Cancer and Aries Compatibility: Love, Life, Trust and Sex Compatibility

Can Aries and Cancer be soulmates?

Cancer and Aries Love Compatibility

Cancer and Aries Compatibility: Introduction

Your relationship is the relationship between the opposites. Probably your Cancer and Aries Compatibility is a true testimony of the old saying that opposites attract. Your lover will be a very irresponsible person while you are very emotional and highly sensitive to the way you relate to people.

On the other hand, your lover is emotional too, but its emotion tends to overwhelm you. You love taking your time to prevent yourself from making the wrong choice while your lover is always eager to choose one at a fast rate.  Most of the time, your lover finds your sensitivity very appealing and could be a good balance for your lover.


Cancer and Aries: Love and Emotional Compatibility

Both of you have a deep Cancer Aries Emotional Compatibility and are very passionate about each other. Both of you might not be too good while communicating with each other; that does not mean there is any deep emotional connection.

Although your lover could be very strict with his/her boundary, that does not mean he/she is not emotional about you. On the other hand, your lover is compassionate because s/he is the water sign. It is, however, not cool that he/she is always ashamed to show the emotion. You should learn how to show your emotion and respect your lover in a Cancer Aries love Compatibility.

Cancer and Aries: Life Compatibility

Are Aries and Cancer a good match? This Cancer and Aries relationship is a relationship of balance. This is because you tend to get what you do not have from your lover and vice-versa. This relationship of yours will be a discreet relationship that is good and stimulating. Your lover will find it very easy to cope with your senses.

Apart from this, your lover is a very blunt individual that could say anything without any fear of being victimized. You are the Sign of Home while your lover, on the other hand, is the Sign of Self. For an individual who is a self to be secure, s/he needs a home. Thus, a Cancer and Aries marriage will involve a relationship of protection.

Just like a man will protect his house, your lover will protect you in your Cancer Aries union. On the other hand, you, too, will protect your lover just like a house will protect a man. Most time, you find it easy to relate to each other. When trouble is near, your crab shell is often used as a shield to protect you and the family as well as your lover. However, your lover will use his/her strength and bravery to fight the trouble like a true knight.

Trust Compatibility between Cancer and Aries

Do Aries and Cancer make a good couple? This relationship needs to have trust. Your relationship with a native of Aries is no exception. The issues of trust in this relationship are not what is often seen in some other relationship. Fidelity is not always the subject matter of any lack of trust debates. Both of you usually encounter problems when intimacy is involved. It is the case that your lover often chooses to go outside in search of someone that could satisfy him/her. This, however, could not go down well with you.

Most time, you seem to take your lover to be very pushy and aggressive. As a result of this, you tend it to understand him/her again. More so, your lover needs to learn how to explain and open up to you. Sometimes, it is tough for your lover to understand that you are being loved. You should try not to go after a relationship because you want sex alone. It would help if you learned how to be emotional. If you do not feel emotional or slow down, whenever you have the Cancer and Aries relationship, your lover will feel violated.

Cancer and Aries Communication Compatibility

You both have a high tendency to act and impulsively and aggressively during the discussion. This impulsivity and aggression could cut the Cancer and Aries communication you are having short. Sometimes, you often get to the point of being argumentative.

Cancer and Aries in love can start throwing jabs at each other. It would help if you both learned how to push the button of calmness and learn how to calm each other’s nerves. For you to discuss a particular issue for some minutes is always hard. The reason for your lack of communication is not too much. It is probably because your differences are too much. Thus, you tend to be aggressive even while you try to have a peaceful discussion.

Cancer and Aries Compatibility

The only thing you have is the understanding of a part of your Cancer Aries compatibility. However, this does not mean you both should not have a bicker over a minor issue. For you to have a good relationship with excellent communication, then you both have to be gentle. Both of you should learn how to filter the words before saying it out. This would make you filter some comments that could hurt your lover. You need to know how to compromise if you want this relationship.

Sexual Compatibility: Cancer and Aries

Many times, people consider this relationship to be a combination of Cancer Aries sexuality and asexuality. You are deemed to be an incredibly asexual being while your lover is considered to be the most sexual of all being. Most of the time, your lover believes that sex is the only fuel fueling a relationship.

Your lover also believes that without fuel, a relationship could not be achieved. Your Cancer Aries sexual urge only arises when the connection is meaningful and tender enough. In addition to this, whenever you meet the Mr./Mrs. Right, you will fall flat for him/her to have sex with him. Your lack of freedom to have sex is as a result of your fear that of being dumped.

Intimacy Compatibility between Cancer and Aries

Is Cancer sexually compatible with Aries? In Cancer and Aries intimacy compatibility, your lover is not gentle at all. Your lover believes in rough sex and crazy sex. However, this is not what you want. You, as a person, want very gentle sex, which is emotional. For you to have a perfect relationship, you need to learn how to do this. In addition to this, you are most likely going to find it very difficult for you and get satisfaction with this type of relationship. As a result of this, you often go out in search of a greener pasture.

Cancer and Aries: Planetary Rulers

Mars and Cancer are the Cancer Aries, planetary rulers. For instance, Mars rules the relationship due to your lover’s birthday, which falls under its rulership. Also, Mars stands for passion. On the other hand, you are ruled by the Moon due to your birthday, governed by it.

The Moon is the reason for your Cancer and Aries emotional strength. Thus, this relationship will be a relationship between emotion and passion. Your open and soldier-like nature will be appealing to your lover. You also will find the sensitivity of your lover to be very cold to you. As a result of this, a great relationship will work out between the two of you. Being a god of war, your lover will always want to dominate you, but you will try your best to deflate his/her ego.

Relationship Elements for Cancer and Aries

Do Aries and Cancer get along as friends? The Cancer and Aries relationship elements are fire and water. Your lover, Aries, happens to be of the fire sign while you are of the water sign. Water and fire could be the worst enemies and best friends, depending on how you treat each other. This relationship is a combination of emotion and action. Since emotion controls the movement and vice-versa, it is pertinent for you both to cooperate.

If care is not taken, you both will be unstoppable when you boil water. However, it would help if you were careful with the way you relate to each other. This is because you are both lethal to both Cancer Aries zodiac signs. The fire could evaporate water while water could quench the fire. More so, your lover’s emotion could be dampened by your emotional manipulation.

Cancer and Aries Compatibility: Overall Rating

The Cancer and Aries compatibility rating for this relationship is 47%. It is this case that this relationship is good, but its right side is not up to the average. In addition to this, you both have to consider many things before you could have an excellent relationship. On the other hand, you need to learn how to show your emotion and be proactive. In addition to this, you and your lover have a lot of business that you both share.

Cancer and Aries Love Compatibility Rating 47%

Summary: Cancer and Aries Compatibility

This relationship with an Aries could have been good if you had learned how to understand each other. It could also have been good if you had understood the essence of communicating and the essence of being emotional. Your Cancer and Aries Compatibility will be painful to the two partners if care is not taken. However, you could venture into this relationship if you could ensure adaptation. Apart from this, both of you will find it very difficult to find sexual satisfaction in this connection. However, if you could do this, your lover will love you so much.

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