.

The cardinal signs are known for starting projects because they are at the start of a season, but the fixed signs are known for working hard, making progress, and going deeper into something because they fall in the middle of a season.

Fixed signs in astrology are also more likely to stay the closest to the personality traits set by the element that they align with. Their traits are not as changeable as the traits of mutable and cardinal signs. They are likely to stick to something once they get the hang of things. They can be stubborn at times, but that only helps them to stick to their goals. However, this quality makes it hard for signs to begin and end their goals.


Fixed Signs and Personality Traits

The fixed signs are determined to complete their goals, and they don’t need anyone’s help to do it. At the same time, they are entirely dependable people, and they will do what they can to help others in need. These signs are stubborn but motivated to become successful and likable. What are the four fixed signs? The four fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. They all have fixed sign traits, which they show in different ways.

1. Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Taurus encompasses the ideal qualities for a fixed sign to have. They work at a slow and steady pace. These zodiac signs don’t like to rush things because they want to do everything right the first time. Their friends can always depend on them in times of need, even though they don’t want help from their friends.

2. Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Leo is one of the most determined signs of the zodiac. This sign is willing to work as hard as they need to to get what they want. They do not want help from their friends, but they still spend a lot of time with their friends. Creative and charismatic, this sign is confident that they can get anything they want if they work hard enough.

3. Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Scorpio is shy on the outside, but they are always thinking of something important inside their minds. This sign is highly creative; they are likely to focus on artistic pursuits. This zodiac sign does not like help from friends, and they take a while to make friends at all. Their determination to do what they love is their key fixed characteristic.

4. Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Aquarius is the last fixed sign, and it shares the least amount of fixed characteristics with the other fixed signs. This sign is extremely creative, but they get bored easily, making it hard to stay focused on their goals at times.

They are great at making friends, and they are willing to help them with whatever they need. They are more likely to accept help from friends than the other fixed signs, but they still do not like getting help.

How the Astrological Elements Affect the Fixed Signs

As well as controlling four signs and four houses, all four astrological elements are also affected by the signs’ fixed nature. The elements are part of why the fixed signs can differ from each other, even though they are still of the same quality.

1. Taurus: Earth Sign

Taurus is the first fixed sign, and it is also an earth sign. Earth signs are all about stability and determination. Earth signs try to stay practical about everything, so Taurus is not as creative as the other Fixed signs. Fixed signs share this trait, which is likely why Taurus is the most stable out of all zodiac signs.

2. Leo: Fire Sign

Leo is the second fixed sign, and it is also a fire sign. Fire signs are full of energy, creativity, and charisma. This sign’s fixed nature helps it stay on task with all of its goals, while the fiery side of the sign gives them an extra boost of motivation. It also helps the sign to be more creative and charming.

3. Scorpio: Water Sign

Scorpio is the third sign, and it is also a water sign. Water fixed signs tend to lead their lives by their emotions, making some water sign’s lives unstable. However, with the stabilizing power of the fixed quality, Scorpio can keep up with their goals. Water signs are creative, which is why Scorpio is more creative than Taurus.

4. Aquarius: Air Sign

Aquarius is the last fixed sign, and it is also an air sign. Air signs are intelligent, imaginative, and sociable. Their air element helps to give Aquarius all of the creativity and know-how to think of a goal. Their fixed quality helps them to work hard so they can complete their goal.

Fixed Signs: Fixed Houses

Each quality also rules over four of the astrological houses. The fixed quality commands the second, fifth, eighth, and eleventh houses. When a sign is in one of these houses, they may feel more motivated to work on their goals like a fixed sign usually feels.

Second House

The second house is all about a person’s worldly possessions and money. When a sign is in this house, they may feel like they need to use their resources better that is more conducive to helping them complete their goals. They are likely to either save their money for something important or spend it quickly on things that will aid their goals.

Fifth House

The fifth house has to do with creativity, activities that make people happy on an individual basis, and love and other sexual relationships. When a house is in this sign, they are likely to feel more creative and charismatic. The signs may begin to work on a goal that is more creative than practical during this time.

Eighth House

The eighth house is basically the flip-side of the second house. Instead of worrying about their own possessions, they are likely to be more concerned with the possessions that they share with others. This can affect couples, business partners, and family members. During this house, the signs may try to work more with others to complete their own, or instead, they may withdraw from their partner to focus on working alone.

Eleventh House

The eleventh house deals with how a sign interacts with larger groups of people. When a sign is in this house, they may branch out and help other people with their goals, or they may bend a little on their own rules and ask for help from others. The eleventh house also has to do with self-realization. This could help a sign understand what kind of goals they want to undertake or how they can work towards their current goal in a better way.

Summary: Fixed Signs

The fixed quality affects the fixed signs, houses and is affected by the elements. There is no doubt that this quality plays a powerful part in astrology as a whole.

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