Virgo and Libra Compatibility – Love, Life, Trust, and Intimacy

Is Virgo and Libra a good match?

Virgo and Libra Love Compatibility

Virgo and Libra Compatibility: Introduction

This relationship is a combination of two puzzle pieces. You both find it easy to lock into each other easily. Virgo and Libra compatibility couples find it easy to complement and understand each other comfortably without any problem.

You will be very efficient together if you both work together. Apart from this, you both will have a similar desire to succeed.

In love, both of you will respect each other. You will also find it easy to learn more about each other. You are comfortable with each other and share many things, ranging from beauty to culture. Moreover, you could work effectively in solving any problem faced by you.


Virgo and Libra: Life Compatibility

Are Virgo and Libra a good match? This relationship of yours is a superficial relationship. Both sun signs enjoy a lot of pleasure. In fact, you both love collecting art, photographs, and bones all along. You are both practical and down to Earth. Often time, you run after what would make you successful in life. Both of you enjoy pleasure a lot and could do anything possible to get it.

In fact, you are good at complementing each other in many places. If there is something that you appreciate, you appreciate your lover’s diplomacy. You also appreciate his/her charming nature. Often time, your lover finds a way of getting evening things with you. Virgo and Libra dating each other would be successful in life and willing to embrace each other’s ways.

Virgo and Libra Compatibility

Seeing different sides of an argument is your will. You have a way of making decisions after examining the facts. You also understand the essence of living a pleasurable life. Both of you will make a good-thinking team. You will find it easy to keep the fire of the relationship burning for a long period.

Trust Compatibility between Virgo and Libra

The trust issue is capable of bringing the relationship down to its knees. This relationship happens to have a lot of trust issues which is bound to make you lose hope. Apart from this, you would find it very hard to come together with trust in mind. It is more than obvious that you are always ready to rationalize your trust.

Can Libra and Virgo marry? This, however, would not allow your trust to blossom. Your lover exalts Saturn, and this makes him/her fair with you. As a result of this fairness, you could take his/her words. You often have a lot of tension together because of the lack of understanding that exists in the Virgo and Libra marriage. You could have little or no trust for your lover due to his/her flirtatiousness.

Moreover, you will be very shy when it comes to expressing your feelings to your lover. This could, however, bring distrust in your lover’s mind. On the other hand, your lover always opens up to you despite the fact that you find it very difficult to do so. Your lover finds it very hard to trust your moodiness. You often consider your lover to find it very hard to cope with your lack of expression.

Virgo and Libra Communication Compatibility

Are Virgos and Libras good friends? Understanding more about your union is one of the best things that could happen to you. The fact that you both understand each other is a plus for you. It is the case that you both find it very easy to speak on responsibility and other serious issues of life. You often talk about your professional choices as well as your income. It is also the case that you often find it very easy to keep in touch with yourselves.

You find it very easy to cope with each other. In fact, you both always relate to each other for you to fulfill your support and goals. Another thing that is known about this love compatibility relationship is your ability to communicate well to succeed in life.

It should be noted that you both could find it very hard to relate to each other when it comes to some ideas. Your lover will want to push you into making some decisions that are not in line with your feelings. You, on the other hand, will stand your ground and refuse to be pushed. This could, however, lead to conflict.

Sexual Compatibility: Virgo and Libra

Is Virgo sexually compatible with Libra? The sexuality in this relationship does not make this relationship the best choice for anyone. In fact, both of you find it very hard to hit the bed and dance to the tune of emotion. Being an earth sign and being ruled by Mercury, you find it very hard not to rely on your intellect. In fact, you often make your lover more distant from you. You often rely most on your intellectualism, and this is often appalling to your lover.

Intimacy Compatibility between Virgo and Libra

Apart from this, you are very shy and a bit more practical regarding sex. You are usually obsessive about each other, and this often drives you both crazy. Apart from this, you are not always attracted to each other, especially when you begin a sexual relationship. You both will face the challenges of speed. You will want to move slowly, while your lover will want to move at breakneck speed.

Virgo and Libra: Love and Emotional Compatibility

The emotion in this relationship has something to say about your relationship. Without emotional attachment, you could find it very hard to cope with each other. Your emotional contact often leads to communication. You both are prone to having separate emotions, and this could make you both a little bit dissatisfied with each other. You both could find it very hard to end the relationship even if you don’t feel good about it.

As a native of Virgo, you will find it very easy to show your emotion to your lover. However, you could go on a rational spree in analyzing your lover’s emotions. Most of the time, your lover’s value and stability would make him/her lose his/her emotions. Often, your lover will fit your expectations, which could make you more emotional. Overall, the emotion in this relationship is very poor. It is something that you need to learn in the relationship.

Virgo and Libra: Planetary Rulers

Are Virgos attracted to Libras? The planet rulers for your relationship are both Mercury and Venus. Mercury happens to be your planet ruler, while Venus rules your lover’s personality. Virgo and Libra’s horoscope signs could make a great team when combined.  It is the case that you will make great communication and be a great analyst. You will always give your lover great ideas to make him/her thrive. On the other hand, your lover is all about balance in life.

You often find a way of giving your ideas to your lover for balance. The pleasing personalities that you both share always give you an upper hand in the relationship. Culture could be brought to a relationship with this couple. In fact, your lover could be a little bit lazy due to Venus’ influence. Overall, both of you could engage in a snubbing game, which harms the relationship.

Relationship Elements for Virgo and Libra Compatibility

Both the Earth and the air rule this relationship. The Earth rules you due to your birthday, which falls during this period. The air also rules your lover due to his/her personality. When it comes to doing things, you are more pragmatic than your lover. You often think of how you could overcome a particular issue easily. You also often think about how you could focus and concentrate your energy on a single thing at a time. Apart from this, you are well-grounded in your conviction.

Your lover is flighty and flirty. You are unrealistic. Apart from this, you find it very hard to understand your lover just like him/her. Most of the time, your lover takes you to be too particular about a thing while you take him/her to be too manipulative. The conflict could result as a result of this.

Virgo and Libra Compatibility: Overall Rating

The Virgo and Libra compatibility score is 30%. The compatibility score of this relationship is below average. This means that you will find it very hard to cope with the relationship. Both of you will share a lot of things together, but the emotional attachment in the relationship is nothing to write home about. Apart from this, you will be sexually incompatible with each other.

Virgo and Libra Compatibility 30%

Summary: Virgo and Libra Compatibility

Your relationship with a native of Libra would be satisfying intellectually. You will find it very easy to respect each other’s feelings. Virgo and Libra compatibility couple will be hardworking and always ready to overcome any problem. Moreover, you both need to understand each other to be sexually satisfied. You both need to try hard to attach emotionally. You often take over your lover’s responsibility and decisions due to your responsible nature.

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