Eighth House in Astrology: The House of Sex

What does 8th house represent?

Eighth House in Astrology

Eighth House – All about the 8th House in Astrology

Which is the eighth house in astrology? There are twelve unique houses in astrology that all impact a person’s life in one way or another. Each house, the eighth house included, has its symbolic value, representing a different phase or aspect of life.

Relationships, work, and fun is all affected by the twelve houses. The house’s effect change when certain planets go through them. All of these things help to impact a person’s horoscope.

Meaning  of the Eighth House

What is my 8th house in astrology? The eighth house revolves around the items that a person shares with someone else. This house also concerns itself with many other things, including taxes, shared money, other shared resources, alimony, occult and psychic skills, death, and growth. These things don’t seem to have much in common, but that doesn’t change that they are all affected by the eighth house.


It is important to know the difference between the eighth and second houses since they are so similar. The second house concerns itself with individual possessions and the way that a person earns money. The eighth house is not concerned with individual possessions, only shared possessions or assets. At times, even implied shared items could be counted for the eighth house.

As to everything besides possessions that the eighth house is involved with, it can be thought-about positively. Change is inevitable during this time, and positive change is likely. This is a time for growth and development. The signs will have to use their time wisely when they are in the eighth house to make the best of themselves.

The Planets in the Eighth House


The sun in the eighth house in astrology encourages a person not to focus on shared items but instead on shared memories or activities. A person is likely to try to improve their social life during this time to keep making fond memories.

They are likely to feel lonely if they cannot do this. Sometimes these people may buy things to share with people to make new memories with them, but they are not buying the item because they are materialistic, to improve their relationships.


The moon in the eighth house makes a person feel strong emotions, but it does not force a person to share these emotions. Often, people would rather keep their emotions to themselves to not bother others with them. They are likely to take a step back from their relationships at this time.

This is likely to cause a person to feel lonely. However, a person can find solace in fine-tuning their skills. A person’s intuition is likely to feel stronger during this time, which could help them build on psychic skills they might not have known they had.


Based on the eighth house meaning, when Mercury is in this house, a person’s sense of intuition is likely to be stronger. They are likely to be drawn into studying mysterious topics, including anything psychic, occult, or paranormal.

A person may spend a good deal of money on this new hobby. People may also be interested in physical mysteries, like those of sex and love. Shared material items are not likely to be of much interest during this time, but shared finances, whether in a marriage or business, are likely to come into focus.


Love and sex are one of the major focuses when Venus is in the eighth house. A person is likely to try to make their romantic relationships deeper. This could involve either making a marriage stronger or starting an affair to be more sexually fulfilled.

If a person does try to improve their marriage and cannot be successful, they may opt to become separated or get a divorce. The same could happen if a person chooses to have an affair and gets caught by their spouse.


According to the 8th house astrology, Mars in this house makes a person want to take more risks in their daily lives. They want to live closer to the edge as a way of understanding themselves and their surroundings better. This can cause people to be reckless with their shared items. Others are likely not to want to share if a sign becomes too careless.

A person may turn to sex to have more excitement, improving or ruining their marriage. If a person wants to get closer to themselves without being risky, they can instead look into occult knowledge.


Jupiter in the eighth house makes life a little more difficult, affecting a person’s belief system. A person’s faith or spirituality is likely to seem tested during this time. This can either make a person’s faith stronger, or it can be detrimental to it.

Some of the terrible things that could happen are the death of a friend or family member, a near-death experience, marital problems, or some other crisis. A person will need to work hard to get through these troubling times.


When Saturn is in the eighth house in astrology, a person is likely to focus on shared experiences rather than items that are shared. A person will likely try to be close to someone with who they share many fond memories. Sexual memories are likely to spark a relationship.

If it sparks in a marriage, then this can help to make the marriage stronger. If there is a spark outside of the marriage, then this could mean trouble. Either way, a person’s commitment to another person is likely to be changed or tested during this time.


The eighth house’s meaning shows that Uranus in this house urges a person to change something about their life. Sex and other shared experiences are likely to be looked back on for inspiration during this time. Holding in sexual urges will be hard.

This could make things more romantic within a marriage, but it can ruin a marriage if things become romantic with someone else. Any problems that may happen during this time, being with money, possessions, or something else, are likely to make a person want to act out. This can complicate even non-romantic relationships.


Neptune in the 8th house tends to make people feel more sensitive about their relationships, romantic or otherwise. People are likely to try to do things to improve their relationships, but they may not think before they act.

This can sometimes affect relationships for the worse rather than for the better. A person’s sex life is likely to change during this time, as well. However, this could also affect their relationships for the better or worse, depending on how they act on their new feelings.


Pluto is the ruling planet of the eighth house. When Pluto is in the eighth house, the signs are likely to change something about their relationships. However, the changes they make are likely to be partially influenced by the items or memories that they share with another person.

A person may feel that something bad will happen, which can cause them to act rashly. This may sometimes affect a person’s sexual desires, but it doesn’t necessarily have to.

Conclusion: 8th house astrology

The eighth house controls many things that don’t seem to have anything in common, but all of these strange things can work together to affect a person’s daily life. It’s no doubt that people underestimate the effect that the eighth house, and the planets that go through it, affects them more than they think.

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