12 Houses in Astrology: Learn about the Twelve Astrological Houses

What the 12 houses mean in astrology?

12 Astrological Houses

Astrological Houses: Introduction

Astrological houses are two wheels that define a person’s life: field of experience, interaction with others, work, or romance. There are two wheels to specify which House you belong to the zodiac wheel, which is based on Earth’s rotation along with the sun, and the wheel of Houses, which is based on Earth’s rotation along its own axis. Hence, it would help if you had an exact birth time to calculate your House.

The astrological houses on the wheel are symbolic of human life’s developmental path in general; they are a view on the field of experience, rather than the being involved with forming skill.

What is the meaning of the 12 Astrological Houses?

There are twelve astrological houses, and each house has a planet and a Zodiac sign assigned. But the qualities of your zodiac sign is not the same as your House sign. In fact, you can use your zodiac sign from the zodiac wheel with the wheel of Houses to form a more accurate view of your personality and how you interact with life in general.

In traditional Indian astrology, these are known as Bhavas, which as similar applications and usage as Western astrology. Birth charts calculate the position of the planets on the wheel, formulating your natal chart. For an accurate natal chart, your place and time of birth are as important as your date of birth.


The most important astrological houses in your natal chart are the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th, and they are called Angular Houses. These houses represent action and are points of action in one’s life; the Zodiac signs that link to Angular Houses are Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. The 2nd, 5th, 8th, and 11th Houses are Succedent Houses, representing stabilization and showing one’s purpose in life.

Succedent Houses are linked to fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th Houses are Cadent Houses, representing Learning, showing how one adapts and transitions. Cadent Houses link to mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

The 12 Astrological Houses and What They Represent?

1st House: Vita

Based on the astrological house meaning, this house is known as the Ascendant or the House of Self. The first House describes your natural attitude towards the world. It also describes your body or your physical appearance, as well as people’s first impression of you. 1st House also represents your physical health in general because it relates to your body and life. The 1st House is linked to Aries.

2nd House: Lucrum

As per the astrological house facts, this house sees how you value material and immaterial items in your life. Linked with Taurus, the 2nd house affects the management of finance, with that your self-worth. This house shows how you value yourself, whether if you link it with your possessions.

3rd House: Fratres

Frates translate to brothers; 3rd House sees how you communicate with the world. It shows how you deal with your immediate surroundings, such as dealing with family or work. Linked to Gemini, 3rd House also links to short trips and early education, anything that relies heavily on communication.

4th House: Genitor

The 4th House represents your ancestral roots, the family that raised you, and the family you will have in the list according to astrological house predictions. This house also links to father or mother figures and early foundations in your life. The 4th House is linked to Cancer.

5th House: Nati

This house is a House of Pleasure; it shows how you have fun. The 5th House covers all the fun things in life, linking to Leo. This house also represents creativity in expression and children.

6th House: Valetudo

The 6th House describes the routine of your everyday life and how it affects your health. This house represents the skill that you have and your career. The 6th house links to Virgo, and it also has ties with pets.

7th House: Uxor

Based on the astrological house meaning, this house is opposite the 1st House, so it represents your attitude towards others, but one to one. The 7th House relates to marriage, contracts, and associations in your life. This House links to Libra. The 7th House also represents the friends or enemies that you have.

8th House: Mors

The 8th House represents your birth and death, symbolically. Hence the 8th House is your own transformation throughout life. This house Links to Scorpio relates to occult, sexuality, and finances, not your own.

9th House: Iter

The 9th House, as one of the astrological houses, relates to foreign travel and the cultures that you have come across. These travels include physical and spiritual travels. The 9th House also links to higher education and self- journeys. Sagittarius is linked to this house, and it also ties with law and religion.

10th House: Regnum

The tenth house corresponds with your social success, such as your professional career and achievement of your ambition. Links with Capricorn, it oversees your influence towards the general public and your societal status.

11th House: Benefactor

The 11th House corresponds with your hopes and wishes. It shows your friends and potential protectors. Related to Aquarius, this House relates to all humanitarian efforts in your life. According to the astrological houses forecast, the 11th House sees your group associations and your career benefits.

