Virgo and Leo Compatibility – Love, Life, Trust and Sex Compatibility

How do Virgo and Leo get along?

Virgo and Leo Love Compatibility

Virgo and Leo Compatibility: Introduction

The Virgo and Leo compatibility could be surprising. This is because, at first, both of you often overlook the shared interests you have. You both often feel that there is nothing to gain from each other in the relationship. Although your lover is very dominant and an extravagant individual, you are withdrawing and studios.

Moreover, your lover is a highly charismatic and short fuse. Apart from this, you are more versatile than your lover. Virgo and Leo couple will make a beautiful pair if you both understand each other. You both have a wide range of differences that are enough to keep you apart from each other.


Virgo and Leo: Love and Emotional Compatibility

Emotionally, the Virgo & Leo relationship is the hardest. Both of you find it almost impossible to connect with each other emotionally. You always happen to rationalize everything in your relationship while your lover seems to have a rational reply to your theory. Often time, both of you clash regarding rationality.

Are Virgo and Leo a good match? Most of the time, your lover finds it very hard to create an intimacy with you, despite being aware of his/her need for intimacy. Although between Virgo and Leo’s communication is great, you will have a problem if you both aren’t emotionally connected. Apart from this, your different views about the relationship will affect your emotional attachment severely. While your lover loves showing his/her affection through passion and a warm approach to life, you are very shy. You often find it very hard to understand your lover.

Virgo and Leo: Life Compatibility

Can Leo and Virgo get married? At the beginning of their marriage relationship, nothing but the conflict would be seen. In fact, a world war III could be started between both of you. Both will find nothing but the faults in each other. You will take your lover to be too tyrannical through the orders he/she often gives. Also, take your lover to be too dominating compared to any other person. This could make you break the relationship at the start.

Do Virgos and Leos make a good couple? On the other hand, your lover takes you to be too judgemental for his/her liking. You find it very easy to analyze situations based on your rationality and give a conclusion. This attitude of yours often causes your lover a lot of trouble and problems in the Virgo-Leo union. For the sake of having a great relationship, you both need to understand each other’s flaws.

This relationship would strive better if you both embrace the positive side of each other. You need to learn how to look into what is good for your lover instead of finding fault. If you both could do that, you would learn many things. You would teach your lover how to focus his intellectual energy. Your lover, on the other hand, will teach you how to catch fun. Also, you will teach your lover the essence of being sensitive to other’s needs.

Trust Compatibility between Virgo and Leo

Trust is essential in a relationship and important for both of you to have an excellent relationship. For you to be good with each other, you need to trust each other very well. Your relationship with you and your lover is not filled with too much trust. In fact, you would have some reasons not to trust your lover sometimes. Dating each other is highly conscious of things around you. It is a little bit difficult for you not to trust your lover in most situations.

Problems could arise in your love compatibility relationship, especially when your lover starts showing off and being proud. You would have a lot of difficulties in dealing with your lover who pose him/herself as the King of the Jungle. Most of the time, you will have a lot of difficulty in relating to the attraction your lover often summon. However, if you find it very hard to communicate with your lover, the trust issue will come up on your part.

Virgo and Leo Compatibility

Virgo and Leo Communication Compatibility

Virgo & Leo’s soulmates are rational and conscious. You both find it a little bit easy to communicate with each other. Although you have different personalities, you find it very easy to communicate with each other. The fact that you belong to the earth while your lover belongs to the fire sign is a signal of something.

Most of the time, you will be adamant about your view. You will always ensure that your idea is given recourse to. On the other hand, your lover is very passionate about his/her beliefs. S/he often pushes them forward for you to take in as your ideas. Most of the time, you have issues with your lover; arguments and insult would abound.

You are very practical and down to the earth, as well as being proud of your intellect. Your lover, on the other hand, is mostly impractical, proud, and passionate about his/her conviction. The coming together of both of you will be the coming together of employer and employee. This relationship could also be likened to that of a husband and a housemaid. Your lover will always disregard you.

Sexual Compatibility: Virgo and Leo

Are Virgos and Leos sexually compatible? The relationship between both of you is the combination of two rational beings that conscious. Both of you could agree with how you want your sex life to look like. However, most of the time, you often find it hard to engage yourself sexually as you wanted. This is because you are very shy and cautious when it comes to choosing a lover. You are always scared of choosing a lover that would make your sexual relationship very hard for you. Moreover, your lover wants someone that can make him/her special and will be more confident than s/he is.

Intimacy Compatibility between Virgo and Leo

However, you are not that kind of person due to your lack of confidence and ability to make him/her unique. It is tough for you to challenge the highly passionate lover who is always ready to hit the bed. Often time, you feel choked as a result of the lack of space s/he often gives you.

When it comes to having sex, there is often a difficult war between both of you. Your lover’s rationality could turn the relationship to an intellectual battle. This is because your lover will always be ready to be sexually dominant while your lover will be intellectually dominant. Most of the time, your lover is conservative and would rarely settle for your emotional approach to sex.

Virgo and Leo: Planetary Rulers

The Virgo and Leo horoscope match is ruled by both the Sun and Mercury. The Sun is the ruler of your lover and the reason for his/her characteristics. The Sun is known for its individualism and passion. You need not be too much worried when your lover insists on doing something him/herself. Moreover, your lover is always passionate about something.

The Sun is always there to give him/her the heat to do anything. On the other hand, you are ruled by Mercury. Mercury is known to be the planet of communication. It is the reason for your ability to communicate well with people. Often time, your lover ensures that s/he allow his/her warmth to influence the way you communicate with others. Working based on details is what you cherished most, but your lover finds it too dumb. Virgo & Leo partners need to learn from each other. While you learn less criticality from your lover, s/he learns stability from you.

Relationship Elements for Virgo and Leo Compatibility

The elements of this relationship are both earth and fire. Your lover is a fire sign while you are an earth sign. The combination of both of you is capable of making people uncomfortable. Virgo and Leo zodiac signs are unstoppable if you could combine your approaches. Your lover is always starting new projects without any rationality or motivation.

However, with your intelligence and practical nature, you would give him the rationality and motivation s/he needs. You like taking your time to work hard for the success of your goal while your lover shed light on your hard work. Apart from this, you both find it very easy to take charge of each other’s projects. One thing that both of you enjoy most in a relationship is determination and commitment.

Virgo and Leo Compatibility: Overall Rating

The Virgo & Leo compatibility score of your relationship points to the fact that your relationship with a native of Leo might not be too good for you. In fact, you could face a lot of problems as a result of this. Your relationship score is far below average, and this has a bad impression of your relationship. You need to learn how to understand each other better, probably that would increase your compatibility rate. As of now, your Virgo and Leo compatibility rate is 35% only.

Virgo and Leo Compatibility 35%

Summary: Virgo and Leo Compatibility

Your combination with a native of Leo would be filled with a lot of difficulties. Most of these problems are as a result of the lack of emotional connection that you both have. Apart from this, Virgo and Leo compatibility lovers are too rational and strong mentally. Often time, you create a foundation of intellectualism for your love life. For you to have a good relationship, you need to work on your sex as well as your emotions. You also need to ensure that you both understand each other correctly.

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