Gemini and Cancer Compatibility: Love, Life, Trust and Sex Compatibility

Is Gemini and Cancer a good match?

Gemini and Cancer Love Compatibility

Gemini and Cancer Compatibility: Introduction

The Gemini and Cancer compatibility relationship could be tagged a curious and sensitive relationship. The coming together of Gemini and Cancer is the communication of troubled communication and clear communication. Your lover is known for the troubled conversation while you are known for your clear communication. Most of the time, you always seem to ignore your lover especially when it comes to the issue of intimacy.

Moreover, Gemini and Cancer lovers have different manners and approaches to life. You are very sensitive to things while your lover is very wise with the relationship. Most of the time, you try your best to bring your lover out of his/her shell. One thing about your lover is that he/she is very emotional as often shows you what love is.


Gemini and Cancer: Love and Emotional Compatibility

The emotion in the Gemini with Cancer relationship could be the worst ever. This is because of your lover, although emotional, is not always ready to open up about his/her emotion. Most of the time, you are not always aware of his/her emotional turmoil if actually he/she has.

You often keep away from difficult conversations in a bid for you to move forward and succeed in life. In addition to this, your lover often finds it easy to share his/her emotional conviction. But you often find it very difficult for you to understand them. In fact, you do not have a listening ear as you are always concerned about yourself. And also what you would achieve in life.

Gemini and Cancer: Life Compatibility

The relationship you have with your lover shows that you will be a great thinker who is capable of solving issues easily. In addition to this, you will find it very easy to shine your lover’s armor. In return for that favor, your lover is always ready to protect you. Furthermore, the quality of your home is essential to you in a Gemini with Cancer marriage relationship.

Gemini and Cancer Compatibility

Your lover will ensure that you are taken care of. Most of the time, s/he will be the one to cook and ensure the neatness of the house. In fact, your lover to you is a great comforter who is always there to make things easy for you. Apart from this, you often ensure that you make your intelligence reflect the relationship you have with your lover.

Often, you are always ready to maintain your ideas and reassure your lover that you are madly in love with him/her. Often time, you show your lover that things are right with the relationship and the relationship is very stable. Being possessive and idealistic are the two things that your lover could unleash on you to make you stay madly in love with them.

Trust Compatibility between Gemini and Cancer

When it comes to Gemini Cancer trust, issues and difficulties tend to set in. You are going to be a trickster who has different ways of tricking your lover into believing a lot of things. To trust your lover and take away their freedom is like trusting a fire to bring flame while you pour water on it. It will surely bring nothing. It is a fact. As a rational being, you will find it very hard to cheat on your lover or lie to him/her.

Besides, you do not usually feel threatened by any form of intimacy that you are not ready for. In fact, if you do not want anything at all, you cannot be forced to have it. On the other hand, your lover’s major task is to live a free life. Most of the time, you have to give your lover some time to spend alone. Additionally, your lover is always ready to tell you nothing. But the truth since he/she is aware of what lies could do to a Gemini and Cancer friendship.

Gemini with Cancer Communication Compatibility

The best thing that could happen in a relationship is to be able to communicate. With your Gemini and Cancer communication skills, you can talk to anybody you wish to talk to without much ado. It is, however, the case that your ability to talk to your lover depends on more on who your lover is. When in a relationship with a Cancer, you often don’t feel the need for you to communicate with him/her as a result of his/her lack of ability to open up to you.

In most cases, your lover tends to be too emotional to listen to what you say. S/he often wants you to look into his/her emotion and understand what s/he is saying and mean. Communicating with a Cancer is often difficult for every Gemini in a Gemini and Cancer love match. This is because your lover often wants to know more about his/her problems without sharing it with you. It’s not possible at all. You might not know it perfectly, but you would have a clue about it.

On the other hand, this could be a long-lasting Gemini and Cancer bond. It could last longer than that of any other Gemini relationship. It seems that you have a lot of understanding of your lover and his/her childlike behavior. You will find this relationship to be one of the best if and only if you are satisfied with another aspect of the relationship.

Sexual Compatibility: Gemini and Cancer

This affair is the relationship between a sexually active person and a sexually passive individual. You will always have a lot of sexual escapades to yourself. It is the case that you would go outside for you to catch the weirdest sexual experience that your lover can never give you. Similarly, you often leave your lover at home without you giving him/her a chance to have sexual intercourse with you. It is very rare for you to engage in a Gemini Cancer sexual relationship with your lover. The relationship between you could be a relationship between endless and rational discussion and explanation.

Intimacy Compatibility between Gemini and Cancer

Is Gemini sexually compatible with Cancer? Furthermore, you could build a perfect Gemini and Cancer sexual relationship if and only if you could choose to talk about things over and over again. In addition to this, your lover needs to learn how to talk and communicate with you. Lack of ability to open up can kill a relationship. If you want the Gemini-Cancer zodiac match to work, then you must ensure that both partners are satisfied. You should ensure that you engage in sexual life with enough intimacy and excitement.

Gemini and Cancer – Planetary Rulers

The planet rulers for this relationship are Moon and Mercury. Moon is known for as the planet of emotion, and it is the planet-ruler of your lover. It is the reason for your lover’s emotional attachment to you. On the other hand, your Mercury being your ruler is the planet of communication. Most of the time, your lover finds it very hard to express his/her feelings to you.

In fact, he/she would bottle up the emotion. Often time, your lover envy your ability to open up and communicate clearly. He/she regularly wishes and that could relate to you without leaving anything out. Usually, your lover teaches you how to slow down in life to appreciate. And do a feasibility study of what has been achieved in life. Before you take any action, you need to learn and study every possible outcome of your efforts.

Relationship Elements for Gemini and Cancer

The combination of air and water is the element of your relationship. Air happens to be the element of your lover, Gemini while water is the element of your lover. You both are good at making decisions together. You both are going to make an outstanding team with each other. In the Gemini Cancer dating relationship, you will incorporate intellect with your lover’s emotion. Most of the time, you find it very hard to cooperate with each other.

Often, trouble comes up as a result of this. Gemini and Cancer star signs have different points of view, and you often look at things in different ways. It is the case that your lover is always ready to go emotionally with your relationship with you. Ideally, this emotion always dampens your spirit and your enthusiasm. As time goes on, you could leave your lover behind while s/he is still thinking about what the future holds.

Gemini and Cancer Compatibility: Overall Rating

The compatibility rating for Gemini and Cancer in love is only 21%. This is an unfortunate compatibility rating which shows that you are way not too right for each other.

Gemini and Cancer Love Compatibility Rating 21%

It also shows that a lot of issues would come up. And that would want to turn your relationship over. Most of the time, you will have a lot of problems in understanding your lover. Emotionally, your lover will find it very hard to open up to you. When he/she does, you could find it very hard to understand him/her.

Summary: Gemini and Cancer Zodiac Compatibility

When it comes to a Gemini and Cancer compatibility romantic relationship, a lot of things set you aside from each other. For your bond to last longer, you both need to make a lot of adjustments for you to fit into each other. However, it should be noted that you hardly change your lifestyle for your lover. It is either he/she accepts you or rejects you. Nothing more nothing less. For your relationship to last too long – you will need to open your heart wide to understand and listen to your lover.

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