Fire Element in Astrology: Fire Element Names and Personality

What are the three elements of fire?

The Fire Element in Astrology

All About the Fire Element in Astrology

There are four major elements when it comes to astrology. These four elements are air, water, earth, and fire element. Separately, these elements have a good deal of influence on the twelve, but together they can work in harmony to help people become as balanced as possible.

This article will focus on the fire element and how it affects the zodiac signs. This element does affect all of the signs, but it affects three of the signs – the fire signs – more than the others. The fire element also rules over three astrological houses, which influences more than just the fire signs. All of this and more will be discussed in the rest of this article.


The symbolism of the Fire Element

The fire element is symbolized by various things that take up a lot of energy, either physical or mental, or both. The fire element’s symbolism also encompasses loud and passionate ideals. The symbolism ties into the personality traits of the fire signs as well.

According to the fire element meaning, fire element signs are usually highly creative people. They can gain inspiration from just about anything, using it to fuel their art. Fire signs are very passionate about everything they create, but their passion does not strictly stick to their creativity, as fire signs also tend to be passionate lovers.

They are confident and cool. They know that if they play their cards right, they can get anything they want. Fire signs are independent people, and they won’t rely on others to help them out in love or any other matter in their lives.

The perfect, if not redundant, way to describe a fire sign’s personality would be to say that they act fiery. They burn hot when they reach their goals, but they can also burn themselves out if they don’t give themselves a break.

Based on the fire element astrology, they are also charming most of the time, but they will show a temper like no other if they are hurt or betrayed. No one should mess with the fire signs unless they are prepared to get burned.


Fire Element Astrology: Fire Signs

What is the fire element signs? The three fire element zodiac signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Out of all of the 12 zodiac signs, these three signs take on the fire element’s best traits. Of course, between these three signs, there are also varying levels of how fiery they are compared to each other well.

Aries  (March 21 – April 19)

Aries is what is known as a Cardinal fire sign. This means that they are in the middle for how fiery the Aries characteristics are compared to the other fire signs.

Aries people take on the fiery passions of the fire element well. They like to work alone to accomplish their goals, but they also have a charming personality, helping them make friends easily. This sign is not as creative as the other fire signs, which sets it apart.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Leo is a fixed fire element sign, which means that it fits the fire element’s traits the best out of the three fire signs and out of all of the zodiac signs. The Leo person is an extraordinarily determined sign. This sign will stop at nothing to complete their goals.

Passionate and cool, this sign can draw in romantic partners easily. While this sign does have a temper at times, they know better than to show it. Some believe that Leo is the most creative sign of the zodiac as well.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Sagittarius is a mutable fire element sign, which means that it has the least fire characteristics compared to the other fire signs. However, it does still have more characteristics than all non-fire signs. Sagittarius is charming, passionate, and creative.

These three things help to make it a great fire sign. However, Sagittarius lacks the determination that drives Leo and Aries. Sagittarius has goals, but they are not willing to do whatever it takes to complete them. Instead, this sign likes to go with the flow.

Air Element Astrology: Fire Sign Interaction

As per the fire element facts, fire signs are passionate and full of life. They love to talk to other people. When a fire sign interacts with another fire sign or a sign of another element, they are bound to impact that person’s life no matter what kind of relationship they have with them.

Interaction with Water Signs

When fire and water signs get together, their opposite personality traits are obvious, but they can use their opposite nature to balance each other. Water signs are much more emotional than fire signs.

A fire sign can help a water person take their mind off their troubles and instead enjoy what is going around them. A water sign can help a fire sign acknowledge their emotions instead of ignoring them.

Interaction with Air Signs

Fire and air signs together make a great team. They are both intelligent, creative, and sociable. Fire signs love to be in charge, and air signs don’t mind following when they have to. They are great at keeping each other motivated so that they can get a job done faster. There’s hardly a better team than a fire and air sign.

Interaction Between Fire Signs

Two fire signs together are a passionate match. These signs have the best relationship with each other when they are in a romantic relationship. They are both fiery and excitable.

They are great at inspiring each other to do their best. However, both of these signs love being the boss, and there cannot be two bosses. These signs will either have a great time together, or they will have to deal with a power struggle.

Interaction with Earth Signs

Fire and earth signs also make a great team. Fire signs have all of the creative ideas needed to make a plan, while earth signs can determine and follow-through to complete a goal. The fire sign can lighten up the earth sign’s mood, while the earth sign can encourage the fire sign to focus more on their goals.

Fire Element Astrology: Houses Ruled by the Fire Element

Each element rules over three houses. The fire element rules over the first, fifth, and ninth houses. These houses relate most to the fire element. When other signs are in these houses, they are likely to act more like fire signs, or their fiery qualities will stand out more.

First House

The first house is all about what a person thinks about themselves. People are likely to be more self-aware when their sign is in the first house. How others see a person could also be affected during this time. Signs are likely to be more concerned with their appearance and reputation during this house.

Fifth House

The fifth house has to do with creativity and other things that make people happy. Romance and passion are also a part of this house. During this house, people are likely to do whatever they can to please themselves. Many romantic affairs happen during this time. Most signs are likely to feel more passionate about something or someone during this time.

Ninth House

The ninth house is about learning new things and fully understanding what is learned. This is a larger understanding than the third house, which also deals with education. Philosophy and questions outside of the self-are likely to be the most important to a person during this time.

SUMMARY: Fire Element

The fire element has a great deal of influence over all signs, not just fire signs. It brings out the passion inside of people. The fire sign may influence both good and bad, but there is no denying that it has some influence overall.

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