First House in Astrology: The House of Self and Personality

First House in Astrology - The House of Self

First House – All about the 1st House in Astrology

Which is the first house in astrology/horoscope? In astrology, twelve houses rule over the twelve signs. However, the zodiac signs move in and out of the houses; they do not always match up. Each of the houses is symbolic of one part of a human’s life. When a sign is in a certain house, such as the first house, they are likely to focus on or put more energy into what that house is all about.

Meaning of the First House

The first house is one of the most important houses in astrology. It is what is known as an angular house. Angular houses tend to influence the signs more than the other houses because their cusps line up with four important astrology angles.

What is my 1st house in astrology? The 1st house revolves around the Self. When the signs are in the first house, they are likely to become more focused on themselves and less focused on the world around them. This is a time for self-improvement as well. A person’s outer and inner image will be important during this time. A sign is likely to try to make them more attractive or likable.


While zodiac signs are not likely to care much about what others think about them and instead focus on how they see themselves during this house, their changes can still influence how others see them during this time. If a sign does well, then they are likely to have better self-confidence and a better reputation by the end of this house.

Planets in the First House / What planet rules the 1st house?


When the sun is in the first house, people are likely to accept themselves for who they are as the sun passes through this house, even though they are still likely to notice their flaws.

At first, the signs may have low self-esteem, but this is likely to pass. This low self-esteem is likely to come from a sign’s outer image, rather than their personality. During this time, the signs should ignore their appearance and instead focus on how they can better their personality or complete a task.


The moon in the 1st house can make people feel stronger emotions about themselves than what they are used to. People are also likely to show their emotions more than they usually would, even if they are usually emotional.

Unless a person works hard to change their inner selves, others are bound to judge them only on their outer appearance during this time. Women are more likely to handle these changes better than a man would, even if they are of the same zodiac sign.


Mercury in the first house helps a person think more about themselves and what is going on around them. They are likely to focus on both their outer appearance and their inner personality traits. All of this thinking may make a person anxious or worried that others see them in a bad light.

In reality, others are only going to respond to how a person acts during this time. What others think will only be a reflection of a person’s own thoughts about themselves. If a sign sees something that they don’t like, they may be prompted to change something about themselves.


Beauty is the focal point of the Self when Venus is in the first house. A person is likely to be concerned with making their appearance look better during this time. Wearing makeup and picking out fashionable outfits are all common habits for people with Venus in the first house.

If a person looks bad during this time, they are likely to take it harder than usual. Also, others are likely to judge based on a person’s appearance during this time.


Mars is the ruling planet in this house. When Mars is in the first house, the signs are likely to focus more on their outer appearance than on their personality. They are likely to get angry or upset when they do not look like they want to.

Without realizing it, people may act more aggressive than usual when Mars is in the first house. They are not likely to focus on this part of themselves, but others are sure to notice this and judge them based on this quality.


The zodiac signs will try to improve their personalities when Jupiter is in the first house. Jupiter is the largest planet that affects the signs, and when Jupiter is in the first house, people may feel like they need to make some of their personality traits more noticeable in one way or another.

People are likely to focus on improving the traits that they already have instead of obtaining new personality traits. Others are likely to notice the difference in a person’s personality during this time.


When Saturn is in the first house, the signs are likely to focus on their appearance and how they express their thoughts and feelings. People might take it upon themselves to exercise or wear makeup to look more professional or classy.

They might change certain aspects of their personality to make their social characteristics match their outer appearance. Others may be confused when it comes to thinking of a person during this time because they are going through so many changes.


Uranus in the first house helps a person to focus on their personality more than their appearance. A person’s traits are likely to be exaggerated during this time. Their good traits will get bigger and better, but their bad traits will make them more moody or annoying.

A person may not realize these changes. Even if they don’t notice all of their changes, others will be able to. However, the signs may not take someone’s word when they mention that they have changed.


Neptune in the first house makes a person more concerned with their personality than their appearance. Not only will a person become more aware of their personality traits and their effect on others, but they will also do what they can to better themselves so that others will appreciate them more.

At times, all of these changes can be confusing for the person who is trying to improve themselves and others who are trying to form an opinion about them.


When Pluto is in the first house, a sign is likely to take a hard look at the person they used to be and figure out who they want to become. The zodiac signs’ personality traits are likely to be amplified during this time.

People will do what they can to improve themselves, and they will take insults and criticism harder than they usually would. This cannot be easy to deal with at times, but it will help them to improve themselves in the long run better.

Conclusion: 1st house astrology

Overall, the first house has one of the greatest influences on the signs, and the planets in the houses make that influence a little more focused on certain aspects of what the first house is all about. The astrology house of the Self is the perfect name for this house. First and foremost, the focus is on the signs when any planet is in the first house.

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