Virgo and Cancer Compatibility – Love, Life, Trust and Sex Compatibility

Do Virgo and Cancer go well together?

Virgo and Cancer Love Compatibility

Virgo and Cancer Compatibility: Introduction

The relationship between you and your lover is going to be a down to the earth one. In fact, Virgo and Cancer compatibility couple will always stay happy and glad about each other. Both of you will have great potential for making the relationship better and dope. In this relationship, both of you will be detail-oriented and disciplined. You both will be understanding and caring in the relationship.

Moreover, Virgo and Cancer sun signs will be sincere and highly devoted to each other. You both will share a very strong passion and purpose with each other. You are always running to make a great and luxurious home that would be cared for by your lover. In addition to this, you will both understand the essence of living together and building a serious relationship.


Virgo and Cancer: Love and Emotional Compatibility

Emotionally, your Virgo and Cancer relationship does not rank well. It is the case that you both find it a little bit too hard to show your emotion to each other. Most of the time, you always keep the emotion in the relationship low with your rationality. Your lover is always scared of showing you too much emotion because of you. Often time, you go on a long expedition of analyzing every bit of your lover’s emotion.

This, however, hurts your lover and make him/her return to the shell. On the other hand, you find it very hard to show your face. You are a deep emotional individual that is always shy to show his/her emotion. Often time, you take your lover to be distrustful and not to be rational. One of your problems that often affect the relationship is impatience. You need to learn how to be more patient with your lover.

Virgo and Cancer Compatibility

Virgo and Cancer: Life Compatibility

Marriage is a relationship between intelligence and care. It is also a relationship between quietness and adaptability. Both of you are always ready to care for each other and to survive together. Apart from this, the devotion that is known in this relationship will make it last longer. The development of this relationship is based on common sense and strong principles. You both would sometimes have inconsequential feelings for each other.

Besides, both of you will have a lot of comfort at home. Virgo & Cancer soulmates believe that hardwork is very important in life. Thus, you try everything possible to ensure that honesty prevails. You both need to understand each other for you both to be able to relate to each other better. Most of the time, you will be brittle by your lover’s unpredictability. Your lover, on the other hand, will be offended by your stubbornness.

The Virgo-Cancer bond will be affectionate. Both of you will be highly patient and understanding. As it is, you both love luxurious things; you will both work hard to make it happen. Most of the time, your relationship is started at a prolonged rate until the bond grows stronger than ever before.

Trust Compatibility between Virgo and Cancer

Both of your trust are known to be important in the relationship. This relationship is not an exception. Both of you must be able to understand each other. The fact that both of you are in a sexual relationship has a solid background for your relationship to grow. Most of the time, your lover always helps you to grow your trust.

In fact, the stability of your lover is the reason for you to trust him/her more. You will most likely have no reason to lie to your lover or even cheat on him/her. Often, Virgo and Cancer zodiac signs will make emotional decisions together, which would be based on trust. You both believe that distrust, lie, and cheat could affect the relationship; you both always ensure that you are always truthful at all times. Apart from this, both of you on your conviction. The only thing is that both of you will always ensure that you overcome problems together.

Virgo and Cancer Communication Compatibility

For a relationship to be better, you both need to be able to communicate with each other easily. You also need to understand the essence of relating and talking. As a subject of Mercury, you are communicative. You have a special way of passing across your information easily to your lover. However, you often face a lot of problems due to the erratic nature of your lover. You always find it very easy to communicate with your lover and pour out your mind to him/her.

Furthermore, your lover is always ready to drink from your cup of intelligence. Too much rationality can make you dispute what your lover says, and this could be bad for your love compatibility relationship. You are prone to conflicts because both of you are of the opposite sign. You are very loquacious while your lover does not always talk.

Your planet is associated with the Human brain while your lover’s associated with the mind. These two have some special relationship together. Before a thing could be done, it must pass through the mind and the brain. Thus, you are going to be connected to each other intellectually.

Sexual Compatibility: Virgo and Cancer

Virgo and Cancer lovers are just great together. You two have the potential of having a long-lasting relationship. This is because when both of you get in touch with each other, and inspirational contact of the heart is often created. You both always have an opportunity of going into the heart of the other.

A strong emotion will be created when the couple is in bed together. However, you could fall a little bit back when it comes to emotion. Your lover is always ready to make you more sexual.

Intimacy Compatibility between Virgo and Cancer

You both should always let your guard off when it comes to a sexual relationship. You should try to enjoy your sex without bringing any intellectual questions up. Most of the time, your lover will be wondering why you find it you very hard to get in touch with your emotion. For you to have a blissful relationship, your lover needs to understand you and give you a chance to develop yourself emotionally. In general, you have a very sexually oriented relationship.

Virgo and Cancer: Planetary Rulers

The planet rulers for your astrology relationship are the Moon and Mercury. The Moon serves as the lord of all emotion. It is the reason for the emotion in your relationship. It is also the reason why there is a lot of emotion in the relationship. The Moon is the ruler of your lover and is the reason for his/her motherly influence over you.

Apart from this, you are good at communicating with people due to the communication that is attached to your ruler, Mercury. The relationship will enjoy a wide range of growth and understanding, as both of you would find it easy to make it in life. While you give out great ideas, your lover will be ready to utilize such ideas. Moreover, Virgo and Cancer partners would grow well in their relationship. Also, understanding each other could be the best thing for you as a result of your high tendency to fight with each other.

Relationship Elements for Virgo and Cancer Compatibility

The elements of your relationship are both water and earth. It is the case that you are an earth sign while your lover is a water sign. You are very down to the earth and materialistic. Most of the time, you are preoccupied with a lot of things in life. You always want to make it like a lover. Apart from this, you will be very practical and highly realistic.

You will always ensure that you allow your intelligence to lead you in a relationship. Often time, your lover is always there to comfort you as they are a water sign. The desire for prosperity that you often have makes you run after what would make you successful in life. Furthermore, you are emotionally stronger than you look. One thing that you fancy most about your life is the goal. Their love life often has a goal that you run after always.

Virgo and Cancer Compatibility: Overall Rating

The Virgo and Cancer compatibility score for this relationship is 77%. This is close to being perfect, but it is not perfect. It is the case that the relationship is most likely going to face a lot of troubles and issues. You both tend to have issues in relating to each other. However, with a good understanding of each other, you will be better. Apart from this, your relationship tends to crash when it comes to emotions. You are always analyzing your lover’s emotions. You need to be careful for her to be able to show you her emotion.

Virgo and Cancer Compatibility 77%

Summary: Virgo and Cancer Compatibility

The coming together of you and your lover is like the coming together of two sexually generous individuals. Although Virgo with Cancer compatibility couple will face a lot of conflicts, you will find it very hard to break up. Apart from this, one of you will always be ready to endure and to inspire the other. In the long run, the relationship will become a model for other people. Your heart will always complement each other and will run after a common goal. Success would never be a thing that you run after, as it will run after you.

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