12th House: Cancer

12 House represents your enemies or your difficulties in life. Links to Pisces, this house corresponds to places that confine, such as hospitals or prisons, which shows solitude and sacrifice. Things that are elusive to you but are clear to others.

Twelve Astrological Houses: Insight

The planets’ locations on any of the 12  astrological houses affect your personality and the way you handle things in life. There can be no planets in some houses, or there can be a few planets in a House, each precipitates the unique way you react to situations.

Certain charts pay note to the planets’ location about the house; some will note both House and Zodiac signs. The more information you seek, the more details you will obtain through the relationship between the planets and your own life.

Planets in the Twelve Astrological Houses

The Sun in Houses

The Sun denotes warmth, courage, loyalty in a person’s character, but it also accentuates ego and bad tempers. In the charts, the Sun rules positive values in a man’s chart, emphasizes the masculine side of personality. In a woman, the Sun hints at the father, and later the husband in her life, or the person’s ideal man, but it also shines a light on her personality.

The Sun in astrological houses will amplify the meaning of that House, such as Sun in the 1st House will allow the person to focus more on self and have a higher tendency to be egotistical. Hence Sun’s energy will focus on the House where it is placed at. The Sun in any Houses will cause you to have both positive and negative values associated with the House.

The Moon in Houses

The Moon is the female counterpart of the Sun, denoting more feminine characteristics such as imagination and femininity. It also emphasizes sensitivity, laziness, and mood swings.

This planet shows more strongly in female charts and may represent a man’s mother, wife, or ideal partner. In men, the Moon is usually repressed but may still affect the person’s sensitivity to issues.

The House among the astrological houses in which the Moon is at will amplify the feelings and emotions. The Moon affects you more as a child, thus determines how you react to things unconsciously, as influenced by your upbringing.

The Moon usually links your emotions to the House; it is situated in your chart. For example, The Moon in the 12th house will cause you to feel emotionally isolated because you find it hard to express your emotions, making you feel chaotic inside.

Mercury in Houses

Mercury is a neutral planet that works at the service of the Sun, meaning that your capacity is affected by your sense of self and self-control. Planet Mercury is the Roman God of Messenger. Hence it dominates intellectual capacity and learning abilities, as well as communication. This planet has more effect when your intellectual curiosity starts and starts to communicate and make relationships.

Mercury, in any of the astrological houses, will amplify your wittiness around the subject. For example, Mercury in the 2nd House will allow you to be value-conscious and have many wonderful ways to make money, but it may also turn you into a dishonest or insensitive person.

This planet shows the more practical side of your conscious and influences how you interact with people. You will want to find ways to be more financially successful, and you are keen to share it with friends when Mercury is in this house.

Venus in Houses

Venus, the Roman Goddess, is associated with beauty, love, and gentleness. The planet rules your romantic notions and what you do in your leisure. Venus is a feminine planet and affects sensuality and how you enjoy your life. The negative effects of Venus include avaricious, lazy, and materialistic. In a man’s chart, Venus denotes his ideal woman physically, typically for short love affairs.

Astrological houses that Venus is in will soften and beautifies the subject. For example, when Venus is in the 3rd House, it will amplify your need to have harmony in your home and friendship. You will tend to try to create pleasant situations by avoiding arguments.

Venus will also give you artistic talents when in Cadent Houses. You tend to want to have a beautiful relationship with friends and family and strive towards that goal.

Mars in Houses

Like the Roman God of War, Mars provides a combative and assertive nature in a person. Mars is a masculine planet and symbolizes virility, action, and courage. This planet allows you to be dynamic and has an enterprising spirit, making you aggressive and tyrannical. In men, it affects sex drive. In women, it represents ideal men to have love affairs with.

Astrological houses that Mars is located in will allow you to overcome problems and how active your lifestyle can be. For example, Mars in the 4th House will make you have a strong sense of patriotism, and you will tend to argue with your family members, although you are always looking to fix your home. Mars will show during the forties onwards, as you need to be more assertive to come out on top.

