Virgo and Gemini Compatibility – Love, Life, Trust and Sex Compatibility

Can Virgo and Gemini get married?

Virgo and Gemini Love Compatibility

Virgo and Gemini Compatibility: Introduction

The relationship between you and a Gemini would be a means of survival. The fact is that both of you often take the time to learn about each other and the approach to life. Apart from this, Virgo and Gemini compatibility couple often show love to each other. The symbol of this relationship is understanding; both of you thus, understand each other. Often time, you have to cope with the divided personality of your lover. While you satisfy a part of your lover, you could seriously dissatisfy your lover’s second part. Thus, it is necessary for you to find a way of satisfying your lover totally to some extent.

Virgo and Gemini: Love and Emotional Compatibility

Are Gemini and Virgo a good match? The relationship has some emotional influence, which seems better than expected. Your lover is not considered to be emotional in everything. You possess a lot of emotion, which helps rationalize everything in the relationship. Thus, a special emotional side could be found in your relationship together.


The fact that Taurus influences your lover’s zodiac symbol and it, in turn, influences Cancer has something to say about emotional. Despite the fact that your lover is considered not to be emotional, s/he is emotional. However, in this type of Virgo and Gemini union, what causes the problem is speed and fear. Your lover often finds it very hard to stay in a place for a long time.

This often affects the build-up of emotional bonds. Apart from this, it could have an impact on how his/her feelings bond. Apart from this, it could have an impact on how his/her feelings are recognized. If both of you could get in touch with each other’s hearts and understand each other, you will have a solid bond.

Virgo and Gemini Compatibility

Virgo and Gemini: Life Compatibility

Can Virgo and Gemini get married? The marriage relationship is a serious one with different approaches. You both have a different approach to each other and would find it very hard to accept each other. Apart from this, your relationship could be strengthened if you provide a part of your lover the emotional satisfaction he/she needs and allows the other to flirt around. Moreover, you tend to be a little bit too critical to be accepted by your lover.

Often time, your practicality is often strained by your lover’s actions and inactions. When this occurs, you often get tired of your quick Gemini lover. Regarding ideas, you often give out your ideas to your lover to work on. This is because you are highly intelligent and endowed with a lot of ideas that could save the world. On the other hand, your lover is capable of changing different ideas to real things.

The ability to teach each other things that are absent in the other is a better way of staying in the world. Their love finds it very easy to overcome problems easily. Apart from this, you are very critical of life and often ensure that you keep to yourself to study the world. Your lover’s freedom could be appealing to you, but you often have no choice but to accept.

Trust Compatibility between Virgo and Gemini

Can Virgo and Gemini be soulmates? The importance of trust in this relationship cannot be underemphasized. The combination of Virgo’s trust issues and Gemini’s trickster nature could add craziness to the relationship. Although getting jealous is not a thing for you, you find it hard to trust each other. The person that you can trust is not a native of Gemini. This is because your lover will always fly away when you start doubting and analyzing everything.

Your relationship would also have a dead-end, especially due to the freedom that your lover has. Endless fights and conflict would be the order of the day due to the lack of trust that you both have.

Flirting is one of your lover’s characteristics. Your lover always flirts around and always ready to hit the street naked. For you to build a relationship of security, you both need to respect each other. You also need to understand your lover. Regardless, this is very hard to do.

Virgo and Gemini Communication Compatibility

Do Leos and Geminis go together? The communication ability of both of you cannot be pushed aside. The fact that Virgo and Gemini lovers are ruled by the same planet, which happens to be the master of the combination, is a pointer to something. Although both of you have different backgrounds, the common leader possessed by you has some influence on you.

Communicating with each other is not as difficult as your sex or trust life. In fact, you both find it very easy to have a good talk after a fight. Most of the time, this discussion foster understanding and compromise. You often take your lover to be a foolish person as a result of his/her superficial nature. On the other hand, your lover is always irritated because of your obsession with details.

Virgo and Gemini soulmates need to understand each other’s flaws and work to correcting them. Apart from this, both of you need to bring your mind together as your minds are power. There is no type of problem you cannot solve if you both combine your minds.

Sexual Compatibility: Virgo and Gemini

Are Virgo and Gemini sexually compatible? Both of you are ruled by Mercury, which happens not to be a sexual planet when looking at it at first glance. The influence of Mercury on both of you is a little bit difficult. Your lover happens to have a masculine sign which is always ready to explore while you are very shy and sensitive to your relationship. Your sexual relationship is tough, as both of you often find it to be less promising. Most of the time, you always need to communicate with each other to have a perfect sex life.

Intimacy Compatibility between Virgo and Gemini

Often time, if you do not speak the right language that is understood by your lover, your sexual life won’t progress. There is a high chance of you discussing for a long period instead of you having sexual intercourse. Both of you always leave yourself at an arm’s length with no interest in sexual experience at all. Falling in love with you and having some respect and tenderness could help your sex life, but satisfaction is not guaranteed. While you want to keep yourself to your lover alone, your lover is always ready to hit the street naked.

Virgo and Gemini: Planetary Rulers

Mercury specifically rules the Virgo and Gemini zodiac match. Mercury is known to be the symbol of communication, and it is the ruler of both of you. You both are good at communicating and passing information out. There is no way that your communication skills will not reflect on your relationship.

However, you seem to be highly knowledgeable compared to your lover. This is because your lover is less intelligent than you. You have a way of fusing your knowledge and intelligence into what you say. Apart from this, you could get tired of the flighty nature of your relationship. Clear communication will be the order in the relationship, and you will be able to have a perfect relationship with it. One thing that you often run after is to see a partner that you could cry over his/her shoulder.

Relationship Elements for Virgo and Gemini Compatibility

The elements that rule this relationship are earth and water. These two, when combined, could form mud that could be used in the creation of things. It seems that both of you will be highly unstoppable when you join together in peace and harmony. Apart from this, you will always ensure that you give your lover ideas while your lover utilizes the ideas.

A good understanding of what goal you need to overcome will make you always stand on your feet. To change your decision like your lover could take a serious and crazy argument. Most of the time, you would find it very hard to cope with your lover due to his detachment. On the other hand, you would take your lover to be too fussy for his/her criticality. You will be able to ensure that your lover understands your belief about the relationship. For you to also make your lover stay away flirting, you need to speak and discuss with him/her.

Virgo and Gemini Compatibility: Overall Rating

The love compatibility relationship could be seen as promising considering the communication and emotional rating but is this so? Your compatibility score is a little bit below average. This means that this relationship is not advisable. Although you both would have excellent communication that would foster understanding, this is not to say it is good. You both most time would find it very hard to trust each other, and this could lead to a breakup. The Virgo and Gemini compatibility score for you is 40%.

Virgo and Gemini Compatibility 40%

Summary: Virgo and Gemini Compatibility

This Virgo-Gemini bond could change like the wind, making you lose in touch on a daily basis. Most of the time, you lose in touch with each other due to the speed of your lover. However, your mutual love for Mercury often keeps your mind closer to each other. Usually, you keep your lover in your mind, thinking of him/her. For you to have a good Virgo and Gemini compatibility relationship with your lover, you need to let him/her see the essence of the relationship. You both also need to unify the earth and air together.

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