Cancer Sexuality: All About Cancer Sex Drive and Sexual Compatibility

What sign is Cancer sexually compatible with?

Cancer Sexuality and Sexual Compatibility

Cancer Sexual Compatibility: Sex with a Cancer Zodiac

Sex is a part of life, and even though Cancer people tend to think about it less than the other signs, it still means a lot to them. The Cancer sexuality facts show that it is easy to see that a Cancer person cares more about love than sex, but that is part of the reason why it is so difficult to understand what a Cancer person wants out of their sex life.

This article is for anyone who is a Cancer person looking for what they might like, or anyone who wants to have sex with a Cancer person and who needs to know how to please them. Everything in this article applies to all Cancer adults; it does not matter if they are a man or woman, gay or straight, or hooking up or in a long-term relationship.

Cancer Sex Traits: High Regard for Sex

Based on Cancer sexuality traits, Cancer people see sex as a sensual and romantic act. They put their heart and soul into sex, which makes it no surprise that a Cancer person will be serious about their sex life, whether they actually have sex often or not.

Cancer people are not likely to be impulsive and have sex early on in a relationship (although it may happen sometimes). Instead, a Cancer person needs to be in love, or at least trust their partner, to make sex work. According to the Cancer love compatibility, passion, love, and an emotional connection are what a Cancer person strives for in sex. They are sure to make these things happen, no matter what sign their partner is.

Cancer Sex Life: Foreplay for Cancer During Sex

As per the Cancer sexuality horoscope, foreplay is something that Cancer people pay close attention to. Cancer people are intellectual and emotional beings. They want to be able to please both their partners (and their own) minds and bodies.

Cancer people may write sexy stories to their partners, or tell them what they plan on doing to try to turn their partner on. When it comes to sex, there’s nothing a Cancer person knows better than were to touch their partner to get them excited. Based on the Cancer sexuality predictions, they pay attention to what their partner is into.

Over time, a sexual relationship with a Cancer person will get deeper and more enjoyable as they learn more about their partner. A Cancer person’s main goal is to please, even before the sex actually starts.

Cancer Sex: Sex in General

The Cancer sexuality characteristics show that love is usually the driving force behind a Cancer person’s want for sex. Because of this, they tend to have softer sex than some of the other signs would. They are gentle with their partners instead of rough. They take into account what their partners like, and try to please them as well as they can.

A Cancer person might find something new they want to try every once in a while, but this does not happen often. Instead, a Cancer person is likely to learn a few things that they like and keep doing those things so they can perfect their technique.

Sex with a Cancer person is passionate and sensual, even though it is not crazy or extremely energetic. When with someone who they love and are highly attracted to, they will have hot and passionate sex. After having sex, both people involved are sure to be satisfied. The Cancer sexuality traits show that a Cancer person won’t quit until this happens!

Cancer Sextrology: Kinks

Out of the zodiac signs, Cancer is one of the least kinky. A Cancer person prefers to please their partner with only their bodies, and without adding in anything that is unnecessary. Kinky ways of having sex tend to make a Cancer person feel more uncomfortable than turned on. They are not likely to suggest anything kinky to try with their partners.

If a Cancer person’s partner suggests something kinky, a Cancer person may take some time to think about it, or they may try it once to see if they like it. Cancer people are most likely to like kinks that put them in a submissive position and that do not cause harm to anyone involved. For the most part, Cancer people like to keep things plain and simple, but they make up for this by being one of the most passionate signs in the zodiac.


Cancer Sexuality: Cancer Sex Compatibility with the 12 Zodiac Signs

Based on the Cancer sexuality facts, Cancer people like to have sex passionately and lovingly. They don’t need sex to be crazy and wild for it to be enjoyable. Other signs do need these things, though.

For this reason, Cancer people just have better sex with some of the signs than others. Below are each of the signs with descriptions of how well they will match up with Cancer people. This is for sexual compatibility only, so these signs may be great friends or partners even if they are not great together sexually.

Cancer and Aries sexually compatible

Aries people want their sex to be a little wilder than a Cancer person needs theirs to be. However, they do love the passion a Cancer person gives. This can work with some compromise.

Cancer and Taurus sexually compatible

Taurus people like to take things slow, which works well for Cancer people. According to the Cancer sexuality compatibility, this pair focuses on being sensual above everything else. True love and great sex are in the stars for this couple.

Cancer and Gemini sexually compatible

Gemini people love to try new things, and they get bored easily when they cannot do this. Cancer people don’t like to do this often. This Cancer sexual relationship is more likely to be uncomfortable than fun.

Cancer and Cancer sexually compatible

Based on the Cancer sexuality horoscope, two Cancer people together make an amazing match! These same signs will be able to understand each other and their needs better than any other sign. This is a perfect match!

Cancer and Leo sexually compatible

Leo people are creative and like to take charge of a situation, especially sexual ones. Cancer people tend to be submissive, so this could work. Some compromise will need to be made, though.

Cancer and Virgo sexually compatible

Virgo people have a lot in common with Cancer people (and not just in their sex life). Cancer sexuality meaning reveals that these two signs understand each other’s needs well. Together, they make a compassionate and sensual match.

Cancer and Libra sexually compatible

Libra people are creative and love to try new things. They get bored when doing the same thing over and over, no matter how sensual it is. For these reasons, a Cancer person can find a better match with another sign.

Cancer and Scorpio sexually compatible

Scorpio people are passionate and sensitive, and they love the sensuality that Cancer people put into sex. They will reply with a passion of their own, but they know better than to cross any lines. Based on the Cancer sexuality compatibility, this is a good match.

Cancer and Sagittarius sexually compatible

Sagittarius people like to be creative and in charge, but they won’t be bored with a Cancer person. This relationship may be able to work with some compromise from both partners involved.

Cancer and Capricorn sexually compatible

Capricorn people share the trait of wanting to do something they are good at often, without trying new things. Capricorn people also understand Cancer people well, making this is a great match.

Cancer and Aquarius sexually compatible

Aquarius people like sex to be wild and fun. The lovey-dovey romantic energy that a Cancer person needs is likely to bore an Aquarius person. Cancer sexuality facts reveal that this is not a good match.

Cancer and Pisces sexually compatible

Pisces people are creative, but they are passionate about love, and they understand the value of being sensual and sexual. These signs work together to make magic in the bedroom.

Summary: Cancer Sex

According to the Cancer sexuality predictions, Cancer people like to take things slowly and passionately. They put their emotions of love into sex just as much as they put their lust into it. A Cancer person may not match up well with every sign, but the signs who they do match with are sure to be in for a romantic and wonderful time.

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