Virgo and Aries Compatibility – Love, Life, Trust and Sex Compatibility

Are Virgo and Aries a good match?

Virgo and Aries Romantic Compatibility

Virgo and Aries Compatibility: Introduction

The combination of the two zodiac symbols together in a love relationship, success could spring up. However, Virgo and Aries compatibility couple could think that they both have nothing in common. You both will also believe that there is nothing to be learned from either of you.

Apart from this, the relationship will be filled with a lot of opposites. Just like it’s always said, opposite things attract. Virgo and Aries friendship will be attracted to each other and serve as a check on each other’s actions. Apart from this, your relationship will be a relationship between impatience and patience. You will always work towards success by being detail-oriented and very quiet, unlike your lover.


Virgo and Aries: Love and Emotional Compatibility

Are Virgo and Aries compatible? The emotion in the Virgo-Aries marriage relationship is nothing to write home about. Both of you cannot be said to be emotionally compatible with each other. Naturally, you are an intelligently signed human being. You are always taking everything you do to be subjected to a lot of thinking and reasoning. This attitude of yours could, however, thwart your lover’s love for you. This is because your lover believes that the best emotion is obtained from true sexual satisfaction.

Since you cannot satisfy him/her with the vigor he/she wanted, you could lose the emotion in the relationship. The best chance for you to have a good relationship with each other is to understand and observe your lover. It would help if you also started as friends first to deliver an excellent emotional background together.

Virgo and Aries Compatibility

Virgo and Aries: Life Compatibility

Do Aries and Virgos get along well? A good understanding of the Virgo and Aries relationship will give you an upper hand when you start one. It is the case that at the early stage of the relationship, both of you find fault in each other’s actions. Most of the time, you believe your lover is very brash and rash in his/her actions. On the other hand, your lover feels that you are very dull and boring. S/he feels that you need to learn how to catch fun for you to be good with others.

Besides, your lover’s energy as a person is fiery and crazy; it could easily burn you. The main difference in this relationship is that you are very slow and well-grounded while your lover is extremely fast. Most of the time, you focus on many things, especially the strength of your lover.

Out of many things in life, Virgo & Aries lovers teach each other patience and understanding. You also try everything possible to teach him/her how to be detail-oriented when doing something. On the other hand, your lover teaches you the essence of catching fun. S/he also gives you a tutorial on you could be better with adventure. Other things that you could teach your lover also include politeness and hardwork.

Trust Compatibility between Virgo and Aries

Trust is paramount in the relationship. Both of you need to understand each other to be trustworthy and good in relating to each other. The fact is that both of you would have trust issues if you do not overcome your sexual difficulties. However, when the case of sexual difficulties is settled, your ability to trust each other will be effortless. You will be able to earn your lover’s trust and vice versa.

Most of the time, your lover is always straightforward and honest in all his/her dealings. However, it would be detrimental if you trust him/her when it comes to his/her sexual satisfaction. Generally, in a relationship, you are always honest, loyal, and faithful. You hate lying to other people and hate being deceived. You often request for honesty in return for your honesty.

Virgo and Aries Communication Compatibility

Virgo and Aries communication could be annoying. Both of you are always wanting the other to succumb to your demand. You think only when you feel a lover will bring the best out of you. However, Aries seems not to be the one that could get such out from you. The fact that your lover is a little bit impulsive and very ready to fight makes you lose your mind over him/her quickly.

It makes it very easy for you to be a little bit cautious about him/her. On the other hand, your lover takes your action to be hysteria and continuous. You could talk from morning to night without a moment to stop.

Cleanliness is next to holiness is the Virgo and Aries lovers’ slogan. For you to be fortunate in life, you need to be very clean. You often try everything possible to make your lover clean. However, your lover is like an animal who finds it very hard to change his/her behavior to suit living together.

Sexual Compatibility: Virgo and Aries

The relationship between you and your lover is tough to determine. It is even the clumsiest and worst relationship with sex ever. Your lover might look at you as a virgin, Mary, and would want to chastise you because of your total abstinence from sex. Also, your sexuality often makes your lover think of you. Your lover could go out there to look for someone to satisfy his/her sexual needs.

Intimacy Compatibility between Virgo and Aries

Are Virgo and Aries sexually compatible? Often, your Aries lover finds it very hard to be patient with you regarding sex. All you need in a relationship is patience and oral stimulation. With all these, you will be able to give in to any sexual tendency from your lover. Apart from this, you are often swept off by your lover’s passion and aggression regarding sex. You believe that this passion and aggressive sexual outlook makes the relationship awful to behold.

For your relationship to be useful for sexuality, your lover needs to learn how to communicate with you. It would help if you also knew the essence of giving in sometimes with your lover. In most cases, you need to get to accept your lover’s aggression. It would be very slow for you to fall into any sexual relationship when you have experienced a problem in your relationship earlier before. Thus, your lover needs to wait for you to recuperate.

Virgo and Aries: Planetary Rulers

The planets for your Virgo and Aries union are Mars and Mercury. Mars rules your relationship as a result of your lover’s birthday, which is during this period. Also, your lover’s planet is ruled by Mercury due to your birthday, which falls during the period of Virgo. Both of you will try to connect. However, you both would connect by understanding. Your lover is a fiery and impetuous fellow.

S/he often tries everything possible to run after goals without a proper plan. On the other hand, you are a well-grounded fellow that is highly practical and understanding. You have a way of setting up your plans for you to be successful. The Virgo & Aries connection could reflect your business and career side. You will be able to plan for your lover while your lower implements the plan.

Relationship Elements for Virgo and Aries Compatibility

The element of this relationship is Fire and Earth. You are an earth sign, while your lover is a fire sign. Virgo and Aries horoscope signs well connected with understanding before you both could be successful. It would help if you learned the essence of devoting yourself to business. The sight of this could ginger your lover into doing things that are greater than what is done.

Moreover, you both will be able to connect your career with love. However, love could be a wall between the two of these. At the beginning of this love compatibility relationship, frustration is meant to occur and bad times. You need to understand and not to fight. Life is more than fighting. Life is simple, and life is understanding.

Virgo and Aries Compatibility: Overall Rating

The Virgo and Aries compatibility test of this relationship shows 42% that you both will find it very hard to some extent to cope with each other. It also indicates that you both could be a little bit less incorporating and understanding with each other. Often, you will collide with each other and fall out without any reason or because of the inability to understand each other. You both will find it very hard to cope with each other regarding a sexual relationship. Apart from this, emotionally, you both will be nothing to write home about.

Virgo and Aries Compatibility 42%

Summary: Virgo and Aries Compatibility

Your Virgo and Aries connection shows that you both will find this relationship highly exciting and less tedious. However, you both might find it hard to deal with each other. Your Virgo and Aries compatibility relationship will be less predictable. This is because the incorporation of your communication and your lover’s vigor could go along erratically. Both of you could find it hard to relate to each other except on the condition that your lover learns communication from you.

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