Horseshoe Crab Spirit Animal: Totem, Meaning and Symbolic Significance

What is special about horseshoe crabs?

The Horseshoe Crab Spirit Animal

The Horseshoe Crab Spirit Animal – A Complete Guide

Horseshoe Crab’s Physical Description and Characteristics

The horseshoe crab spirit animal is one of the animal totems on earth that postdates its existence. Some say that it has been along since the time of dinosaurs. Furthermore, the horseshoe crab has the appearance of an animal from the prehistoric times of the earth too. The scientists do not, however, consider it a crab. However, they somewhat categorize it as a relative of the spiders and the scorpions.

The name horseshoe crab comes from the shape of its head that is somewhat similar to that of a horse‘s foot. The female horseshoe crabs are more significant than males. Some people believe that the horseshoe crab, like many animals on earth, is a spirit animal. Furthermore, this means that the horseshoe crab has a symbolic meaning as well.


Meaning of the Horseshoe Crab Spirit Animal/Totem

The horseshoe crab spirit animal is one of the sea animals that symbolize many mysteries. Some even say that it is the spider of the seas. Being a sea animal, the horseshoe crab has developed an ensemble of body armor around it with the intention of self-preservation. Moreover, the horseshoe crab can move about the seas and its shores without worry. Its rigid shield is always protecting it.

Horseshoe Crab Spirit Animal Meaning

Some also view the horseshoe crab as a spirit animal or an animal totem. The horseshoe crab is an animal that presents the symbol for one’s self-preservation. If the crab is one’s totem, they should learn how to live like it. Moreover, this means that one should learn to take care of themselves like the crab without apologies to anyone.

The Symbolic Significance of the Horseshoe Crab 

Like many animals in the world, the horseshoe crab is a symbolic animal too. Therefore, the horseshoe crab is one of the animals that come into the category of a spirit animal.

The Horseshoe Crab: Protection and Vulnerability

Due to the features of the crab, mainly the shell, it is easy to conclude that it bears the meaning of security. The horseshoe crab has very tender, vulnerable sections of the body.  Moreover, by developing the hard horseshoe-like shell around it, the crab symbolizes the wisdom of protecting its most vital organs that are usually susceptible.

They are thereby giving us the knowledge and wisdom always to protect what is important to us at all times. The horseshoe crab design of protection symbolizes the need to know when to take a stance against all negative attributes in life. These may be in the form of the urge to put others’ needs before oneself or servitude. One should learn t say no in time to protect themselves from people who are likely to take advantage of their generosity.

The Horseshoe Crab: Security

Furthermore, one also needs to learn how to stand their ground and secure themselves and their properties. This may be in the form of protecting oneself in public spaces. One can move around in open areas with confidence if they have developed an energy shield.

Moreover, the horseshoe crab also teaches one to be aware of their surroundings. Besides, the horseshoe’s crab has the trait of hiding in the sand and popping its head just long enough to scan its environment. It then disappears into the sands when there is a danger or scampers away for safety. Furthermore, this can also have an application in toxic relationships that are most likely to tear one down.

The Horseshoe Crab: Boundaries

The crab also depicts the symbol of limitations with the same shell. This means that one can have space for themselves. Having personal space after interaction with people is very good. However, if one is always in the company of other people, their choices are usually influenced by the group. They, therefore, don’t have time to discover their interests.

Personal time is important. Thereby, one can find such time maybe in their own home or even car. If one again doesn’t have time to be alone, they will develop many toxic energies. The toxic powers will eventually rub off on their partners, family, and even friends. This may lead to strains in any relationship.

The Horseshoe Crab: Timing

The horseshoe crab also depicts the symbol of perfect timing that is naturally good to all humans. This means that one has to wait for the ideal time to make a move on the project that they have been working. The wisdom of timing can also be used for self-preservation to avoid getting into unwarranted situations.

One should be patient like the horseshoe crab and only go for an opportunity only when they are sure. Besides, this also means that one can leave an opportunity alone. Not all presented chances are to one’s best interests. Some of them can be good at the beginning but can turn sour very fast.

SUMMARY: Horseshoe Crab Spirit Animal

The horseshoe crab spirit animal has been around longer than human beings. Moreover, the horseshoe crab is a spirit animal like many other animals in the world. As a spirit animal, it also symbolizes the need for self-preservation amongst the people that consider it as a spirit animal.

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