Jupiter in Houses

King of Gods in Roman history, Jupiter represents expansion, glory, and honors, a generous God. Jupiter will give you the success you crave when you work hard; negatively, you will show a tendency to exaggerate and make promises that you cannot deliver. Jupiter is a generous and enthusiastic, sociable planet that allows you to shine.

Astrological houses that Jupiter is in will make the subject fruitful. For example, Jupiter in the 5th House means that you are an optimistic person who knows how to have fun. You will have a good life, and you will enjoy life in general. Jupiter here will show that you might have links with children, such a being a teacher.

Saturn in Houses

Planet Saturn is a restricting planet; it symbolizes time and unyielding principles. Saturn describes ordeals and obstacles to train you to be tough and have discipline.

Saturn aims to restrict and impose a limitation on life. It slows down things and demands you to concentrate on the issue. Emotionless, the implacable Saturn forces growth and maturity.

Astrological houses that Saturn is in will create hurdles; expect to have your abilities tested. Although when you are successful at solving the problems, you will have gained confidence.

In the 1st House, Saturn may signify an introverted personality with impassivity and ambition, or cruelness and selfishness. For example, Saturn in 6th House means that you might be suffering from health concerns and shouldering many responsibilities at work. You work hard and diligently, often without a positive outcome in sight.

Uranus in Houses

Uranus affects you to become unconventional and independent. You tend to be idealistic and creative, but you can also be intolerant and insensitive. You may lack empathy, but you have a humanitarian need to make the world better. Uranus signifies marginality, inventiveness, and independence; negatively, it represents brusque and indignance. Uranus loves modern things.

Astrological houses that Uranus is in makes you need to express yourself freely. You tend to experience extreme changes in the house, caused by many things. For example, Uranus in the 7th House could cause you to have many problems in long-term relationships, as you tend to experience big changes in this house. You may find yourself in multiple partnership arrangements or have new marriage suddenly.

Neptune in Houses

Planet Neptune represents imagination, faith, and incomprehensible things. Neptune has a strong relationship with a psychic. Neptune affects you to become gentle and dreamy and more in tune with the psychic plane.

You will be more sensitive to your surroundings, and you particularly appreciate music. However, you can also be gullible and impressionable; worst case, you have trouble living in reality.

Neptune in astrological houses may mean sacrifices and unrealistic behavior. For example, Neptune in the 9th House affects your philosophy and your choice for higher education.

You also will tend to embrace extraordinary religions and philosophies. You are more likely to travel in the astral plane, and people might confuse your personality.

Pluto in Houses

Pluto affects you to be deep and enigmatic and have a lot of energy to question many things. Negatively, you can be violent and sadistic. Pluto represents occultism and hidden sciences, and it rules deeper instincts. Pluto signifies big upheavals, including wealth crises. Pluto’s changes can be revolutionary, and you cannot escape from them.

Pluto in astrological houses means that you will have big changes coming, you might struggle with reforming and regeneration of the House, but it might be worth it. For example, Pluto in 10th House will see your efforts constantly disrupted and see you have a strong will to be successful in your chosen profession.

Twelve Astrological Houses: Planets Insight

Aside from planets, other points in the galaxy may present in your birth chart, depending on the astrologer. Some astrologers follow the different schools of thought and feature the four asteroids (Ceres, Pallas, Juno, and Vesta), Lilith or Dark Moon, the North and South Lunar Nodes, Dionysus or Black Sun. Different astrology studies will have extra points in the birth chart, but the ten usual planets will have the same meaning and influence on the astrological houses.

Summary: Astrological Houses

Usually, your astrological houses will be the same among all astrological schools unless planets lie on borders or House Cusps. House Cusps are the points at which the House begins; different schools have different ways of calculating the borders.

If your planet lies on a cusp, you may find some charts more accurate than others. However, astrology is a guide to your personality, and these houses are a hint of how you react to situations. This is not set in concrete, as your upbringing and life experience will also impact your behavior as you grow.

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